Helping His Friend

Helping His Friend

Elephants can be so gentle, definitely bro-tier animals. Shame we don't tend to afford them the same courtesy.


The way we've treated Elephants historically is pretty grim, but it's nowhere near as bad as the way we've treated horses; which are another total bro-tier animal.

They drove several industries before there were locomotives and were used in wars for a long time up until like WWI

They really drove everything before locomotives. You weren't getting anywhere without horses unless you were walking.

It was nice of the human to help move the elephant's ride.

I don't know much about horses, what makes them to bro-tier?

What about boats?

He probably had too much junk in the trunk.

Looks like the west midlands safari park logo

I would love to hear the story behind this.

Yeah! WE have to learn from elephants

Horses were actually used during WWII as well. Mass amounts of soldiers shot their horses dead during the Dunkirk retreat because they could not be put on boats.

that guy looks like Hitler from the thumbnail

0 horsepower, 1 elephantpower

Actually, in Northern Europe farmers tended to use horses to draw their boats along a canal in order to transport their wares to the market.

Yeah! you are right

Horses are dog-level bros that we historically have worked to near-death and then eaten.

If I lived underwater, I wouldn't bet on the seahorse races. Them shits take forever!

Or they way we've historically treated just about any animal. Doing unnecessary cosmetic testing on rodents. Raising animals for meat and killing them at the fastest rate possible for maximum profit with little regard to their welfare. Taking orcas away from their families and the massive oceans their born in, to store them in tanks about 3X the size of their body so that humans can gawk at them and the park can make a profit. Humans suck.

She lifted the bonnet up, got the dipstick, and gave it to Lawrence. When we still couldn't get it to start, she went round the back and gave us a push.

Wut?! Did she remind him that the car's insurance renewal is due and the parking sticker needs to be replaced in two weeks?

GOOD point.

This is the news story

Especially boats. I still like to go to historic downtown areas in coastal cities and relax on a nice horse-drawn boat ride.

Yeah. I started a vegetarian diet just about a month ago now and don't think I will go back, I mean I love meat but until I can afford to eat from local ethical farmers rather than supermarket meat of mistreated animals, I just don't value eating steak enough compared to the suffering that's going into the process. Not everyone is like that obvi and I eat meat at my parents' place because it's already there and dead and I'm not creating additional demand for the meat industry but still.

EDIT: Also thinking about cutting out eggs and dairy and edge closer to a "vegan" diet I guess, but logistically I am not sure how feasible it is for my diet...need to do more research on this.

She lifted the bonnet up, got the dipstick, and gave it to Lawrence.

Does this fucking elephant know more about cars than I do?

Most certainly is

Well that ruined my morning

We're all elephants on this blessed day

Yeah! But He is not a hitler

Well there's no /sub/elephantsfuckingcars but there is a /sub/dragonsfuckingcars (and /sub/carsfuckingdragons).

Thank, man. I needed the mental picture of the elephant and the vehicle in carnal embrace.

Those are some good moves! :) yes, research would be recommended hah. You can still get all the nutrients you need from non-meat items as long as you're eating the right stuff :) and often it is very inexpensive. Rice and beans, for example. 👌👌 In my personal experience, the longer you go without meat, the less you even think about it as an option. Maybe that will be the same for you and in that case, you won't need to go to the "local ethical farmers".

This generation is so soft.

It's really simple - if you let your horse live, you help the enemy. In war, you do not help your enemy, so you kill your horse.

Well, with the dude pushing too, it's got to be like 1.000453 ep.

I'm not sure if it can be made out from the logo, but I'm pretty sure that's the West Midlands Safari Park.

Yea it is, I only live down the road and can hear the lions roaring most nights.

Hold my tusks, I'm goin in!

Almost eight million horses died in world war one.

By contrast only about 2.5 million horses were employed in WW2, of which around 500k we're killed

So surreal seeing this on reddit... Been there so many times aha

For the same reason I guess they would have spiked any artillery or destroyed vehicles they might have had to leave behind, to prevent them being used by the enemy.

Hippo in Chinese is 河马, literally "river horse".

ahh, the ol elephant-a-roo

lol the guys who downvoted cause you're vegetarian. Grow up.