I don't remember buying this.

I don't remember buying this.

Bonus cat with any purchase!

A purrfect addition to any shopping trip.

I could have sworn I bought tuna as well.

She looks surprised as well!

Where am I?

You should let the cat out of the bag.


Khajiit Is Wares, If You Have Coin.

"Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once..."

...But I'm not taking it back!

There's no indication that the owner is being negligent. You don't know what happened before or after the shot was taken.

I think i just saw one of those in a catalog, almost got one myself.

I want to see a poll on what's better, bonus fry at the bottom of the bag or bonus cat.

Attention Kmart shoppers. We have a blue light special. Today only, free kitten with every purchase.