How 90's Kids Became Fans of 80's Music

How 90's Kids Became Fans of 80's Music

They all ignored the radio, TV, their parents' music and movies for a decade until this was released in 2002. An amazing story.

V-Rock did the job for me.

And I ran I ran so far away I just ran I ran all night and day I couldn't get away.

Instantly takes me back.


Tony hawk soundtrack. 10/10

I love how GTA basically created a whole new genre "80's game".

The slang, the colors, the music, the cars...oh god how fun this game was and it was such a serious setting about drug cartels and backstabbing.

I honestly wasn't a huge fan of music in the 90s (which was a huge mistake considering how good music back then was) but I did get exposed to a lot of songs and artists from videogames.

Licensed music in the 90s was godlike. Nothing like in games today.

You're out of touch.

"I'm so hardcore, I got kicked outta school after the 12th grade." - DJ Lazlow.

Fernando Martinezzzzz

Different game, but K-DST was great. Horse with no name was pretty catchy.

If only GTAV didn't have an unbalanced mix of music. Like 13,648 hip hop songs and 5 country songs. Rock station is halfway decent at least.

"Joo see, love ees like a roller coaster; you pay alotta muhney to be toss aroun' and before joo knowit, thee ride ees over and joo are covered in vomit...And eef joo are less than four foot six, they don't even let joo on!"

I'm out of time

I like to lick lovingly around the outside and then thrust my tongue in the middle.

My favorite GTA of all time

No lie, Vice City was how I learned I was waaaaay into New Wave.

There will never be another gaming soundtrack as amazing as Vice City.

Dude, K-DST was a primary radio station in GTA San Andreas. There wasn't a single bad song on that station.

But I'm outta my head when you're not around

Rush rush to the Yayo.


Lock up your daughter! Shoot your son. Because Love Fist is coming to town.

How do you like to enjoy a Rusty Brown Ring Donut?

THPS soundtracks have the longest lasting effect on me

"I love this record, it grabs me by the crotch and swings me around until I don't know if I am a man or a woman"

Wasn't that one in GTA III?

Sometimes I like to wear women's panties and walk around 5th street

I just love the batter. All over my face.




Flashback 95.6


That was my channel

Wasn't that Radio X (I think that was the name) from San Andreas? V-Rock played 80's metal, while X played grunge/alternative from that time.

And as much as we hate T2 right now. We're going to collectively gush and sing those praises when VIce city gets announced.

Yeah, licensing got too expensive.

Modern country? Yeah garbage. 50s 60s 70s 80s country is terrific.

The perplexing thing is how fucking popular country is

Yep. Quick little factoid, most (if not all) of the songs from Flashback FM in GTA 3 were taken from the Scarface soundtrack

RAINING BLOOD! \m/ damn i was so young i didn't even understand a bit english


Riders in the storrrm

Video killed the radio star! Video killed the radio star

Uh... I'm going to assume this comment is something of a joke, but if it's not, you really ought to watch at least one episode of Miami Vice.

I became a fan of salsa listening to Espantoso. I still listen to it once in a while. Let me tell you, it is the best driving music there is.

That and MuchMusic introduced me to Goldfinger.

Lol I remember there was a problem with V-Rock on my PS2 version of Vice City. Anytime I switched to V-Rock, the game froze. To this day, I'll never know why it did.

I'm actually curious to know how many country stations exist in real life LA, and how popular they are, because maybe Rockstar made a realistic call on how much country they put on the radio.

I loved that the Vrock track was just short enough to fit on a CD. It was fun to play that while driving through the city.

"...then I remember, I... am Fernando Martinez... MISTER Fernando Martinez... and this is Mr. Mister with Broken Wings..."

♫ Baby... don't understaaaand...

I was the same way. I listened to a lot of oldies and 80's music in high school, not because of /sub/lewronggeneration reasons, but because of my desire to be the weirdest kid in high school. I think it really paid off too.

But yeah, Vice City soundtrack was the best.

Word for word. A+

Yes and yes.


God damn scrates

Woah oh OH!

I heard it for the first time playing Need For Speed. It was probably ten years until I heard the song again as I don't listen to the radio much and it instantly took me back. Somehow I missed it on GTA though.

Every time there's a thunderstorm I say, "When there's lightning... THERE'S THUNDER The Mibatsu Thunder"

I made a playlist on Spotify for THPS 2 a while back :

Still the best god damn game ever

"Dad!" bang

A cult of personality!