How much a dollar cost?

How much a dollar cost?

They are downright aggressive in the city I work in. They will walk right up to your window, tap on the glass, stand in the street. It's annoying as fuck

I carry cigarettes. I dont smoke but it turns those interactions into "god bless man"

Once I was in ATL with a couple of buds, and this one homeless dude kept harassing us. Finally, one of my friends whipped out his box of cigs and handed it to him. Not only did that guy stop bugging us, but no more homeless people even approached us for the rest of the night.

Idk if there's a secret underground society of hobos underneath Atlanta, but I like to think homeless bro took care of us for that night.

I gave a hobo a pound recently (English) and his response wasn't thank you, it was "is that all you got? Bet you could spare another"


This. In my experience homeless people will be much more grateful for a 30c cigarette than a whole dollar

30 cent cigarette

Georgia. Yes.

Have you seen John Wick 2?

The last one I interacted with asked me why I didn't just go to the atm and get him money since I didn't have cash....

After working in a gas station and giving them the benefit of the doubt and still end up seeing them try to steal from my store. I'm left jaded as fuck. I don't give them shit. I don't even acknowledge them, the shitty few ruined it for the many.

Edit: Jesus, I didn't expect all these replies, but I see some of you guys feel the same way, and others differently. it's just a personal thing for me I guess.

Homeless man used to go through my trash when I lived in another neighborhood. I'd stay out drinking really late some nights and noticed him do it, dude didn't give a fuck and would go through your trash 25 feet in front of you. Didn't say anything though just went through my trash for cans and random stuff and put it all back.

Well after the third time I saw him or so I was pretty lit late at night on trash day and decided to put a bottle on the top of the closed trash bag for him. He usually came by around 3-4.

I did this for like 3 weeks and one night stayed out late and watched him open the trash and drink it. He still paid no attention to me who was only like 25 feet away sitting in a lawn chair. Well I do this for months since I knew he drank them. Got a new girlfriend who stayed over and girlfriend said that is mean and asked why I put it in the trash and I was like umm to make sure no one but homeless trash man gets it. So she talked me out of doing it saying I was inconsiderate and that was a dick move.

Homeless man knocked on our door at 7 am one day like two weeks later. She looked out the peep hole and saw him and got freaked out. I was in the shower for work and by the time I got pants on he was gone. I told her that he was probably wondering where his trash beer was. I started putting the beer in the trash again for him after that. I still wonder if he came by to see where his beer was for the new tenants after I moved away.

From How Much a Dollar Cost and this new song on DAMN. where that blind woman shoots him, Kendrick really needs to stop talking to homeless people...

There's a homeless dude that hangs out outside the ATM I use.

He always asks for money right after you use it and pesters you because he knows you have it. Last time I was there he was in the face of some guy, insisting he needed bus fare. The guy said "This thing only gives out 20's, can you break a 20 down to five bucks?"

Homeless dude said "Yeah, tell you what, I'll give you 13 back."

Guy said "Oh good, you already have bus fare then."

$16 in Canada. No wonder we prefer weed.

Have you lived in America. Yes. There are "Underground Societies" in which homeless people dwell.

There's just not a website to join their cause.

Lol @ all the people commenting asking if it's their city as if homeless people are any different anywhere

Australia. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I mean if I was homeless and hungry I'd probably end up stealing some food too...

I carry cigarettes. I dont smoke but it turns those interactions into "god bless man" "looks like you got enough to give me two"

That's my experience anyways.

im in ATL, and i had a homeless guy i used to be friends with, we were talking and he said he found a lighter and if i can give him a cigarrette. i dont have any i said, and the guy got really really angry, we argued and he said nasty things to me, i yelled at him hey man, dont be like that, dont burn bridges, he said watch me and the rest is history

A friend and I were walking around a mini mall when two ladies came up saying they were mother and daughter needing money for bus fare to get wherever. I just said no but my friend says "I don't have any cash sorry."

We go eat and we see them later as we're walking into CVS and hear them mumbling "they say they ain't got money but then they going to go buy stuff..." like what the fuck you think, we're walking around at a $0.00 bank balance or else we'd give you money? Obviously I have money I'm just using it. That's why I don't give excuses, I just say no.

Kendrick vs Homeless People, the beef of the century

Not me. I'd get it free from churches or dumpster dive. I would never steal. I've been homeless before.

just wave them away, there is a woman in glasgow who sells roses all the fucking time, usually around the pubs and clubs at night, im actually fed up shaking her off, i dont even waste the time talking to her, its just a wave

i fucking love how universally hated that woman is, shes probably the most well know scrounging bastard in scotland, and yet nobody knows her name, its just "that cow with the roses"

<insert major U.S. city> ?

One guy forever made me give up on my faith in homeless people. There was this nice guy who always used to be at the corner intersection asking for money with the same old sign, 'Trying to catch a break, anything helps'. I saw him for weeks and weeks and then finally his luck changed. His new sign said, 'Starting a new job next week, thank you for all your kindness'. This motherfucker went to the next city over and had his looking for a break sign out and readily accepting money. From then on, no more. I will donate to shelters and the like, but no more to individuals.

In the tobacco belt, packs cost under $6

She's a persistent cow that one. She stands outside the cinema in the city centre waiting on couples coming out. She follows them, stands in front of them etc, I'm not one to be rude to someone but it takes all I have to not tell her to get to fuck.


It's weird though, where I live you used to always see some homeless people downtown who might hit you up, but now there's people at intersections everywhere holding up signs asking for money. Not just downtown but way out in the suburbs. It's gotten really noticeable the past couple years.

I've had a homeless dude talk shit to me while I was at work. "Nah man I'm not giving you money" homeless dude just said "Broke ass nigga, when's pay day?" Like what? You're gonna role up on me on pay day to get a cut of MY money like as if Uncle Sam didn't take a fat cut as is. Pissed me the fuck off.

I hate when they feel like they are owed the money like "bitch I work a minimum wage job for this shit, fuck off!"

Kung Fu Kenny is that you

And those guys who just start wiping your windshield at stop lights.

Just every Monday and Thursdays trash pick up day.

And it's better for you too!

And they don't know mine. Like, yeah, a dollar is literally all I got and I just gave it to you. It's never enough. I care. I talk. I share cigs, help out with food, if I can. I treat them like people, cause they are people. But never money anymore.

"Do you want the fucking cig or not?" If they're rude you can be rude.

I don't smoke, but they're like $10 here in WA.

Same here.

Me walking down the street with a fresh slice of pizza.

-Hey, can I have your pizza?


-Why not man? I'm hungry!

Me, just walking.

-Fuck you, man!!!

I had a guy come running up to me across a parking lot going 'Sir! Sir!' I thought I am either getting robbed or shot or both. Guy comes up and dishes out some 10 minute long story about how a judge let him out of jail on the condition he leave the city blah blah blah. Moral of the story was he needed bus fare. I gave him a buck just go go away. See the guy two weeks later and he hits me up for money again. I say 'Didn't you tell me some judge told you to gtfo???'. He gives me some wierd look and tells me to go fuck myself. Good times

Nope! But it is close to one

You gave him a beer every night or just when you drank? Or both? 😉

And they're all shitting on the streets. That city stanks in places

This mother fucker locally has been hanging out at the exact same stop light for six months. Every fucking day. "NEED BUS FARE TO BOSTON". How much does bus fare fucking cost? It's $83, that's how much. Why do people still constantly give him money? Fuck that guy. Not even trying.

Had a crackhead at dunkin ask for a dollar for coffee. I asked if he just wanted money or if it was for coffee. He said coffee. I told him to order what he wanted, he then gave me attitude and didnt say thanks. I gave him the option to tell me that in the first place. I wouldnt have given him $1 but i would have saved $3 on the dunkin coffee. Fuck beggars

You just gotta make sure to take your clothes off. The sewer water is more refreshing than you think

"You can get cash back inside though"

From talking to people that work with the homeless and learning a bit, at least in Pittsburgh; if you are on the streets, that means you didn't want to follow the rules of the nearest shelter or any of the other ones either.

No one has to beg on the street in Pittsburgh, they choose to because they would rather drink or get high or they would rather not coexist peacefully at the shelter and pitch in and do chores.

Shit, that is a really good idea.

Trying to get stabbed or not?

Smooth, I like it.

walk into taco bell

she walks right up to me

"You gonna buy me a taco?"

Not even a please?


I've only seen that on the way back from mexico. But yeah that shit is the worst.

Was driving out of Baltimore at like 2 am and a homeless dude nearly jumped on my car begging for change. Shit ridiculous

Hhm, I didn't really feel like being stabbed, or at least spat at.

The woman on BLOOD. isn't homeless as far as we know though. He just says that she's blind.

I was walking home from work once late at night, and this guy stops me and asks for money for food. He was crying, snot everywhere, just saying "I'm so hungry, please." At the time I was working at a cafe and I happened to take home a "can't sell it but it's still good" half loaf of really good bread that night. I was broke as hell myself and that bread was going to feed me for a few days, but I knew he needed it more. So I held it out and said "I know it's not much, but here please take it." And he just pushes it away, asking for money instead, while still crying and saying he's so hungry. So I talked to him trying to find out if he was allergic to bread or something, and I was totally willing to go to the 7-11 to buy him something else to eat. But he kept refusing everything I offered and wanted cash.

I had to just walk away, and he was wailing as I walked off. Like a keening misery wail that made other people turn and glare at ME. I felt bad, but like're saying you're hungry but you don't want any food I'm quite literally putting in your hands?

This too, on the rare occasion I encounter a homeless person outside a convenience store and they ask me for money I always offer to go back in and buy them a snack instead. When they refuse and keep asking for money I tell them I don't carry cash sorry.

I don't smoke, but I very much would like to get stabbed.

So which cigarette do I have to offer to make it a fair exchange to get stabbed? I don't know what the difference is.

Ah, damn. Halfway through the story I thought it was a wholesome tale but yeah, that sucks.... Gah.

Someone's gonna try this and get jumped by a bunch of hobos lmao, also thats a pretty interesting story, did the hobo look anything like Laurence Fishburne

The Sewers are actually pretty clean

Meh what about for the people that don't smoke? Any tips? I'm usually on my phone at red lights, either browsing Reddit or changing the music. The last homeless guy I encountered knocked on my fender to get my attention. I looked up and had to shake my head no and he gave me an exasperated look like saying thanks for wasting my time. I mean I wasn't doing it on purpose but you'd think they'd get the hint you're not gonna give them anything if a person isn't looking at them.

my ride is circa 1992 so the beggars generally leave me the fuck alone. if they do get frisky, i say something like "you saw this whip and thought i had money?"

Plot twist: he's the most honest panhandler ever, but he buys a new ticket to Boston for a wonderment-filled child every day

San Francisco has em all beat. Roughly 7000 homeless people.

"Get to fuck"? Is that a phrase over there?

As long as you are barefoot so you can sift around for rings and coins.

You can feel it with your feet, it's almost like clamming.

I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, but I think I'd choose that over starving.

"It may still be bad, but it's better!"

come on. I work in shelters too. It is far more complex than that.

1) Many people asking for change on the streets are not homeless. My full time job is social housing and I see many clients on the street asking for money. I'm not saying that's better than the previous assumption, but there are many barriers to access addictions treatments and asking for money helps fuel a drug addiction.

2) Many people are mentally ill and require more than just a bed to sleep in. Some are unwilling to follow rules but there are many who shelters are just NOT a fit for. Or, they might have severe mental illnesses and not have access to a doctor yet.

3) Finally, some shelters are just unsafe. They are not made equally. And if a guy on the streets only experience with the shelter system is getting robbed and assaulted, he might sincerely feel safer on the street. I've had clients express just that opinion.

Are there shitty degenerates that make everyone look bad? Sure, but it is much more of a complex situation than the simple outlook you expressed above.

Would you rather be stabbed in the arm, or the face?

"They're both bad, what's the difference"

"And they wanna kills us dead in the street FO SHO"

Ughhh I don't like it.

They haven't even responded with a diss track yet

Ahhhhhhh bus fare. I've had that one and motel rent a lot. In high school my girlfriend and I went to the mall for something or other and on the way out a car pulls right behind me blocking us in, there was a car in front parked. Out comes the most hill of billys rambling faster than Boomhauer how he got fired that week, house had black mold so they had to vacate, was out of money for his motel room, was about to be kicked out, and spent his last 10$ on gas to "ask the fine people of this town for God's help." It was like he threw all the storylines in one. I gave him a 5$ seeing as we were blocked in and I was 17 looking at the embodiment of crazy.

I totally don't mind giving a hand, I just don't like being lied to. I think I've given more to the ones who are just honest about being in a bad spot, cause who knows, I could be there to one day. But no one likes a liar.

LPT: Get into spitting contests with local hobos

I work at a gas station in WA. Our cheapest packs are Marlboro 72s (basically reds and lights that are shorter than Kings), at $7.28 before tax. American Spirits are the most expensive at $10 before tax. It's crazy. Homeless people come up with $5 trying to buy a pack and nearly have a heart attack when they hear how much a pack of Camels costs.


Not all panhandlers are homeless so the fact that 1/4 of homeless people are veterans doesn't mean much when dealing with panhandlers. From my experiences in cities on the east coast most panhandlers portraying themselves as veterans aren't actually veterans. My dad is a Vietnam Veteran and will start questioning panhandlers about where and when they served, etc. You'd be surprised how quick most of them drop the spiel about being a homeless veteran. The ones who are actually veterans my dad will go out of his way to buy food and clothing. They're usually the ones minding their own business not actually panhandling.

The question is detrimental paralyzing my thoughts.

Or is the blind woman Lady Justice?

Or is the blind woman

Someone did this to me while I was pregnant. Scared the hell out of me.

The cashier was on point, though. "Naw man, she already feeding someone else, today".

Man, I was on a double a few years back when I was waiting tables. And usually on a double, you get to go home for an hour or so between shifts, but everyone decided to come in for a late lunch so I never got to leave. The day was going to total to 13-14 hours once all was said in done. Before the dinner shift started, I walked next door to grab a Red Bull and a homeless man started aggressively asking for money.

It normally doesn't bother me, but it burned me up SO BAD that I was looking at a 14 hour workday with no break and this dude felt he deserved a cut of my tip money .. for what? For sitting outside a store and asking me for it? Get outta here.

turn on wipers

the front fell off

when i lived in detroit, there were always dudes who would walk up and put their arm around me while i was walking home from work. drove me fuckin nuts, and i never knew if one of them was going to stick a knife in my side.

one night after some happy hour drinks i was stumbling back to my house, and a fella approached me to put his arm around me and i literally tossed him in the street. within seconds, like 20 bums came out of nowhere and chased me down the street yelling about how i was going to jail.

that whole experience kinda jaded me towards bums.

Cloud district?

Oh, what am I saying? Of course not.

Risk getting spit on :(

I shoulda just kept window up lol

Lmao, I saw this happen once referring to a car colour. Thread was "To the yellow hummer that cut me off..", and all the replies were like "Are you in Detroit?", "I bet this was near me, Toronto area?"

How dumb do ya gotta be?

I love this story, wish there were more tales of Homeless Trash Man

"whenever you get a job"

"I'm running late now man, sorry"

That's when you say fine gimmie it back I have a bigger bill, and just walk away

Homeless people make a lot of money in my city. I was so mad. I saw one whip out his iPhone behind his cardboard. I never give them money for that reason.

If they smell bad I will give them a cigarette or some change. I know they're real homeless people.

"I can go with you. I'm sure we'll come across an atm on the way."

Nice. That way they die faster too so you have less homeless people to deal with /s



Ah yes, the old 'personal accountability goes out the window if your circumstances are just so' argument.

I mean this shit is, fuckin' ridiculous

Trash beer is best beer