HQG Studios Presents Rap God

HQG Studios Presents Rap God
HQG Studios Presents Rap God
For my fellow European brothers and sisters 

EDIT: you can even click view on desktop and watch it like that. 

Also I had a blast working with the guys on this one, going to plug my promo from last week for it as I'm particularly proud of it. Here.

EDIT: you can even click view on desktop and watch it like that.

Also I had a blast working with the guys on this one, going to plug my promo from last week for it as I'm particularly proud of it. Here.

So how long until a studio approaches HQG to make a music video for them.... it's that high quality. Amazing as always guys.

I love these things (the HQG Studio videos). One of my favorite things to come from reddit.

I was really expecting... uh, something more from the "". I mean, it's better than anything I could do, and no, I don't have any idea as to how to do it differently, but it just didn't seem to fit with the rest of the video. I can appreciate the work it took to make that one, but that's the part of the song most people are familiar with, and it was just slightly underwhelming.

I appreciate what you do /u/hero0fwar, and readily admit that criticism is easier than creation, and for that I'm sorry. I just had to get it off my chest.

Feedback is always welcome, here is the initial concept before I did some other stuff to the video - https://streamable.com/7cae4

My erection can only get so big guys, come on.

Hopefully soon

Well to be fair, I love how the clip turned out, I cannot please them all. While I encourage feedback, y'all are wrong

I am german and I can watch it.


Cersei Lannister on the "shame " drop was a stroke of brilliance.

I'll be that guy and say I liked the concept one better. Still ridiculously good on both versions.

You guys....you guys are an inspiration to a non creative lurker :)

Original video and this one side by side.

someone should x-post this to /sub/eminem, the guys there would love it.

Great job everybody! Looks so good.

Nothing to apologise for, its rare to get decent constructive criticism on the net. These guys are killing it everytime, but they can always get better. It's nice to see someone respectfuly criticise work without hating on it for not being perfect.

Keep being Awesome.

I also liked the concept better. I think it's because there was so much going on in that part in the released video that it actually made my head hurt a little.

Mmmmmm , we're gonna need you to take out all the Ip kayyyyyy

The addition of the Kingsman church scene for the "church massacre" line was brilliant

The execution was absolutely amazing, but I think you'll get the most complaints about how difficult it is to read, in both the final version and the original concept. Especially at the speed the words pass, when they're transparent or similarly colored to the background it makes it basically impossible to read. The legibility is just so low it's more of a clutter than an addition to the scene.

Still, mad respect for your skill. I couldn't do anything better with a year to work on it.

This one for example

That's why we do it. Because most lyrics videos are sad and boring.

is just text with the saber plugin over the text or angled text layers. It's nothing special at all. So we try to spice them up a bit.

Fun Fact: Eminem set the world record for most words in a song with Rap God


You missed an opportunity with that hat.

Yup, we love constructive criticism. Thanks for the honest feedback /u/Mispelling

Done, thanks for the suggestion!

Fucking being normal-sized.

MRW I saw the beginning...

I saw the beginning...

Did you not notice all the memes and stuff? If you did and don't like it, then what the fuck are you doing here?

I feel like maybe you only watched the intro gif and didn't click the link, read or scroll...?


The music video? Watch this first before our copy

I like both, but the released is better imo. It's going super fast with a lot of shit in it, which fits the theme of the 'supersonic speed' lyrics

I guess Europe is afraid of the GIF God(s)...

Like I said privately, I love how batshit the editing is (whether that was your intention or not). It's a crazy ass part and the editing, I think, reflects that pretty well. It's chaotic, but in a good way.

I'd be lying if I said the goal was to watch the gifs... watch the video instead

That's what I love about this sub. The total commitment. Spending who knows how much time crafting a reaction gif that's only relevant in a single context.

Personally the part with the guy sitting on the chair in the high winds would have been better for that part. In my opinion.

I have wondered this since seeing the 24Karat Magic video. It seems like this could seriously be the new wave of music videos.

This sub is the best.

Butt fuck it....


5/7, IGN

Found this handy as I could expand the new version and watch on mobile (UK)

Using the Donald Trump clip @4:52 of Trump mocking a reporter for the line where Eminem mocks other rappers was another stroke of brilliance.

Who owns dickbutt?

My immediate, unfiltered reaction when I came across this post was:

"Oh, holy shit! HQG doin' Rap God?"

I think I can say definitely that whenever I see a HQG Studios post come up I drop whatever I'm doing at that time be it mindlessly scrolling Reddit, listening to a podcast, watching YouTube, porn... whatever it is I stop immediately and watch the full HQG Studio video.

You people are the best part of Reddit to me. Creative, fun, communal. Thanks again for another masterpiece.

Oh shit. Someone should have warned me this was fire before i burned myself.

Dale and Tucker vs Evil... Such an amazing movie.

That really puts it into perspective, especially since I've never seen the original video.

This is the one I've been waiting for. .

Don't you give me that excuse. I'm married with 2 kids under 10 and a full time job. :p

It's funny. Not a lot of people have adblockers on mobile, but some do on desktop. Why do they think blocking it on mobile will do any good?

Their stats things say that over 60% of views are on mobile.

Ha I did my best to make it as creepy as possible

Gaddamn the bar has never been higher. What even is life anymore?

Sees title --> Updoots --> Opens thread --> Dayum

Looks like it could belong to K.C. Green.

Yeah the chaos really lends to the part. I don't think Eminem's intent was to have you understand and listen to all the words on the first take. But with repeated listenings (viewings) you'll come to understand and appreciate what is there.

I agree! And I was going to make a joke about how her actual name is Cersei of House Lannister, blah, blah, blah, but when I googled the actual titles, I got lost in the wiki page for about an hour. So that's how I've been.

Oh we're here lol

Yeah I think about that every time I use it. May have to revisit it.

"they came bounding over"

So glad this video was used, forgot about this.

So far (except for Never Gonna Give You Up) everytime I watch a new video by /sub/hqgstudios I do it before knowing the original and without fail when I go and check the source it's bland and boring compared by the awesome HQG remaster

Kk breaking up with girlfriend

I did not expect the "I don't know which words to use" segment. There's now a large handprint on my thigh from slapping it while laughing my ass off.


I believe that was /u/mistersamza's part

Really good but I'd be lying if I said i didn't get bored 3 gifs in

That was fucking awesome, I love how your vids bring new life to even already awesome music videos!

And I lost my shit on the spazzy Trump 'firin muh lazor' part XD

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