I found Lizzy McGuire

I found Lizzy McGuire

Bad news guys. No match from the Duffster.

My dreams are shattered

Dude...only 9 miles away.

1) Make a grid of your city with a 9 mile radius in every direction.

2) Get a couple of homies to help you do a search and rescue.

3) Have pizza on deck.


It was the most careful right swipe of all time

I once swiped right on someone I went to school with and for days thought "I hope she swipes right on me" and then after a week assumed there was no chance, almost a month after my swipe we matched. Not to get your hopes up, but there's a chance...

Pizza time!

former hockey player, Mike Comrie. separated last year. impending divorce I think.

tap millions of people's childhood icon, do it for them

4) ???

5) Get arrested for stalking.

Swipe right like you've never swiped before!


6) pay bail

7) try again

that looks like her insta too

Nope, that's real. The instagram can only be connected to a Tinder profile with the username and password, so either someone has her Instagram password or it's really her. I'd bet money that's really her.

He had his chance in Rome. He repeatedly bitched out.

She'll only know if she swipes right too :). Then you get to have that awkward moment when you wonder whether she's a power-swiper, or into cousin couples.

wait... isn't she married?

Oh. My. God.

8) profit

Tell that to half of my matches here in Indiana. If I had a nickel for each time I saw "Not here to hook up, I put God first!" I'd be a rich man.

More of a slow drag than a swipe.

Remember, Tinder is only for hooking up. You go hook up, sir.

There are dangers of power swiping. I saw my cousin pop up in a pile and it was too late to swipe left. I felt so repulsed about myself. That was two months ago, but there's always that fear that she'll think I'm interested in cousin couples.

Doesn't matter had sex

I could die right after i nut and be ok


That's right. They noticed that many many people included their instagram username on their profile (because instagram is a great (public) way to see someones life), so they added the option to link instagram to your profile and all your instagram pictures will show in a widget on your profile.

The White Knight has arrived.


/sub/sfwporngifs ?

almost as if somebody would make a fake profile using her image...

Yesterday I thought to myself it must be weird to be a celebrity, because you can't really participate in social media like the rest of us since you'd never be treated like a normal person. I've been assuming almost all celebrities don't have a "normal" social media presence like us because they're under constant scrutiny. This kinda blows my mind.

Famous people can be women too.

well technically, she actually considering dating you, albeit for a fraction of a second to swipe left. but thats more then the rest of us can say!

So? She's an actress and singer. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. It's not crazy to think she'd come to visit or have to come here for work.

But you'd be dead. Still ok though. But dead.


Well.. If you incest

It's like when I used to be a kid and my mom would take me along shopping and we'd end up in the women's underwear section and I'd be horribly afraid that one of the cool kids from school would see me in that section until I realized that if I was spotted it would mean that the cool kid was there in the unmentionables department with me and would therefore be swore to secrecy by default.

Let's go back... back to the beginning...

why not take a crazy chance?!

Keep us up to date OP

Dat ass at 1:36.

He's still absolutely loaded. His family owns The Brick, which is a large furniture/electronics chain in Canada easily worth 500 million

Just go with it man.

Damn, I forgot how pretty she is

thats pretty awesome. I wouldnt doubt if she's never swiped right though. she probably, like many others, likes to tinder on the toilet. celebs are people too.

has in integrated IG profile which requires you to enter your IG password. So either this girl made her own fake instagram which would be obvious or its actually Hilary Duff.

Skipped to 1:36. Was not disappointed


Oh my lord this person....

Are you suggesting famous people have more of a right to privacy? Because you might be the first person ever to suggest that.

GPS Spoofing to LA complete.... Time to start swiping.....

Look at her butt

You can link Instagram to tinder now? Not just Facebook?

I bet LA's tinder is weird...

Redditor for 4 years. Checks out.

There's some straight up idiocy in this thread. No, you cannot fake Instagram integration. The "fake person" would have to have Hilary Duff's Instagram password.

Yes, you still need Facebook. Instagram is an optional extra for including photos. Sorry if that was unclear.

They'd have to be reeeeally dedicated to clone 1000+ photos.

Usually yes, but since her real/verified instagram is linked, all signs point to it being the real deal