[Homemade] Buttercream frosted vanilla cake.

[Homemade] Buttercream frosted vanilla cake.

I may be a little biased because that's my favorite color, but this is beautiful!

I can see the blue teeth already..

Thank you for the tips. I hope pic isn't too deceiving, but it was a 6" cake.

I used Wilton Sky Blue gel food coloring. I really hardly used any, I didn't think the frosting tasted different than before I added the gel. I've made red frosting before and you have to use so much food coloring to make it not pink, I also couldn't taste the difference there either. Maybe there's a difference between the gel food coloring and regular liquid food coloring?

I'm definitely not a pro cake maker. So I really do appreciate your feedback.

Looks like the Cookie Monster.

Great job, op!

Thanks for the heads up. Whenever I post to /sub/food I usually get a comment asking for the recipe. What would be a good way for me to share the recipe while also giving credit to the creator, without posting to a blog in this case?

Missed Cookie Monster themed cake opportunity

You are allowed by law to share recipes, which are not protected by copyright. As a courtesy, if a user is taking the time to type out a formatted text recipe, including instructions and ingredients, and wants to credit the content creator, we will allow a link to be included in the comment text recipe. If you need examples of such recipes, Here is one:


I guess you do go into making this knowing that you are going to get eaten, so I feel only happiness when people are eating my cakes.

Professional cake maker here. I would like this much better with a larger tip (bigger rosettes and fewer of them looks much prettier and more dramatic) and not as blue. This much blue food coloring is guaranteed to make the frosting taste bad.