I think my head just exploded

I think my head just exploded

"In the wild, sometimes animals go crazy, usually from hunger or illness."

Yeah and one of those illnesses is fucking rabies.

Watch one video of a person dying from rabies and see if you want to take chances on a "fake vaccine"

Myth: 3 Americans die every year from rabies. Fact: 4 Americans die every year from rabies.

I think I'd chance a vaccine, even if I somehow thought it was a lie

Oh god. You reminded me of a clip of a poor guy trying to drink a glass of water. It's was more distressing to watch than any gory videos.

Raise your hand if someone you know is affected by rabies...

1, 2, 3,.. Too many to count

Do you really want to contract autism at 21? it is best to take your chances with the rabies.

Parent Aunt, even fucking worse, obsessing over their 21 year old's choices, even considering not getting a vaccine.

Stupid as fuck.

All the rest of it.


Oh god why did I google it

This reminds me of when my aunt stopped taking birth control because she couldn't tell it was working.

Everyone inside the car was fine Stanely!

Crazy thing is I knew one of those four people a few years back. One of my dad's friends, lived in rural Indiana, built his family's house himself, had like 5-6 kids, huge gun collection, etc. Anyway, one day one of their teenage daughters gets bitten by a bat that somehow got caught in the house. For some reason, they didn't go to a doctor or anything, just bandaged it up. Few weeks later she started getting sick, like REALLY sick. They take her to the hospital and loe and behold she has rabies. Well once symptoms start showing with rabies it's basically too late and you're already dead. So her mom, dad, brothers, and sisters spend the next week watching her symptoms get worse as her mental state devolves until she finally passes away. Horrible way to go, changes the family forever. Haven't heard from them much since it happened. This was a bit over a decade ago iirc so it's not like this was back when rabies vaccines needed like 30 shots or whatever. All they needed to do was take her to a doctor and give her 4 shots.

4 shots and this poor teenage girl wouldn't have had to die a slow and painful death.

Tldr: vaccinate your kids you fucking degenerate.

Some asshole "scientist" pushed a bunch of junk research in an attempt to discredit the vaccination "industry" by saying the chemicals in vaccines cause autism.

His research has been panned by every legitimate scientist on the planet... except all the Facebook Virologists and Autism Experts that "know a friend who knows a woman who had a sister that had a child with autism and he got it from the flu shot".

Holy shit, that is awful. But a good write-up.

Oh god why did I click on it

I'm assuming this was a demonstration. The guy was also insistent to swallow the fluid, so I'd assume it's to help educate

yes, Rabies may be the "joke" of many sitcoms and comedies, but that is only because we are so very removed from the horror of it. When was the last time you had to deal with a rabies infected animal? For once, I am well and truly glad I live in America, where only a few people a year die from rabies, and a smaller few of those are from domestic sources.

...Is this for real?

Rabies has always been a joke to me, like the episode of the Office where they have a run for rabies.

But this is terrifying. Like, exceptionally so.

"Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure"

The funniest thing is that even if the autism thing was true I'd probably rather have autism than measles, polio or any of the diseases we are immunised against.

The shots aren't even that painful! I had to have rabies series, then a partial series a while later. I'd take rabies shots every single day for the rest of my life before I'd risk agonizing death by rabies. Hell, I'd take the shots in the face if I had to. If you get bitten, please get the damn shots.

The UK has been a rabies-free country since the 70s or 80s thanks to being an island, and to rigorous screening and vaccination of animals entering the country.

We don't speak about it because it hasn't been in the U.K. in decades apart from rare cases where dogs have been imported on fake passports, usually skipping all the screening and prevention steps to save money as they're typically puppies imported to sell, and then turn out to be carrying the disease. Those dogs are euthanised immediately on diagnosis, as the disease is VERY contagious and always fatal once symptoms appear.

Dogs are contagious before obviously looking rabid, and rabid dog bite = death, unless you get an aggressive treatment course of shots. That's why the original thread is such a facepalm moment.

Source: am vet, had to study this to be authorised to issue pet passports.

BRB, going to get vaccinated against Rabies.

Nope. Only after she stopped.

Like the man in the orthopedic shoes, I stand corrected.

My cousin had to have the rabies series last summer and it was 10 shots per day over 5 days. I don't know where you get this 4 shot idea but it is still very much a lot of needles.

That being said, I would still rather get 1000 shots in one day than die of preventable rabies.

:( surely there's gotta be a better way of hydrating them then that poor guy :(

The problem with rabies is that symptoms don't show, usually, till you're too far along for the shots. Death is almost always inevitable and terrible at that point.


Admittedly I'm not an expert but I don't think being autistic can kill you. Measles, polio, rabies, rubella, etc totally fucking can.

I mean, the niece is the one in trouble here. For all we know, she's a genius and has nothing to do with anti-vax but is incapable of answering for herself.

Did she become pregnant while taking them?

She isnt even her daughter

How did the whole autism thing even start anyways?

It is not legal for parents to prevent life saving treatment. Courts decided this I think when Jehovah witnessing parents tried to make their kid work despite child labor laws or something like that. Prince v Massachusetts 1944. "Parents may be free to become martyrs themselves. But it does not follow they are free, in identical circumstances, to make martyrs of their children before they have reached the age of full and legal discretion when they can make that choice for themselves."

That precedent is thankfully extended to withholding treatment of easily treatable disease

Edit: "The right to practice religion freely does not include the right to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill-health or death..."

and they can kill others as well. Autism isn't contagious

Australian here too. What are the odds?

I have had one shot. Got mauled by a dog that got hit by a car. Half my face ripped off. Got the shot just in case. Now I am autistic.

I was also autistic before the shot but now I am as well.

A tiny crack in her pelvis is way better than rabies!!

Because sometimes people are too stupid to realise it's sarcasm.

Number 1 cause of bankruptcy is medical debt, but single payer healthcare is bad: America!

Wife-assisted euthanasia?

She still really doesn't understand the concept but thankfully she's since had a hysterectomy

Do this, but be aware that it doesn't make you immune to rabies. It just gives you extra time (around 48 hours) to reach a hospital to get rabies treatment after getting bitten. Weigh up the probability that you will be this far for a hospital with the cost of the injections.

We can only get it in the UK from a single species of wild Bat, compared to the US which has the bat's plus Raccoons, Skunks, Foxes, Coyotes, cats, domestic dogs etc. that are all potential carriers. (due to our different climates and population distributions making UK wild animals pretty different from the US).

Even then its pretty rare in the US with about 3 cases a year between 2003 and 2013 as per the CDC's records. And a quick google suggests that only a single Brit got rabies inside the UK in several decades and he was a bat handler. The other 3-4 people who have died from it all got bit in places like Africa or Asia on holiday.

I'm functionally an atheist and I'm praying her mother had better sense than her fucking cunt aunt.

Andrew Wakefield, a British doctor, published a "study" he had done into the MMR triple vaccine. He claimed that the triple vaccine caused autism and the solution was to give everyone three separate injections. The press immediately said vaccines cause autism, without any of the details. Paranoia spread and many stopped vaccinating their children altogether.

Later it was found that Wakefield had a financial interest in individual vaccines, and had completely fabricated the results. He has since been struck off.

Have you been to The_Donald?

Did you seriously pay $9K for a fucking rabies shot? Jesus Christ America

Yeah, I think they usually hydrate via IV's

And that's the problem right there asking for an opinion instead of relying on facts

Which makes it all the more important that the niece gets her shot. I hope she does.

They act like autism is this horrific disease that makes people vegetables. Autism may suck, and I would know from first hand experience, but if that's the trade off for not dying a slow, painful death, I'd much rather be autistic. At least when you're autistic, you have a chance at living life without being in constant agony, and abject terror before you die. Living with autism isn't easy, but i'd rather live and see this through to the end.

hopefully since it's their niece, they have no actual influence over her medical care. And that this is just the loser aunt or uncle that will die alone and estranged from the rest of their normal, functioning family.

No proof? I think the fact that countries where people die of rabies because they don't have money for the vaccine is good enough.

I am glad I live where no one dies from rabies.

As a kid I always thought rabies was this old virus, that we had eradicated decades ago, didn't learn until I was a teenager that it's still very much a thing in most of the world.


Yeah but they only get that from the vaccine!


Rabies caused about 17,500 deaths worldwide in 2015.

From the Wikipedia page on Rabies.

It just doesn't happen where we're at, so we don't really feel it.

Should be noticed that the 100% killrate may be incorrect, since there's apparently something called the "Milwaukee protocol" that seems to have some degree of success.

Five of the first 43 patients (12%) treated with the Milwaukee protocol survived, and those receiving treatment survived longer than those not receiving the treatment.

But that's still shit odds, so it remains utterly terrifying as a disease.


Well that might be one idiot out of the gene pool.

Ok that's good that that's not a typical situation (at least in first world countries where they can afford IV fluids and all that stuff)

they hung up

Pretty much true except the virus causes inflammation and doesn't liquefy or anything. It's horrifying and it's why your veterinary staff wants to slap you silly when you bring in your sick unvaccinated cat or dog that got into a tussle with wildlife. Seriously $30 for rabies vaccination is really really worth it. Promise.

I was bitten by a bat walking home one day. It was totally worth $9k for the prophylaxis.

Turns out Meredith has been exposed to rabies. Which is like 10 times worse than a little crack in your pelvis. Thanks to me she went to the hospital and I saved her life. Curse is broken. Curse is broken people!

You know what translates really well into writing? Sarcasm.

You're assuming this person believes facts. The amount of people who believe the Earth is flat proves that for some people, facts are shit.

How's the family coping with his autism after the shots? /s

The UK is rabies-free. There is a disease carried by bats that is rabies-like which has caused one death but it is not rabies.


They usually use an IV as well as feeding / air tubes and physical restraints as rabies (in it's mid to late stages) causes excessive drooling, twitching, spasming, hydrophobia and aggression. They'll try and bite without realizing what they're trying to do, which is spread the disease.

The really shitty part is by the time you show symptoms, it's too late. You're a dead man walking.


Does she believe they work now?

Oh my god... YOU SAID COME IN!!

My mam had rabies shot when in Sudan in 1960s. She was there with my Dad who was a teacher. In those days 10cc in stomach muscles for two weeks as she remembers it. Apparently massively painful.

They were shooting wild dogs in her area and she touched a goat which had being killed by a dog which had rabies. She had a cut on her hand. That was enough to get her vaccinated.

No more painful than any vaccination.

I had my treatment in the late 90s (two sets of injections immediately, and then one weekly for 10-15 weeks, I forget how long exactly), but I can promise you that the contents of those injections hurt more than anything else I've ever been injected with. Part of the initial injections hurt because it was just pure volume; two large syringes, one into each ass cheek. The rest of it was smaller volume but had a distinct painful burning sensation.

Still, better than death.

The Milwaukee protocol is currently controversial and seen with a large degree of scepticism with some people even calling it debunked. It's definitely not agreed upon by virologists that the treatment works.

He hasn't got rabies, we don't even know if rabies exists. Sometimes people just go crazy. He's probably just ill or hungry.

I'm not getting Ebola while taking my Ebola medicine. Better stop taking it!

There's an interesting irony here. Vaccines have been so effective at controlling rabies that this guy doesn't believe it exists.

That's the best part of sarcasm.

This is terrible advice. Aside from don't commit suicide, this is a really bad method that is likely to leave you alive, horribly disfigured, and with enough brain damage to be unable to finish the job.

Yeah they give you a course of shots after the bite. They contain immunoglobulins that directly fight the rabies, rather than letting your own immune system figure it out. If you get them within 24 hours, the treatment is generally always effective. If the disease has reached your brain before you get the treatment, it is pretty much always fatal. That's why it's apparently better to be bitten further down your extremities.

The shots you can get before a bite will just give you more time to find a treatment centre (useful if you are hiking in the wilderness or in a less developed country).

Yup. Rabies, fatal familial insomnia and mad cow disease are my holy trinity of "Fuck. That."

Same as the autism from before the shots.

The shots I got left me a little sore in my shoulders, legs, and butt but I prefer a little soreness for 24 hours over dying

No. Once you have full blown rabies there is a virtually 100% chance of death.

I say virtually because there's an experimental procedure called the Milwaukee Protocol where doctors medically induce a coma, let the rabies ravage the brain, then bring you out of the coma. However this treatment has only worked 5 times in history.

If you are at that point you are already pretty much gauranteed a painful horrible death.

If I somehow managed to get rabies and symptoms started showing I would Just Kurt Kobain my remaining lifespan.

A quick google search reveals this: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/vis-statements/rabies.html These are intramuscular injections. Usually in the deltoid muscle. No more painful than any vaccination.

Dangling participle is what I thought she said

He has an IV hooked up

That's not water, that's clearly some sort of juice.

Nah, I don't want to catch rabies.

My point wasn't how PEP is a regular vaccine, I'm just saddened and shocked it cost him an average car to live another day.

No way did that come from any kind of source, sounds like something they actively made up whilst typing it.

Aren't rabies infections fatal almost every time? Telling someone not to get a shot (and not to even believe in rabies) when you have seemingly no medical knowledge is really irresponsible. What a wanker.

Is rabies a bigger thing in the US? I've never heard of it spoken of in the UK.

Idk honestly. But i think we can both agree if it was an iPod... it would be a shuffle.

"Never commit suicide, it hurts so many people"

One you should care about in particular.

He says there is a 100% kill rate. That is not true. But the cure is experimental, very dangerous, and super not fun.


I'm guessing it's because it's usually women with children who are antivax, and not so much men. Mums are usually the ones taking care of the children most the time which means they're in charge of anything from school and kinder related tasks to doctors visits and paediatric check ups. Because of the autism "scare", this group of women are doing their "research" and deciding that vaccines aren't necessary.

I thought the incubation period was shorter? Do you have a source that says that? I'll check Wikipedia now.

From the CDC website: 2 to 10 days. And symptoms seem like the common flu.


Because without the protocol the disease had a 100% kill rate. If zero people survived the disease before the protocol (which I believe is true, there are no documented cases of symptomatic rabies where the patient survives) then anybody surviving, even if it's just 5, is a huge obvious improvement.


That's the most enraging part. People have died because this asshole wanted to make some money.