[Homemade] Japanese Beef Udon 肉うどん

[Homemade] Japanese Beef Udon 肉うどん

Ooooooo I love thick noodles

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Yeah, I used the one from Just One Cookbook. Super easy! (Posting the link is getting my comments modded out.)

If you can't find the super thin cuts of beef (I have only seen them at Korean/Japanese markets), I have also just very thinly sliced a standard ribeye across the grain into strips. Put the stake in the freezer for 30min-1hr to make cutting thinner easier.

I prefer the frozen Sanuki Udon Noodles, but other frozen udon noodles should work too. Find them at Asian stores. If you can't find them, using dried will be OK, but they may not get as large.

I did make a minor adjustment, and added three dried shiitake mushrooms while simmering my dashi (I used a dashi packet). I then thinly sliced the mushrooms once re-hydrated and squeezed of liquid and cooked them with the beef. I also may consider quickly rinsing my noodles next time as they seemed to have excess starch.

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Just One Cookbook

So, basically you used a soup packet, a noodle packet, and added some meat and veg.

Turns out my years of Ramen in college was homemade ramen.

nope... it's a homemade cheeseburger.

Can you please share the recipe, /u/cisbrane?

You're not wrong. Homemade doesn't really have any implications besides assembling ingredients at home. If I cook some ground beef and put it between bread with cheese, that is a homemade burger right?

I dont care if it sounds sexual bro, i love big thick asian noodles in my mouth and im proud!


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Do you have an Asian grocer near you? Mine stocks them in the refrigerated section.

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This is such a professional looking picture...

I mean, what is your definition of homemade? How far down does a person have to go before you will deign to give them credit for cooking the meal? Do they need to slaughter the animals? What if they buy the feed for the animals, does the resulting meat still count as homemade, or do they need to grow the grain? Are store bought noodles okay, or must they be handmade? What about spices—can I buy those, or do I have to grow them, too? Does that mean I have to move somewhere warmer because I cook with chilies a lot?

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since the OP isn't posting the recipe

he keeps trying, look at his comment history. it just keeps getting censored. automod is feeling stupid today.

where do you get these types of noodles? I've looked all over!


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Step 1.1. Buy udon soup packet at asian market


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The red spoon really ties the shot together, seriously. beautiful stuff.

The thickness of those noodles make me uncomfortable

LPT: Always thoroughly rinse noodles. It'll stop the cooking process so that they've got a good amount of bite, and rinsing off the starch doesn't ruin the soup, and other tastes.

Edit: I was referring to Asian noodles specifically, and not pasta. If you go to Japan, for instance, every Ramen bar is rinses their noodles after they're cooked. With that many people doing it, surely they can't be doing it wrong.

I think I've also seen them at a Safeway or some of the other fancy-pantsier grocers

EDIT: TIL I shop at ghetto stores

Looks great!! I also once made udon with my host family in Japan while WWOOFing: https://imgur.com/gallery/D96Vi Everything made from scratch, even the meat :)

So here's a question. Let's say I throw some cottage cheese between two slices of buttered banana bread and pan fry it. What do we got there?

Thank you for discussing all the options available. Japanese food is so versitile its great to see someone understand it like a real day-to-day cook! Great job using Kombu!! It's super hard to find even in my diverse and cultured area, but worth every effort. A+!

I promise I'll actually make this one if the recipe is shared! Haha. proceeds to look at the 9,000 saved recipes I swore I'd make eventually

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I added the recipe, enjoy :)

Where I live many of the locals consider people who shop at Safeway as snobs. Granted it's probably got something to do with the locals shopping at Savemart because we make less money than tourists.

Yes with Italian you definitely never want to rinse em because you want the tomato sauce to fully coat the pasta and stick to it instead of sliding off. It especially helps with pasta with nooks and crannies (fusili, tortellini etc), but for Asian style noodles it doesn't matter.

Seriously. Does everyone here eat in a studio? My pictures always turn out terrible - even with optimal lighting.

Udon it again, made an innocent food thread go south...

That would be referred to as 'Udon'


yeah I just can't do the thick noodles

make a cook book, call it the bucket list lol

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This is more like an udon noodle soup, and the stock is quite flavorful. If you like dry noodles I would suggest Indoneisan Mie Goreng which I made the other day: http://imgur.com/onAEvkM

This is more like an udon noodle soup, and the stock is quite flavorful. If you like dry noodles I would suggest Indoneisan Mie Goreng which I made the other day:

depends which kind of noodles. and the sauce you want to stick to them.

in italian cooking rinsing is a pretty big no no.

That's not the recipe. That's not even a recipe.

What do they consider people who shop at Whole Foods, then?