I see what they were trying to do, but the end of that sentence is making my skin crawl.

I see what they were trying to do, but the end of that sentence is making my skin crawl.

The thought behind the sentence isn't you [are] perfect, but instead your [definition of] perfect.

It's grammatically correct.

"Your Perfection" could have worked too, without vexing people.

The end of that sentence is making my skin crawl.

I bet they have a procedure for that.

Your face.

Your body.


Would have been much better from a language perspective, but visually would have been disjointed.


Your face.

Your body.

Your idea of perfect.

Your right that is mildly infuriating

Oh I knew what they were trying to say, and it IS grammatically correct, but it still looks wrong at first glance and annoys the living hell out of me

This dude at the gas station was blaring that song yesterday. Empty car next to me at pump, blaring some linkin park and I walk in the gas station and see the culprit with out even asking. Dude with 2004 spikey hair and a chain wallet. Was some stereotypical shit to the tee.

Yup if its gonna irritate people either way might as well be gramatically correct.

They arent trying to say you are perfect, but that they can help you reach your own sense of perfect.

I mean, you wouldn't notice the botox that does work, so I guess it's hard to say.

Jokes on you, I always exect Gimli


Isnt that the goal of advertising though? Doesnt matter if the reaction is good or bad, as long as it sticks with you. Thats all they're after. Hell you even spread the damn thing.

My right that is mildly infuriating what?


"Your Perfect" meaning "Your version of perfection" so not infuriating at all. When you utilize "your" in a sentence where ONLY "you're" would make sense and it is on public display; then THAT is infuriating.

Botox is for wrinkles, fillers (like Juvéderm, which is on the ad in the OP) are for lip injections. Lip fillers last for 6 months the first time you get them, but every time after that they last for a year. People who get fillers and come out with fish lips often don't go to a good plastic surgeon (which costs big $$$), or they demand something unrealistic, or they want their top lip too big, and as a result they end up looking like they gave a hornets nest a rim job.

It can look natural when done right, and many women are self conscious about their lip size. But I agree, I have seen a lot of bad lip jobs. Probably because you can't notice the good ones.

Which is why he said in the title "I see what they were trying to do, but..."

Just curious, has Botox ever worked out for the patient in the long run? All I see is fish lips.

Youre a model

You look like linda evangelista

Unless I'm misreading the thread title, it doesn't seem the beef here is that it's not grammatically correct. The "I see what they were trying to do" suggests he knows this, but it's still irritating to look at.

Oh you've seen plenty, you just haven't realized you've seen them.

I trained under one of the country's pioneers for Botox and filler. The work he did was amazing. The problem is, any doctor is legally allowed to do any procedure, so you have physicians without formal training and without years of experience doing things like filler and giving crap results.

My neck

My back



No one expects the Spanish inquisition!


Linkin Park tee too?


I find it mildly infuriating that you called it a sentence...

There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface...


Right? Why wasn't it obvious what OP meant? Whatever.


¡Y mi hacha!

My there is mildly infuriating what, right?

Your face

Your body

My pussy and my crack

Ahh, I see you got the mirror I sent you.

This lack of self control I feel is never ending...

Even putting your perfect would have looked a little better

Good point...

Your body.

Your face.

Your ego-centric, narcissistic idea of perfect.

...and my crack.

The people wanting plastic surgery aren't going to give a shit about whether or not the ad flows perfectly

Fuck yeah we are

that 2004 hair turns your mom ON

Thanks for the explanation. Clears a lot up for me.

I'm vexed. I'm terribly vexed.

Their they're, don't get in a fuss over it.

If they can make me look like Linda Evangelista on my dollar menu budget I will allow their grammatically correct, yet mildly infuriating transgression.