“He’s playing a character”: Alex Jones lawyer says Infowars host is “a performance artist” and not really a nutjob revealing that he is a phony that exploits stupid and crazy people for money

“He’s playing a character”: Alex Jones lawyer says Infowars host is “a performance artist” and not really a nutjob revealing that he is a phony that exploits stupid and crazy people for money
“He’s playing a character”: Alex Jones lawyer says Infowars host is “a performance artist” and no...

I'd like to see him try to prove hes a fake. I hope the other lawyer says something like "where in your show has it ever been indicated that it's fiction?"

It won't end his show.. his believers are so entrenched in conspiracy thinking and the crazy that they will likely not even hear about the story and if they do, they'll write it off as more conspiracy circle-jerk.. that this was just "fake news" and/or liberals making stuff up about him.

All alex needs to do is tell the truth that he is a fraud. Sure it will end his show but it seems like his life is pretty shit anyway. He has made millions of his little act so he can quietly retire.

HOLY fudgenuckers TIL Alex Jones *has custody of 3 children., somebody help those poor kids...

Edit: Alex Jones is not in custody of his own children, nor has he been arrested, lol

I can almost see the headline that will pop up in the Trumpet or Conspiracy sub now:

"This is Alex Jones. This BRAVE man is fighting back against the Globalists and MSM trying to silence him. They're trying to Character Assassinate him, but we know better. Let's show our support for this Patriot who works hard to bring us the truth!"

Then it'll get re-posted by the Trump surrogate subs: (Conspiracy or t_d depending on whoever posts it first), then uncensored news, hillaryforprison, maybe kotakuinaction, conservative, and on down the line it'll go.

Lots of money helps. He is a typical con artist.

If it really is just a character, how do these people live with their true selves?

The biggest WTF with Alex Jones is that the man is currently 43 YEARS OLD

He isn't a fake. He's just trying to avoid responsibility for people nearly getting massacred in pizzagate.

There's a huge difference between what this asshole does and what Colbert used to do

a clip of Jones smoking marijuana in California (which Naranjo did allow through).

This has to be from the Joe Rogan show. He hits the blunt on camera then 40 minutes later denies it completely.

Whoa. I thought he was older than that. That level of rage must age you.

Jones only rescinded the claims after the pizzeria owner started lawyering up for libel suits.

He is but a humble water filter merchant

The one where CNN broadcasted a whitened version of the black guy that did the Facebook killing. They didn't though, somebody took a picture of their tv and the camera/tv settings made the guy look whiter. T_D obviously upvoted this because of their knee jerk reaction to "SJW bullshit".

What do you mean? Colbert did political satire on current events, Jones talks about chemicals in the water turning frogs gay and that Hillary is a literal reptilliane demon spawned by Satan.

Perfectly sane individual.

They're all on high alert over there because they let literal fake news hit their number one spot last night. Oh man reading those comments was absolute gold.

Someone should post this on /sub/t_d and see if it actually gets upvoted. That title, word for word, with a random pic of Alex Jones

After Sandy Hook happened, Alex Jones started ranting about the shooting being a False Flag created by Obama. Then people started showing up and harassing the parent's of the dead kids, so the Pizzagate thing isn't the first time his followers took something he ranted on about too far.

He actually pandered to liberals when Bush was in office.

Makes sense. You can only be a conspiracy nutjob if you think the government is against you. I'm waiting to see him turn against Trump.

This is exactly it. He's just a simple con artist. He doesn't feel remorse because the con is too exciting.

Is there any bottom limit to the amount of time between an event and denial of said event now? Trump and friends routinely deny things that happened on camera weeks or months ago, but 40 minutes?


Which Trump will actually respond to, and the alt-right will be ablaze in cognitive dissonance.

Oh what story was it?

Let's not forget the SUPER MALE VITALITY

Didn't even he say that pizzagate wasn't a thing?

I didn't reply to your comment

dog growl noises

I don't have proof, but I have posted this on Reddit before this story came out:

I used to live next door to a couple who made beer money by working as photo models for the Weekly World News. They had portrayed confused farmers, aliens in disguise, truckers that started a viral outbreak, victims of many different animal and alien attacks, and dozens of other roles.

This is just a second-hand anecdote, but they claimed that Alex Jones used to be a regular in the Weekly World News offices, and that he was a reasonably normal guy who loved 'laughing at the rubes' and that he was constantly mining the staff for marketing tips in specific regions and how to sell to advertisers 'an entertainment product disguised as news'.

I'm pretty sure he must have old video evidence and character witnesses.

This was actually a joke about Clinton (him saying he didn't inhale)

Not until after it was clear that his little joke was going to get a lot of people killed.

the alt-right will be ablaze in cognitive dissonance

oh no, not again!

well he's still wrong about it.

The chemical wasn't turning the frogs gay. it was making them hermaphrodites. This happens in some reptiles due to a hormonal imbalance when females aren't around.

Fun fact: Some species will turn into asexual females and reproduce that way, which creates a bunch of female clones of the parent. The offspring are not asexual, but they are clones of the mom. This is to prevent the species from dying out, and it's an amazing evolutionary feat.

But the hermaphrodite thing is purely because of the chemical imbalance. It's not turning them gay, and the frog populations are fine.


I swear this has happened before...

*edit: I mean literally The_Dingdongs losing their shit over a photoshopped/false picture of some 'MSM' outlet lightening the skin color of a shooter/terrorist when it turns out it was either a troll or one of them being stupid.

Everyone on the far right of media is faking it to an extent. Glenn Beck took everything to 110% even discounting the mental problems he was struggling with while on Fox, Gretchen Carlson graduated from Stanford and only became a hard conservative after Fox hired her, Rush Limbaugh does the same shit as Jones, just saying anything he can to outrage his fan base to increase listeners, and Bill O'Reilly has all but admitted to just being a merchant of outrage when talking to Jon Stewart. By all accounts, everyone but Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are good, reasonable people when they're not being paid to lie while on television. Most of these people straight up admitted to not being newscasters to get out of a lawsuit, which is a nicer way of saying their shows are fictional. They know it and they know there's a market for it.

As far as I can tell, the right media doesn't have an Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow and definitely don't have an Amy Goodman on their side, someone who truly believes in the work they do. Instead they have Rush Limbaugh foaming at the mouth with outrage over drug users and immigrants while paying his Hispanic housekeeper money to buy Oxycontin off the street for himself to illegally abuse. Fat fucking hypocrite.


Not to his fanbase.

IMO, it's even worse if he's faking it for cash.

Also, him and filmmaker Richard Linklater used to run in the same crowds. He was in Linklater's Waking Life.

Nope, he has flip flopped on shit and if you knew about him before he started his show you'd realize he is just pretending.

I have a friend that is a conspiracy nut, one day its giants built the pyramids, next it is aliens, next it is human civilization 100,000 years ago.

You must be young and weren't familiar with Alex Jones before he started his show... blatantly obvious he was faking it. There were even blooper audio clips where he couldnt even say shit without breaking down laughing.

See Joe Rogan was making all this money doing it, so he thought "why not me?" and went for it.

Yeah.Ironically the line that everyone likes to make fun of him for is actually one of the rare things he's not wrong about.

He doesnt feel remorse because he is a lizard man

no jews/black people/trans people/women are involved, so it doesn't interest them. they only get riled up when there's a group that they hate involved

You can't honestly believe a man who built an empire like he did is that stupid.

He's just a scam artist

The "CNN white washed this black guy" thing I think.

I view most of the 1% as dragons.

Dragons covet gold above all things. Can a dragon really spend that gold? No. But they want it and will do anything for it.

These people don't care about the morality behind their wealth. They will never be able to spend all their wealth because let's be honest. Hpw are you going to spend 32 billion dollars?

They just want more and more gold and jewels to line their lair with.

At the moment /sub/conspiracy is freaking out about this revelation. Hopefully the freak out spreads to all of Alex's followers.

He doesn't feel remorse because he is a sociopath.

When has fake news not been highly upvoted on /sub/t_d?

Does anyone in here still have posting privilege there, heh heh?

Shit I'd love to be alex jones kid

He'll probably die from the crazy supplements he peddles and then they'll be left millions

The gay frogs were actually real though.

ur just jellous becus ur not an alpha male like me and alex

Only thing he believes in is money for himself and fascism

Why do you assume that Alex Jones is stupid enough to actually take any of the supplements?

That's pretty fucked up.

This post is already there. Amazing.

Trump denied saying not paying taxes makes him smart in an interview right after the debate in which he said that.

I thought being an insecure little racist was his excuse.

The same goes for everyone on air over on Fox Spews, and yet el trumpo watches them religiously for his facts and calls all other media fake news. Go figure.

which is ironic, considering they're a bunch of creepy pedophiles with avatars of little anime girls

I thought it was pretty common knowledge that most of it was an act.


I remember in 2007. Alex Jones was all the socialist/liberal rage. Every anti establishment democrat knew his page, his reveals, and his historical viewpoint.

It hit me hard when I saw him resurrected as a right wing nut job.

I think a newspaper darkened OJs skin in a cover photo during the trial


Don't forget, something something cuck cuck MAGA.

Joe Rogan has said on his podcast that he's good friends with Alex Jones and that it's all an act and he isn't really like that when the cameras are off

I mean, that's funny as fuck. I've watched a lot of his show, not because I agree with anything he says, but because of how funny how nuts he can get.

Because in his eyes his lies support a positive cause

What a coward. He can't own his own words when they come back to bite him in the ass.

That seemed pretty obvious considering his show and website are always chock full of advertising for his brand of 'secret formula vitality bullshit' supplementals, and 'apocalypse survival gear' that stupid people buy into.

OMG, in the video they have posted the guy with Jones says "go to infowars.com, you know where infowars.com is..."

Gee man, where is it? At infowars.org?

yeah, he was more or less anti-everyone until he got a hard on for trump. my guess isn't that he gives a flying fuck about trump, but saw the potential market for spouting his inane shit and decided it was time to cash in.

smart move, to be honest, guy's made some serious bank selling his MALE VITALITY PILLS and garbage, it would be fucking hilarious if he just packed it all in now, admitted to the world that he was really bill hicks the entire time, and retired.

unfortunately, I think he's had way too many of his BRAIN FORCE PLUS pills over the years to remember that he is only in this game to make bank, and is now stuck inside this hell of his own creation. fitting, to be honest.

If you take money to lie and incite the crazies out there, then you can't call yourself a "good, reasonable person".

As a great man and comedian skit once said.

"cocaine is a hell of a drug".

And money.

I've always believed that believes all the things he does as his character, just not to the same severity he portrays.

Fox News won a case a while back by saying they are an entertainment channel not a news channel. They're still going strong.

Thats not crazy, that is literally the purpose of the US highway system. Eisenhower pitched the idea to congress as a defense project to improve logistical readiness.

So is Trump. Only one of them is president.

Wait until Trump says something negative about Russia (if ever). Alex Vladimir Jones will push the Russian narrative since that's where his payment comes from.

Where in that sub is this happening?

They also do a lot of "thinking of the children".

Yep. Alex Jones is a loud conspiracy nutjob but he's actually been pretty consistent in his conspiracies. I remember he got arrested for causing a scene towards Bush during that election cycle

So he really is will sasso? I wondered what he was doing recently.

I still can't believe Trump said "I'll make you proud ", to this nutjob.

Hey! Don't insult dragons like that!

They at least have the self-respect to raid and pillage the countryside themselves rather than doing so through proxies like the cowards who seal themselves up in their mansions and towers.

What are you talking about? They're not freaking out at all. They're not even talking about it.

YouTube money is his excuse.

My dad is an Alex Jones fanatic. I can't help but cringe every time I go see him because he's listening to the rants and raves of this lunatic. He's so paranoid and angry about the crazy shit this guy says that he can't even function in normal society. I can't remember the last time he left his house. He sits in his room all day, letting it pile up with garbage,cigarette butts, etc. It's become almost impossible to have a conversation with him ever since he came across Alex Jones. Anything you say somehow ties into the NWO and if you can function in society, you're a sheep. It's sick.

I want the other lawyer to ask Jones' lawyer to please inform the President of the United States of this "new" development.

Here is one post but check out all the comments, they get pretty good.

The conspiracy says that Podesta's leaked emails were using coded language to communicate about child sex trafficking.


So what's Paul Joseph Watsons excuse?

Austin is a weird place!

That's probably the only argument that isn't crazy.

I mean, Hitler literally built the Autobahn for that purpose, and the oldest interstates also kept this idea — potential defense.

He is a theocrat

They're not trying to put him in jail for marijuana use, they're trying to prove that he's unfit to raise his children.

Some conspiriception going on there. Even posts on /sub/conspiracy need to have some conspiracy behind them if it challenges one of their many narratives, especially the narrative that everyone is making it out to make them look like nutters.


Close, he's actually a Bill Hicks stunt.