Hey! Hey! Look! It's you!

"I know, I know I'm famous. Now back to sleep child."

I think this is how my husband feels when I show him funny Reddit post while he is playing his video games.

I like the little "No take it easy and check this out"-pat in the face after the dog is making the little annoyed move right after the bashing.

Repost with the exact same title.

I am not a scientist or anything, but I feel like this is a major development milestone for the child. Being able to correlate an image with an actual object (or animal). Are there any animals that do this? I wonder if this along the lines of the mirror test with animals.

The dog in the book looks like Brian Griffin.

He loves it.

Source: girlfriend shows me things while I play video games.

It is. And the other one in the book is that Italian-American not-brian dog.

And on the other hand he has seen it, so it's not fine by him, which do you define as right?


Hey! Hey! Look! It's a repost!

It can get annoying.

Source: girlfriend shows my things she thinks are funny when im playing videogames.

But, the gif is sped up. So it's worse

I don't think that baby can actually read.


Why are you against repost? I haven't seen it before, so it's fine by me.