How we all gon feel on Jan 20

How we all gon feel on Jan 20

it always ends the same way....

Still time for him to declare Sharia law and take over as dictator

How come he don't want me, man?

Damn, right when I brought my suitcase to the door I get told he not coming to pick me up.

Obama's the dad, Trump's the creepy single uncle who tries to look up all the cousins' skirts at family reunions

Man I was so sad watching that speech too. He really leaving 😭😭

Nah he's the one that hires hookers to piss on him in dirty motels

Honestly tho, seeing Obama's speech today and the way he spoke about Michelle & the girls makes me want to marry a man just like him.

You want a bunch of grown ass men ugly crying? Because that's how you get a bunch of grown ass men ugly crying.

What a coincidence, I'm a man like him. Lol, I kid.

Downvote police needs to relax, I was kidding.

"How come he don't want me, man"

I'm laughing but also remembering how i'd be dragging my suitcase back to my room after facing the facts that he wasn't coming and feeling pissed off cause I fell for it again. I was hard headed too so sometimes that suitcase stayed there for days.

Damn, he was making an analogy. You just stated facts. (Allegedly ,though I think it's true).

I'd sit on my suitcase. BPT has me effected emotionally tonight like I never expected. What happened to #niggernavy?

I actually would sit on the couch and wait for the doorbell. Sad times bruh.

I like that

I'm on my post expecting all these funny ass comments and instead I get waves of crippling depression :(

"I'm...uh...just going to...get some cigarettes. I' right back"

Be black, for starters

It would be useless to pretend that just be being a man of colour in the highest office, he didn't change the outlook of millions of people. Chris Rock put it far more eloquently but when you tell a black child he or she can become POTUS, you have proof that this is a possibility. Jackie Robinson didn't have to do a thing but keep playing baseball and the very nature of his position brought about hope and change.

I don't need for President Obama to have done anything for me or people like me personally. He introduced many policies that I think were beneficial to the country as a whole. So I'm not on Obamacare but I can still be proud that the POTUS looked out for those who needed healthcare and had no access. I wish he had taken in more refugees but am proud as anything that he fought to get the few he did.

We could go line by line through each policy but first you need to remember that black people are not a monolith. What might be good for one might not be good for another so asking what he did for "black people" is bootless.

Whats the picture from looks funny as hell lol

You post about pops leaving. You knew how it was gon end.

Somehow I doubt those end with his departure. Call it a hunch

I never even put mine away

Just be patient fam, you back up

When is he gonna invade all the white people homes to take away their guns? Time is running out

He's an incredible speaker. Really gonna miss him.

Dicks out

Where can I sign up

8 years is more than I got with my real dad.