How BuzzFeed was made

How BuzzFeed was made

"10 reasons buzzfeed is cancer, number 6 will shock you"

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Why can't you be more like your siblings, sin and cos?



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But /sub/politics told me it was a reputable source now!

Wait, they actually post Buzzfeed articles in /sub/politics? Hahaha

Every once in a while they have a well researched and written article.

Edit: Sorry for saying I read an article from them that actually had good journalistic properties. And offered facts instead of opinions. There wasn't even a list or multiple pages to click through.

You better believe they do

Ethan you know THIS one is real !

BuzzFeed is allowed whereas WikiLeaks was not

This is definitely me when I copy someone elses work.


Fah god's sake, close ya legs!

But the CEO of BuzzFeeds kids are about 7/8 years old... Something doesn't add up here


Yep. Buzzfeed investigative journalism is one thing but no.....they're regular Buzzfeed articles.

obligatory subreddit mention:



BuzzFeed does actually do really good news articles, they're funded by the shitty lists and videos.

Or make an actual rebuttal instead of downvoting?

But it could be anyone posting those things! /s

I wont lie

This is a no-bullying subreddit

They have their uphills and downhills, and I appreciate them,

but derivations of my works are always positive baby

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Here's a good one

you can look under for some more decent ones.

why the fuck are you being down voted. its just his opinion guys ffs dont down vote because someone has a different opinion

You do realize Buzzfeed News has won some awards? They may be known for clickbait, but they've done some good work. The clickbait just helps keep the lights on, so to speak.


The whole family can see!

At one point during the Democratic primary, anti Clinton stuff from Breitbart was on the front-page of the sub daily. Their source rules make no sense

BuzzFeed hate is the biggest circlejerk on leddit, don't worry about it

You better not have us bamboozled

It's almost like an election happened recently and he's about to be sworn in, or something.

Social media interns HATE him!

stop talking. you're a fucking idiot lmao

Every day the top post on /sub/politics is an opinion editorial about trump, it's pretty bad



Buzzfeed is proof that you can profit by catering to the lowest denominator.

OR......A CEO!

Its /sub/memeeconomy

A good friend of mine's dad is the ceo of buzz feed. Every year they have a fourth of July party at his beach house and I always attend. I am ways surprised when the party isn't just a gathering of people making lists and taking quizzes

Vice was a magazine about fashion second and heroin first. News outlets can change.

It'd be nice if you could link an article to back this up.

I don't know what the fuck the deal is with Buzzfeed. I went to the website voluntarily once, thinking it had some funny articles like Cracked, saw it was just a bunch of zero-effort listicle GIFs and wondered why anyone would be stupid enough to read it. Any times I've seen thumbnails of their videos it looks equally shit.

But then for some reason they also occasionally do actual investigative journalism that appears by all accounts to be pretty good, which I don't understand at all. It would be like if Pornhub had a section where you could get some really good lessons on mathematics.

and it is allowed on /r/[redacted]... very good articles coming from them

These awards dont seem to carry much weight for buzzfeed itself

You do realize Adolf Hitler has won some awards? He may be known for the Holocaust, but he's done some good work.

It's actually extremely rare for a buzzfeed post to reach the front page there. But the alt-righters that have invaded the sub lately will believe anything bad about /sub/politics.

I think that was the time they started to heavily censor the sub and make it left leaning I guess

Schrodinger's News site.

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