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I want to say they follow this procedure if someone walks onto or something is on the tracks in front of a moving train. They hit the button to initiate a stop and go in the other room to protect themselves from harm caused by flying debris or at least limit the mental strain of seeing someone get hit.

Edit: My information may be partially incorrect - Check out /u/wait_whaaattt and /u/Espirationn for more information. They seems to know more about this than some schmuck, me, who said what was told to him last time this clip came up.

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Source on the first clip?

This is more likely an instruction of an emergency procedure where the operator's own life is in danger. (Vechile or other large obstacle on tracks etc.) There's a lot of close calls with people on the tracks (I'd say once a week per operator) and it's the operators responsibility to inform authorities what's going on. We can't just flee in those situations.

Source: I do this shit for a living

I believe this is from instruction video.

Guys, that train the giant cat destroys is a freight train, not a passenger train, so how could 100 people die? Something seems suspicious.


This is all I can find

Are you suggesting it was planned? I knew that guy was acting shady

What actually happens here?


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Thanks for the information. My understanding came from last time this was posted, so it was all hearsay.

this news clip

It's already happened, as shows.

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Impact to a person? We've been instructed to get out of the cabin if there's something life threatening. Nine out of ten times, when someone actually wants to end their life by a train, you don't have time to do anything to prevent it. Maybe hit the horns and start braking. Depends on the equipment and speed, but it usually takes hundreds of meters before the train comes to a full stop. Sure you are allowed to look away and cover your ears. It's pretty much instinct at that point. We practice for this but no one can really tell how they're going to act until it actually happens.

Big if true.

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Well I'm sort of a source. Been an operator for eight years now.

I read somewhere that in Swiss railways, standard procedure if a driver sees someone suicidal on the tracks is to hit the horn and brake, and either gtfo of the cabin if they can, or to at least turn around, close eyes, and cover ears.

Happens too often in Europe, with high speed trains and dense population centers near tracks, sometimes even mental institutions. In fact, there's a mental hospital near one of the major southwest German north-south lines (I've been in a traffic jam of 7 ICEs because of a jumper), and right next to a major rail corridor near where I grew up in Switzerland. There's only so much you can do to prevent desperate people...


The bit that got detailed rolled down an embankment and landed on a school playground. Utter carnage.



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I wouldn't call it fleeing if you just go down the carriage a few meters for the moment of impact. There's nothing more you can do anyway at that point, right?

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Train technician here: where I work, our trains don't stop by pushing the red button. Our red button lets the headlights flash (indicating an emergency).

The way to do an emergency stop on our trains is to pull the brake levered along hard, this blows off pressure so all the brakes go into full braking mode.

That's some healthy scepticism.

EDIT: If you like, I can provide proof in an hour or so. Actually on my way to work right now.

EDIT2: ... PROOF sorry shitty picture

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If my knowledge of physics is correct then the momentum of the rest of the carriages would be more than the first carriage therefore the rest of the carriages would decelerate slower essential pushing the first carriage as if they're attached and likely causing more risk of derailment

I live right by some railroad tracks. Heard a train horn right as I saw this and started sweating

Trains don't exactly stop quickly. It'd be a lot slower to stop than a subway, where you can certainly stand unassisted with a little effort while it slows down.

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That's fucking weird. I mean, it's a good addition, the flashing lights. With our locos and other trains there's an emergency brake option at the end of the standard brake lever too. But when you hit that big mushroom button, there's a rod underneath and a valve at the end of it which releases all the pressure from the brakepipe. It's a foolproof way to stop the train if EVERYTHING else goes wrong.


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As far as I know this was part of an instructional video of the Austrian federal railways (ÖBB) in a Taurus (1016/Eurosprinter family) locomotive, to show how to act in case of an accident with flying around debris.

The operator slams the emergency brake button and then runs to the back compartment of the locomotive to be safer from whatever was about to hit the train.

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Maybe it was a prisoner's transport in WWII.

I was just talking about what I would - or rather, would not - consider "fleeing".

You can tell by how hammed up it is. It's quite adorable.

Yeah it's terrible.

And the worst thing is, you can't really fault the jumpers either. A lot of them are escaped mental patients; a good friend of my dad's once killed himself this way after suffering incredibly from bipolar disorder and clinical depression and whatnot over many years, so badly that he once described it as being "like a thick black cloud has moved in front of the sun and won't ever go away".

His family had him on 24/7 suicide watch near the end because there was some bureaucratic problem with getting him institutionalized, and he escaped during a moment of inattention, ran like fuck, and put himself out of his misery the only way he knew how, by jumping in front of a train.

Fun anecdote, I once talked to a guy from the SBB (Swiss national railways) emergency dispatch center in Zurich. They apparently have teams on call for whenever there's a train accident, consisting of counselors, repair staff, police, fire department, ambulance/morgue....and cleanup.

He told me that they once had a really busy day with all kinds of breakdowns and accidents and crap, and one guy jumped in front of an intercity. In the confusion and stress, they didn't get around to cleaning the front of the locomotive...which subsequently pulled into Zurich main station, really slowly, around peak rush hour 1730 or so, during a very hot summer day. Yay.

Well, we got 3 systems to do it:

pull the brake lever down to its bottom position (like pull real hard)

release or push the awareness pedal for more than 4 seconds - valve opens and releases pressure

pull the lever at the right of your cabin, which releases all the air and lets the train brake

I don't work on locomotives, I only do passenger trains with a built in cabin. I mean I know locomotives but I don't work on them.

I think our locomotives have this type of mushroom button too for braking, but I'm not really sure.

For what it's worth I could tell from your reply that you were obviously an operator.

I don't know how anyone could have missed it actually.

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He pulled the tail and fucked off.

Pulled the tail means to dump the air in the brake pipes and engage all the brakes.

Fucked off is pretty standard across all industries.

Don't you mean a...TRAINing video?

220 suicides-by-train each year in The Netherlands alone (16 million inhabitants)... it is unfortunately a quite common method to kill yourself. And to get train drivers depressed as it often haunts them for years.