I miss this. So, so much.

I miss this. So, so much.

Sing it with me!

Cuz I got a brand new combine harvester

An' I'll give you the key

Come on now let's get together

In perfect harmony

I was severely disappointed that Single Player didn't have any end game content. All it had was, "Buy properties to generate more money to buy more properties!" No rare cars to steal. No end game missions. Nothing.

I wanted nice cars to steal. Found out they only exist in Multiplayer only.

Tried multiplayer. Long load times which is understandable, it's online. But then I got killed by a guy in a fighter jet. Quit and never looked back.

We're never going to get single player dlc, are we? 😢

That'll be $8,000,000 GTA dollars or $119.99 real dollars

I wanted to like the multiplayer, but it was awful. Felt like playing an mmorpg where all the other players dedicate their lives to the game and I can't just casually pick it up and play.

Yeah I didn't buy GTA for multiplayer. I won't be buying 6

No Hydra? Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L1, Down, Up

Maybe they will. It will just cost you 100$

Haha the carbine harvester, good times. Also it would have been awesome if they put a jetpack in GTA 5

I've got twenty acres and you've got forty three but I've got a brand combined harvester and I'll give you the key

Take-Two Interactive considers this "a modding of the background music" and have removed it.

No thats not at all how it would go. 1. They come up with a mission set almost exactly like all the others, just rename it something like "sex trafficing bunker special vehicle producer". 2. Charge $2.3 million for the sex bunker. 3. Each mission costs $50k. 4. There are 15 missions to grind through. 5. Now that you have beat all 15, you have the opportunity to buy the sex traffic jetpack for $4.2 million. 6. Your excitement gets crushed when you find out it's a Pegasus owned vehicle and for $1500 each time, it will appear 1/4 of the way across the map.

No, they'll add it into multiplayer for free but will cost ~$20million in game to initially buy, and $5k for every usage (it has fuel that runs out quick, gotta pay to refill).

you could cut people up with it by driving into them

GTA SA will always be my fav. R.I.P.

So much this! I buy a gta game for the fun single player story and open world. I didnt buy the game for its multiplayer. It makes me really worry about the new red dead redemption. That and they got rid of the bullet physics from gta4 thay I like so much because it looked pretty real, but in gta 5 if you shoot them in the foot theyll die. Unlike in gta 4 theyll actually try limping away or holding their gut where I shot them. In gta 5 all the guns shoot similary in that they all shoot strait. Where in gta 4 you actually had to learn about the recoil the guns had. Its why I still play gta 4 because I LOVED the weapon physics.

I have been a huge GTA fan. I've bought every game on launch day since Gta2 first came out. Ive even re-bought more of the games (console, PC and now Android). I really am not a huge fan of how they are turning now. I was huge into modding GTA III and VC on PC, but now they are banning people for that. I honestly dont know if I will be buying anymore of Rockstar/Take Two's games in the future.

He means the cheat on a pc haha, it was "jumpjet" for hydra

Expect I really don't give to shits about Online. It's a grind that I don't have time for. I'd pay for SP DLC if there was some, but alas there isn't.

I get it, online is the cash cow. R* had one fucking job. Leave SP alone.

I kid you not, I bought this game three fukin times. First for my 360, then for my X1 for my nephews to play. And finally for so I can mod single player.

That's $180 from me alone. The CEO of T2 just said they aren't monetizing us enough. Fuck this company. They're worse than EA, right now as far as I'm concerned.

Needless to say I won't be buy any R* games.

Nope, they scrapped that idea after coming up with the cash grab online dlc shit. Fine, the dlc itself has been good, but the prices of everything is way too high. Unless you play 8 hours a day, realistically you either have to make do with cheap vehicles or pay for shark cards.

Does anyone else remember that this game had co-op?

And you will need a completely unnecessary team of four players from 3 hour lobby loading screens to complete the mission and they all want you to pay them and the startup costs. And the AI will just continually spawn enemies that shoot you at random times

Yep! It was so flawed, but I would still take it over online

Hydra? You mean Jumpjet!


Oooh-arr Oooh-arr

Truly was the best one. Vice city was closest. V was nice at the beginning, but was ruined by the cash grab. IV was too limited. III was cool and introduced us to 3d, but because of that, but just didn't compare (understandably so).

SA was just pure joy. The planes, helicopters, large map (for its time), good story, and best of all, the near perfect cheat code list that made for almost unlimited replayability. I put more hours into that game than I have on any other. There's likely 500+ hours of my life on that game (which is a lot for me). I knew every street in that game, I only needed the map to decide where I would cause mayhem next.

San Andreas also had the comedy of hitting people on the street with a long floppy dildo. Can you do that in IV or V?

Sometime after SA all the comedy started to die down. Truth literally tells you to lose some weight if you're too fat for a mission.

I haven't played GTA V in awhile, is that how bad it is now? Micro transaction after micro transaction?

I never played GTA, so pardon my ignorance.

A combine?

ohdude was good too.

I also remember really liking when you shot out a police car's windows/siren lights, it actually shattered and sent debris out. It made shoot-outs seem more Hollywood-like (plus NOT having all my armor and 3/4ths of my health drain in one pistol shot, forcing me to cower behind cover to heal was nice too.)

ONLY $119.99*


$3,500,000 for a bike. grind your life away if you have time or spend $40

Oh you can buy it. But You'll just have to earn money by playing while doing nothing new. Since there's no end game content.

And you can't realistically even buy all the properties (the golf course) unless you did the right things during the missions.

Vehicles are as much DLC as the game modes are, so, really, you can say that half the DLC in GTAV is free.

I bought it for single player and it wasn't that great. 4 was so much better for me. I will probably not get 6 either.

Nope T2 burned all copies.

Try putting it into Invite Only in the MP mode. Granted, you'll be playing solo, but you can play a hell of a lot of the MP content in single player and it's a fucking blast.

Just go to Jobs in the main menu thing and play some Rockstar Created Missions. Great fun, and you unlock more and more as you go.

GTA Online was a lot of fun the first few months. Everybody was ca at the same experience/skill level. Then the modders/hackers came, the money spawning started. If you played through all of this you might be fine but I really don't wan't to start playing from level 1 nowadays again. It takes hours to complete heists because you never really find any players and if so the mission fails over and over. Everybody is driving the latest new supercars while you try to grind anough money for your shitty bike. I don't know how it is on console today but I stopped playing GTA online on PC because of all this...

I mean honestly they should have just embraced the modders and mad servers that allowed for modding and servers that didn't. That way people that didn't want to deal with mods didn't have to deal with it and people that didn't care could've done what they wanted.

Don't forget to pay 20k a day to your sex staff and electric bill

IV had the best campaign I think, SA was just so good for dicking around.


You could cut people when you rammed car doors

And I'll run you over

With full fucking speed

Now you are nothing

But a box of meat.

I miss the gokart monster truck and NASCAR style race car from San Andreas

And yet we have that fat fuck Smoke riding hands free on a dirtbike and can't shoot shit.

i know. he's still a piece of shit buster tho

The game is literally called Grand Theft Auto. As in stealing automobiles...

Somehow while developing GTA5 they forgot what grand theft auto means and mixed it up with "Sorry you can't steal that automobile, please grind or give us real money".

Screw that noise the game is meant to be about crime and they restrict half the content behind legitimate in game purchases. (Cant steal it only purchase it)

Just my take on it.

After playing GTAV

Now currently playing IV

IV felt a lot more lively and less acrade like than V if that makes any sense

Also the game mechanics and physics in IV felt a bit better like shooting an npc in the leg and they don't die immediately

Or driving a car towards an NPC and then put their hands on the car as if they're being pushed by it.

And there's a lot more things and little details that just makes IV a lot more fun than V in my opinion.

You guys never heard of SA:MP ? I spent hundreds of hours on this and we had all of these c:

It's mostly that everything new they add into the game costs several million dollars to purchase and get up to a point where you can make cash. And by make cash I mean you make a tiny amount compared to the buying costs, and since the game forces you to play in an open lobby you can bet your ass that someone in a Hydra is going to immediately come after you, blow up whatever you're shipping, and you make $0.

Example; it cost me ~$3mil (went the cheapest possible route) to set up a Biker Gang and purchase one of the cheapest productions lines (950k). It'll cost me another $1-2 mil to upgrade it, but as it stands it takes about an hour or two of grinding stock missions (thankfully at no cost) until the place is full, then I can sell it all for ~200k. And that's if no one blows it up, otherwise I lose it all and hace to start fresh.

Since stuff has so little payouts, you're either forced to grind for hours and days to get one thing, or spend five minutes buying shark cards to get a head start.

TL;DR Overpriced crap that panders to griefers messing up hours of work, or you complete it for very little pay. But hey, it's free updates.

Anyone remember MTA: SA?

I found a server once where everyone was abiding by the traffic lights, going to jobs to work etc. Fucking weird.

online dlc is fine for those that play it online meanwhile those of us who grew up with the games and dont play it online get fucking shafted

Sad but true