I Eat a Picture of Jason Segel Everyday Until He Eats A Picture of Me. Day 1

I Eat a Picture of Jason Segel Everyday Until He Eats A Picture of Me. Day 1

This is why we don't negotiate with terrorists.

I showed this to my mum and she told me that I'm "A fucking idiot for watching this shit" and to get a job. Thanks for that mate!

Yeah. If Jason Segel agrees to this stupid challenge, next guy will start shoving his picture up their ass until Segel does the same.

That blood will be on jason segel's hands.

Imagine this dude dies of stomach cancer or some shit due to eating so much ink. Most embarrassing way to die ever.

Maybe you could print his picture onto something edible.

Looks like he's doing both.

This is the epitome of culture. Everything we have done as the human race has lead to this video series.

God bless you

Eating a cake every day will probably kill you faster than eating a sheet of paper every day.

I said the same thing to myself ๐Ÿ˜

Fuck that even hurt my feelings

INB4: Segal prints out a bite size picture, unlike this autsome idea.

I think people are putting way too much thought into this. It's probly not some desperate cry for attention, or some money-making scheme. He probably went "hey, this would be kinda funny" and then he did it because he was bored.

That's called evolution my friend. Survival of the fittest.

Blood is thicker than ink.

like cake. that would have been better

No introduction, no talking, no stalling. This is the perfect video of someone eating a picture of Jason Segel. I'm sick of those videos of people eating pictures of Jason Segel when they talk for 4 minutes before eating the picture. Straight to the point.

Why do people do stupid shit like this for attention? What is lacking in thier life to resort to stupidity to get people to pay a little attention to them?

I hope it's a different picture every day

My boyfriend is the mayor of space and he says eat all the paper ever๏ปฟ

And less expensive


LifeProTip: use human blood instead of ink to save money.

Laser printers work by melting a very thin layer of plastic onto the paper. So he's literally eating plastic.

My girlfriend is a doctor and she said to not do this anymore.

I think you got that backwards.

My money is on 15 pictures. If anyone would like to bet along with me I am willing to take those bet. If anyone accepts my wager and I lose I will eat a picture of them. No bamboozle

May the best ass win

Shoulda done it with Shia LaBeouf, or someone else who would actually do it.

wrong question. we're in the dankest timeline so stuff like this is to be expected.

Yeah exactly. The premise of this is just so fucking stupid that I find it hilarious. I won't watch every single vid of him eating Jason's face, but the fact that he's doing it is just so great.

I think this man may have figured out a way to monetize his pica.

I said "that man should really start with a smaller picture" to myself.

His picture on an acid strip. If he did that I would count it.

satanists ahead of the curve as usual

Then Jason Segel shows up to his funeral asking to say a few words. When the event is silent he just strolls over to the framed memorial picture, smashes it on the ground and begins to eat it piece by piece for the next grooling 34 minutes and 8 seconds.

Basically, it'll be like when Ryan Gosling finally ate the cereal.


When I googled "is printer toner carcinogenic" wikipedia stated:

"A study at the University of Rostock has found that the microscopic particles in toner are carcinogenic, similar to asbestos."


Don't forget all the chemicals used in the paper making process.

I came here to get away from the YouTube comments ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ž

Who thinks up this kind of shit?

Or Jason Segel eats a picture of him on day 2 and it's very anticlimactic

Somehow I think Segel works better than shia. Shia is too obvious.

Surely this is the worst one to put in his mouth (NSFW)

Surely to put in his mouth (NSFW)

He can't keep it on the terrorist's terms. I feel like the best thing Jason Segel could possibly do is turn it into a performance art piece right back at him. Fuck with the formula somehow.

Eat everything but the last bite of a picture of the guy, and then say hey back.

You're on shitface. I bet he never responds.

This is incredibly stupid.

Da fuck

Quick! Everyone post Jason Segel pictures here.

best worst


please no, I don't need to be bothered by dozens of people doing the "pic eating challenge" trying to "nominate" me.

Judging by the way it's ripping. It is definitely rice paper

Aaand now I know what Jason Segel's penis looks like.

What a day, what a day.

you just don't get it

Grooling and gruelling are two different words

I worked at a bakery that had edible rice and sugar paper we used for cakes that used edible ink. Seems a lot safer/a lot more enjoyable to eat...

Taxi Please

Just show her his other mega hit/official video/cult classic ! She'll have a change of heart.

I saw the youtube comments as well

If Jason Segel responds to this in any way, there will be a hundred of these assholes trying to extort attention from their favorite celebrities by doing weird shit.

Don't get cranky. Just because you didn't think of it first....

He should eat a picture of someone else and say he'll agree to eat a picture of op if so and so eats a picture of him. Like in Pay it Forward. Maybe he'll pick Haley Joel Osmond.

But all those internet points

We were born too early to explore space and born too late to explore the world but we were born just in time to explore dank memes.

Why am I the only one that finds this fucking hilarious

Exactly. Whenever I see that I'm always like, "I don't need a preview, just eat the damn paper."

I too am a paper eating expert.

But seriously, it's rice paper and food safe ink. Sorry to spoil the party.

May the best ass win indeed



Shia has already been forever immortalised in meme culture. It's good to share this privilege around.

Risky click of the day

Yeah. We need to make this guy eat photo paper for the rest of his goddamned life. To teach him and everyone else a lesson.

The lesson is left to the observer of his untimely and futile death.

I rather stick to eating Jason Segal paper every night.

As are horse and pineapple.

This guy on Day 142: Jason, why won't you respond. Why won't you send me a link??!??

Jason Segel: Eat me.

This thread is why I Reddit

Sexy time

This guy eats paper

We've gone full Idiocracy...

"Eat all the paper"

-Michael Scott

Just had to ruin the comment with that stupid ass edit

All I want right now is to go forward in time 200 years to see how harshly future historians are going to judge us.


i think it's some terrible mix between "autistic" and "awesome"

So the first comment on youtube is, is it safe.... welll....

The paper is nearly 100% wood-fibre, impossible to digest by the human digestive system. If it was made using a chlorination process, it may contain dioxin from 10-100 ng/kg (parts per trillion). If you ate 2 g of paper per day for life, your increased risk of dying of cancer is about 1.8E-05, or about 20 times more than the 1 in a million level, normally considered the "action level". A single 'snack' of 2 g would not even be measurable.

The inks on the paper can contain carbon black, naphtenic oil, ebonite oil, and pigment flush, but of these, only the carbon black presents a problem in that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are usually (strongly) adsorbed onto the carbon black, but if they remain in that bonding, there is no feasible way for the carbon black to be absorbed from the lumen of the intestine, and therefore the PAH would "pass on through" and be eliminated.

Even if the PAHs were detached and absorbed, consuming 2 g/day of the paper for life would barely reach the 1 in a million de minimis risk level.

Yeah but then we'll all be trying to get Jason Segel to eat pictures of us.

My girlfriend is a youtube comment and she said not to look at the youtube comments.

What is lacking in thier life to resort to stupidity to get people to pay a little attention to them?

I'll tell you what they aren't lacking. A sense of humor. Lighten up buddy.

I'm down to watch this guy keep eating pictures for the next couple of weeks...

Because of OP's craziness there will be Jason Segel blotter paper with LSD on it going around, causing even more craziness.

It doesn't taste bad, just plain. Receipt paper tastes like shit. The ink is what makes it taste shit. Book paper, old, is best. Soft and yellowed like a fine vintage.

Ahhh yes, our corporate sewing competitor...

Holy fuck Spider-Man credits killed me

As are gruelling and grueling.

Haha yeah no way this is the first time he's eaten a sheet of paper

Fucking hate that shit.

Edit: thanks for the upvote, le stranger!

This is true postmodern art. I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life.

Nah man I mean a literal deposit...

Into his butthole

Just kidding, you're totally right.

Also from the wikipedia article

"As a fine powder, toner can remain suspended in the air for some period, and is considered to have health effects comparable to inert dust."

This is why you don't take things out of context.

I like how stupid it is. Like, really dumb and strange.

It's funny.

What you are saying is by vaccinating and giving people autism we produce paper?

it's like all the boring people on reddit are in this tread at once

You seem to have misspelled 'best'.

This is the most internet thing ever.

Seems like the dumb shit people do to make their friends laugh. The way people are whining makes it sound like this dude is smearing feces all over himself and rolling around on the street. He just ate a piece of paper, people.


Your parents must be very proud of you.

Probably gonna get downvoted but I don't care. This guy is crazy. I really thought I was going to laugh at this but I was just disturbed by it. Almost seems obsessive to me.