I don't know Grandma ☹️

I don't know Grandma ☹️

"Wait this isn't google" meme taken to the next level

My question is did poor grandma make the poop? Inquiring minds want to know. DISCUSTING!

It's actually kind of sad. OP should go visit their G-ma if this is real.

So both your grandma and this guys grandpa accidentally sent messages instead of googling properly in the last 24 hours.

Must be related, it's only answer

You know, sometimes we forget some of these people are actually real with real problems and not just a meme for karma. If it is real, I agree with you.

You're poor grandma! If I were her I'd be mortified. However, I'd do a quick search and let her know she accidentally texted her and then let her know how to clean those poo stains.

Gramma must be a pretty fast typer to crank all those messages out in less than a minute, and for op to screenshot those messages in less than a minute of her sending the messages. Looks fishy...

I'm far too embarrassed to acknowledge it myself. Told my mam and she's going to call her tomorrow about it lol.


Hahaha. Pretty sure it's the dog. Hope so anyway.

So this is the new meme eh

yeah, if this is OC from OP i'd say pretend to be google, and google it for her.

She pooped on her dog? Well, now grandma animal abuser doesn't get a rug or a hug.

I agree, looked like someone wanted to farm karma after seeing the post with the grandpa yesterday

Then go give her a hug.

Does she have a dog or anything? Are you 100% sure she pooed the rug? Either way, I'd help my grandma out. Let her know that she wasn't on google, find out how to clean the poop and tell her, then act like it never happened. Don't get your mom to call her tomorrow lol. She's gonna have to leave the poop on the rug until then. Poor lady.

Update: It was a big ol' dog poop, no need to worry.

It was probably a pet dog.


Yeah dude, that's no big deal. Just scoop up the big pieces, blot it with a paper towel and warm water, hit it with some carpet cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes, and then blot that up.

If she doesn't have carpet cleaner, just mix up half and half white vinegar and warm water, let it sit for a few min, wipe it up, then sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for an hour or so, then vacuum it up.

Is this enough evidence to launch an investigation against OP for illegal karma laundering?

Order rug Kmart

It's the dog's fault for being a poodle.

discusting language. i don't want my little fuzzy bunny milk monkey using words like jizz

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Maybe the grandson is the reason for poo stains on the rug. Got the drunken shits, grabbed some street tacos and headed over to visit Grandma. Took a filthy shit on the carpet and dragged his ass across the floor like a dog. Then left with his poor grandma saying "how do I get this off my rug?!" He just stumbles out saying "Google it gammy!"

Calm down, nana's pet dog probably pooped on the floor

you can't just call your grandma poor like that, jeez


I thought she was using verbal commands.

Hyrodgen peroxide helps with the smell



Frackin' grandmas running around poopin on dogs all the time, man



Thanks, Einstein.

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With every obvious joke is a comment saying, nice try OP!

Guys, if you don't treat 99.99% of the stuff on reddit as fake for the sake of humor, you're living in a hole.

That's what I'm thinking. Little old ladies love those wee mop dogs, but sometimes little dogs miss their piddle pads.

Still, go hug grandma.

Does your grandma have a pet or poor bowel control?

or grandma has a small dog...

No heshe meant "You're poor, grandma!" HeShe was insulting her.

edit: pronouns

Was making a joke, in reality my guess is they saw the post from yesterday and made a contact in their phone called "Grandma" to reap some karma

Or a big dog or a cat or a capybara

Maybe she was just trying to dutch oven it in a bath towel.

Rank memes

Ah, the old Reddit poo-a-roo

Please tell me she has a dog.

Clearly fabricated following the success of a similar post earlier today.

"I don't know, Grandma." Or... "I don't know Grandma."

How do I get enrcusted jizz off my dickhead?

Por que no los dos? juejuejue

I'm calling bullshit. What grandma in this world doesn't know how to clean shit from a rug? My grandma can clean blood from dirt with soda water and lime juice, and she's autistic. I don't believe this.

Good bot

you should have just sent her a link back to how to clean poo stains

But who pooped on the rug?

I constantly get my messaging app and Google mixed up! They just look so similar!

yes, it happens. There's an episode of hotel hell where gordon tests the floor to the side of the bed and it's extremely dirty. turns out the lady shit herself and didn't completely clean it.


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me too thanks?

I think she may have been trying to ask OP to google it

If its a pet stain though its better to have a cleaner with enzymes that break it down, because the animal witll still smell it otherwise and potentially think "This is a place to poop!"

Just play along and pretend to be Google for the rest of her life.

Damn, that is not right. I HAVE CANCER! HAVE A NICE DAY!

Or a goat.

Good bot

and the ink. don't forget about that ink.

That's the cell network, not the WiFi network. It's Virgin Mobile.

Magnificent language!

How dare you? DISCUSTING!

However, OP is going along with it in the comments and acting like he doesn't know what to do.

me too thanks


It died though.


Literally the entire rest of the planet.