Hello Reddit! I am actor and artist Val Kilmer. I have been Doc Holliday, Mark Twain, Batman, Madmartigan, Iceman, and Real Genius Chris Knight to name a few roles. Today, celebrate the 31st birthday of Top Gun with me as well. AMA

Hello Reddit! I am actor and artist Val Kilmer. I have been Doc Holliday, Mark Twain, Batman, Madmartigan, Iceman, and Real Genius Chris Knight to name a few roles. Today, celebrate the 31st birthday of Top Gun with me as well. AMA
Hello Reddit! I am actor and artist Val Kilmer. I have been Doc Holliday, Mark Twain, Batman, Madmartigan, Iceman, and Real Genius Chris Knight to name a few roles. Today, celebrate the 31st birthday of Top Gun with me as well. AMA

Hi Reddit, I am currently touring with Cinema Twain, the feature version of my one-man stage show . It seemed like we all had such a good time the last AMA, that today I am back to talk about movies, art, current projects, Top Gun's Birthday (https://youtu.be/9bLF8WRQBXU) or whatever interests you. Today, I'm all your Huckleberries.

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AMA is completed. Thank you all for coming by, your support, and great questions. Thank you to the mods of /sub/movies. you're the best Love VK

I had opera at Julliard, and a decade of SERIOUS vocal training to do Shakespeare, so I would go work with Michael Jacksons vocal coach in the morning proper vocal training to widen my range, then play him tapes of jim screaming and singing live. Drove my man insane. He would try to change it and I would always have to explain to him, "No this is the way we want it." And every day for months I worked with Paul Rothchild the Doors only producer, and their engineer, recording whole albums of the DOORS. Our aim was to make it so good I might be able to have some songs done live in the film. one day I freaked Paul out so much he went outside and refused to work. he was red hot and wouldn't look at me. eventually when he calmed down enough he said, "I don't know who told you that story because I was the only one there..." It turned out the song Paul had put up I hated and didn't want to record it, or at least not that day, and apparently what i said was so exactly what Jim had said to Paul when they were supposed to record it that he freaked out. It was too much for him. spooky. I tried to explain i wasnt acting its just how I felt about the song. so i went for a walk giving Paul a chance to regroup. when I came back i though of something to keep Paul animated and working and I rushed into the booth and said, "PUT UP THE END..." He quietly told me no, because I couldn't sing the end. we got in a a mild fight and eventually he said he didn't want me to get down about recording or my singing but he finally offered his trump card, ""Val, you can't record it. No one can. Jim couldn't even do it. He only recorded it once and thats whats on the record..." "Put up THE END... It's all right." So he did. And I nailed it. And Paul was weeping almost immediately so i had to look away but he added that extra emotion to my performance. I messed up in 2 places... When Paul could finally talk he whispered, "Val, I sweat to God, Jim blew 2 parts and we had to drop in to fix them. They are the same places in the song..." People have often spoken in a different kind of language about this particular performance, which i've always thought was because of Jim's mythic interests and Oliver's feeding that angle in the press. But any actor will tell you this kind of thing is what we do. That when you do your job, and really commit, and you are Lady Ophelia, you can really smell those flowers, and you really have memories of floating around that stage, right out of your mind... But its just the blessing of acting. It's not possession, its just a reminder of what we all can do with our minds, if we are open, and willing. We can do anything. I can't sing like Jim Morrison. He's a baritone tenor. So is Elvis. Thats about it for rock and roll singers. But I sing every song live in that film. Except for some second of a scream Paul was particually attached to that Jim did, I think it was on WHEN THE MUSIC'S OVER. When the music's over, yeah...


Captain commando, naturally...

No but he is solely responsible for its success. We lost our first director after a month of shooting and i watched Kurt sacrifice his own role and energy to devote himself as a storyteller, even going so far as to draw up shot lists to help our replacement director who passed on, George Cosmotos, who came in with only 2 days prep. That's probably how its become a story that Kurt directed it. I was there every minute and altho Kurts version differs slightly from mine, the one thing he's totally correct about is, how hard he worked the day before, for the next days shot list, and tremendous effort he and I both put into editing, as the studio wouldn't give us any extra time to make up for the whole month we lost with the first director. I was very clear and outspoken about what I wanted to do with my role, and actors like Powers Boothe, who we just lost, and Bill Paxton, were always 100% supportive, even in the blistering heat and sometimes as the day would fade, at the possible expense of their own screen time. Kurt did this for the film virtually every hour. I would even go up to him and whisper, "Go for another..." meaning another take when I thought he could go further, but in the interest of the schedule, he would pound on. Very Wyatt-like come to think of it. Elliot used to drive all the way out to hell and gone just to watch some of our scenes. So many lead actors took small roles just to rock a great western script. Its not often you get to dust the likes of Clint Eastwood at the box-office. He had a film out when we opened and it just couldn't keep up. Then Kevin Cosner had all the dough and distribution money and stars and couldn't make a dent in our popularity. Altho I liked Dennis Quaid and my first girlfriend is also in it which was super weird, Mare Winingham. Back to Powers for a moment, such a gracious actor and if you love acting go back and check out his early emmy winning roles, he's the real deal. And Bill Paxton, like a cheerleader for all film, for all Creativity. Always happy like it was his first job. He would have been happy if you lit him on fire and hung him upside down, as long as there was a camera running. Just like a perfect thespian. ALL THE WAY. SUPPORTIVE. Sweet. We all miss them both. They were good men. The kins that make you proud of the "craft."

Did you wear underwear while in the batsuit?

Another Heat story... Well I have always been around guns. My father had to hunt for food before he was 10, and his mom, while his father was prospecting for gold in the wilderness of New Mexico. So I kept up shooting as an actor cause eventually you are gonna play a cop or a robber or Doc Holliday, so you better practice. Cause if you are gonna do something in a film, try to do something whtats never been done, even if you fail, the effort gets recorded. I got assigned the ar-15 carbine for the bank sequence of HEAT. lucky me. I've been shooting that weapon since the early 80's cause thats the standard the m-16 same guts, as was used in Vietnenam and I was BLEEDING to be the lead for Stanley Kubrick in FULL METAL JACKET. one day I will post my audition tape I made for the great one, where I break down, clean and rebuild the weapon without every looking at it. I wanted Kubrick to remember me. He did, enough to delay casting for 3 months I have been told, but not enough to get the role... Well I was able to change mags in the shoot our scene faster than the armed forces require their boys to in training. I have been told this several times by guys that say there were there and yelled at because a little pansy actor just kicked their butt. So that was fun.

I also literally ran to my dressing room and ran to my car, to get my hair dyed the day I wrapped BATMAN FOREVER at Warners in the valley to somewhere over the hill, so I could film THE NEXT DAY in HEAT. That was amazing. But Bob had been flying in from Vegas every weekend to rehearse while he was filming CASINO

OMG don't forget Jim Morrison! That was amazing. How did you train to sing like that?

Thanks for letting us know

Can you tell us any funny stories from your time filming Heat?

I KNOW. My moms hair still goes down to her eyebrows! check out her pic on my Facebook which I think is @valkilmer...

It's harder as you get older but so is everything! hahaha. I gained a lot of weight to play King Philip for Oliver Stone in ALEXANDER. That took forever to lose after and people made fun of me for a long time. (Jennifer Lawrence I'll get you back just you wait...)

I am very grateful for all the prayers and good thoughts from around the world. People that know I am a Christian Scientist make the assumption that I have somehow endangered myself. But many many people have been healed by prayer throughout recorded history. And many many people have died by whatever was modern medicine. I had the honor of knowing Dr. Bernard Lown for example, a man who's invention of the refribulator,(SP) never spell it right. The machine with the paddles that zaps people back into the world of the living... Probably responsible for bringing more people back from death than anyone in the 20th century, and I asked him what was the most important thing for a doctor to do when a patient fears for their life. He started to weep without his voice wavering and he leaned into me and said, "Fluff their pillow. That what I tell all the interns. LOVE. Love heals. More than any other skills, I urge them to LOVE the life they are entrusted to save." Well thats what is at the heart of Mrs. Eddy's understanding of the teachings of Jesus. He taught his students how to heal physical and mental challenges by understanding the immense power of love. I have seen people turn down love. I have turned it down myself when I was younger. I still had hearings thru relying solely on prayer, and came in went from a very challenging faith. And sometimes had hearings when I didn't believe. It didn't matter in Jesus' day whether the patient believed. It doesn't matter today. Love doesn't care about our tiny human thoughts. Thats how I understand it anyway. I've probably tried to convince people when I was younger. I try to mind my own business now that I'm older. I also hope I never turn down Love again. It was an unspeakable sense of universal support while I was briefly in the hospital. Even 2 of my doctors mentioned praying with me, for me. Sometimes people are surprisingly mean about this sort of talk. Maybe they mix it up in their minds with extremists. People screaming with signs in front of Planned Parenthood or something. Thats not my sense of Christianity. Or most peoples regardless of their religion. Any more than a Muslim identified themselves with the madness of a suicide bomber spreading fear in the name of Allah...

Thank you for putting so much work into a reddit ama. God knows, we need people to speak more than 'yes' or 'definitely'.

cough Kevin Bacon cough

So many people come do AMA's, end with "Thanks Reddit, we should do this again sometime!" and then never do. You're on your second AMA in 3 weeks. Thanks for being a homie :)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my all-time favorite movies. How did you feel watching The Nice Guys, since it was a spiritual successor? Did you have a say in the moment they did a nod to Gay Perry?

What are some of your favorite improvised lines that made it into films of yours? What are your favorite moments that didn't make it in?

If you're gonna stay up all night doing something, what is that thing gonna be?

Thanks for putting so much work into a character.

hope so. Check out my OFFICIAL KILMER PROPAGANDA tee shirt at valkilmer.com just in case you wondered whether I was still loyal to the cause. And my wonderful niece just graduated Navel American Prep school with honors and is on her way to Annapolis so I have to represent! If they will have me. Perhaps if you dropped Paramount and Jerry Bruckheimer a note saying you would like to see me in my cool as ICE hairdo again.

Ah shucks.

Well my son is in THE NICE GUYS. So that was kind a cool. and Ryan Goslling and I have talked about doing a buddy movie and I love Shane Black but you get used to that sort of thing. Financing is financing...

I would love to and have a great story set all over the world but mainly in the mideast which would be fun. All about a solution which can contaminate large oil surpluses... Its a hit. C'mon PARAMOUNT. We made bank on the last one and everyone wants a sequel. I'll behave I promise!

Well Robert Downey Jr. is a world renown comedy genius so, I guess, gun to my head, topgun to my head, Robert.

Hi Mr. Kilmer! I've made a TON of Tombstone gifs, including this one:

Doc Holliday might be my favorite movie character of all time, and you're definitely my favorite actor to make gifs of.

I was wondering, not sure if you can answer this, but: Did Kurt Russell actually direct Tombstone? I've read about the conflict on the set, but I'm not sure who to believe.

Hi Mr. Kilmer! I've made a TON of Tombstone gifs, including this one:

Doc Holliday might be my favorite movie character of all time, and you're definitely my favorite actor to make gifs of.

I was wondering, not sure if you can answer this, but: Did Kurt Russell actually direct Tombstone? I've read about the conflict on the set, but I'm not sure who to believe.

I have been told this several times by guys that say there were there and yelled at because a little pansy actor just kicked their butt. So that was fun.


Soldier: Sir, he's Doc fucking Halliday!

That movie started my obsession with the Doors. I've waited over 20 years to say thank you for that. So, thanks Val, you're an amazing actor.

That was tough cause its a Hamlet story so its all about revealing HOW BROKEN your heart is. Hurt every day at work. but I loved the cast and the whole mood of it. Thanks. They let me design my tattoos. And i was deeply in love at the time and the role kind of freaked her out. Its hard to support someone who suddenly is some distant guy...

completely. Its now owned by AMAZON.

They set up a kind of plexiglass tunnel because lions DONT CRAWL, and they taught a couple of them to crawl to simulate that it had been shot and wounded. so I AM IN THE TUNNEL. THIS WAS THEIR BRIGHT IDEA. I SAID,"WHAT IF A TRUCK BACKFIRES... WHAT IF A SONIC BOOM HAPPENS OR THUNDER SPOOKS THEM, WONT THEY LUNG..." These crazy birds smiled and whispers,"Yeah, probably will. Probably lung... yeah..." But they were so into it, it did it... what was I thinking... Plus Cindy Crawfor visited me and we started dating so I had to step up... Right?

AndI would love to be part of the marvel universe. I tell DOWNEY bout once a week...

Mr. Kilmer.

I loved Salton Sea. I think it is an often overlooked gem and your performance was fantastic. Could you share a little about developing the character or your experience making the film?

Relax dude...

So lets cut the shit. When are we getting Willow 2? Madmartigan best hero ever

Gee they all have such fun parts. I love Christian Bale in general except I can't figure out the complelty altered voice as the Bat. Why not just have a moment with a voice box to throw people off identity if that was what they were going for. But I love em all. I felt Ben Affleck was a bit limited by the role. He can cover a wide range and they seemed to turn the Bat into a machine. They always seem to overcompensate after the last one. They should pay Robert Downey Jr. a million dollars for a day of notes from his screamingly intelligent brain, about how to make the super hero new and exciting. They sure figured it out to the tune of a couple billion. How hard can it be? I was always quietly suggesting they talk to kids or fans who read the comic books, you know, the people who've made BATMAN a household word and a billion dollar business. But I was just another pretty face... haha

Where's the petition for Val Kilmer to star in a "Captain Commando" movie?

EDIT: Link to the petition! Please share on your social media!

Perhaps you might elaborate please?

Best AMA answer I've ever seen! Thanks so much for this Mr. Kilmer! You are the real deal!

I'll be your huckleberry.

Love all your movies. Any chance we might see a remaking or sequel to the Saint?

Yes and I have a great storyline. Pacino is retiring and on tv brags about his long career and taking down my best friend, and I watch this blowhard talking about killing my best friend from a yacht in the Bahamas, cause don't forget the money's in my trunk when I drive away from my wife into the foggy night, and so i set about a cat and mouse game in Chicago involving Pacino's adopted daughter, you guessed it, Natalie Portman. I pitched it to Natalie and she smiled. Who knows what that meant she's such a phenomenal actress. I think it could really work. go back and screen how gritty and ALIVE "French Connection" is. could be badass...

Holy shit, Batman answered me

I just have to say that this is the best AMA I've ever read.

How does it feel to have to change a physical feature for a film role, ie grow a beard, put on/lose weight? Is it something you enjoy doing as part of the experience? I wonder if an actor is ever happy with their between role hair-do? It seems you have been blessed by the hair gods, incidentally.

Wow. It's you! Thank you so much for the recognition. I've always been drawn to iconic images and characters. Partly my fathers talent for Twain-like story telling, and tall tales, also my larger than life grandfather who was a gold miner and prospector very similar to the character in TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE, the Walter Houston character. And Im sure it made a larger impression than first realized we lived across the way from Roy Rogers out in Chatsworth. Our best friends dad was a mounted policeman who walked around the market with a 6 gun, even when not in uniform. That was normal out there. So gold, I've covered a few things in gold. I used to pan for gold like the old desert rats did. Like my father did. we found it to. In Arizona, in New Mexico. In high mountain streams in California. And covering my first Apple Macinitosh, just seemed the way to honor what is already a distant memory, yet very recent. The day the world changed. My children have no knowledge of knowledge being something one has to search for. When I moved to New York in '77 I think, or '78, you had to go to 1 of 2 record stores, downtown, who had john Lee Hooker records. And not all of them, not even maybe one new one, you had to ask around. Find someone into him. Write a letter. send away for your record. Wait. Dream. All gone now. I think the Macintosh will be extremely valuable in about 5 minutes. I have a modest collection as I hope to make more pieces out of them to honor the changing of how we interact. It is "My first golden apple." And now it is yours. I hope you come to the Woodwards gallery while my first show is up. or come out to La for my second show at GABBA GALLERY third week in July. Also doing a collaboration with David Choe who's got a massive show on Wilshire also in July. Check my web as well valkilmer.com for listings of my live tour. Perhaps I'm coming to a town near you! What a treat to get to say hi to the person who has bought my first piece thru a gallery. Don't know if you know the Woodwards but they couldn't be nicer people.

Is Top Gun 2 happening?

I never would have guessed I wanted to read a Val Kilmer book, but that wall there was the most interesting thing I've read online in weeks.

I liked MOONLIGHT. So original and unique. I'm not gay and I'm not black, my mom wasnt a drug addict but I sure have a FEELING for that quiet kid in the corner now. You never know someones story. We are all much more delicate than we act. I love how he became this jailbird heavy armed tough guy, in an hour... Film can really educate us. I thought HELL OR HIGH WATER was the same standard. A classic story. Extremely economic. Really well acted and shot and directed and edited. Great soundtrack. Great surprise. I also like really dumb films now like OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY. And I want to marry Olivia Munn. Who looks like that and is that funny and fast. wow... And I liked ROGUE ONE I have to say. Great acting. And Michael Keaton in the McDonalds founder story. Great overlooked performance. And they should just give an Oscar to Viola Davis every year. And Natalie Portman in Jackie.

Who was more fun to work with? Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr?

I'd love to do a prequel to Doc Holliday. Just call it DOC. Maybe I have to give in and do a series like everyone is doing now. Sure is some great stuff on that tinny box. Love that VEEP love that HOMELAND, love that BETTER CALL SAUL.

What makes a character special is what makes them vivd, in their world. The particular silence of a super violent guy like Chris in HEAT. The bravado and loneliness of SIMON TEMPLAR, the justified arrogance of the ICEMAN. I've had the privilege of playing doe very iconic characters that have in these severe decades made a tidy group of icons, like the LIZARD KING, with respect, I think its still the best rock and roll movie out there. Nothing comes to mind thats as complete. And Doc in TOMBTONE, pretty iconic western "hero". And BATMAN, perhaps not the very best Batman film but he's certainly the foundation of many many superhero's in modern times. I love that Bob Kane dreamed him up when he was 18 he told me. I'm a lucky guy. Cant wait to share Mark Twain on Broadway... My all time favorite because he loves America so much and he's so damn funny. And he secretly loves Mary Baker Eddy. And I love her too. What a genius.

I love him and miss him all the time. Once, on the flight deck, I went up to watch him work, which was always a thrill. he was directing the jets taking off and landing. first of all its so loud you can literally lose your hearing, second, there are nets along the aircraft carrier where men REGULARLY, get blown over the side by these monster engines, third, the fumes from this special jet fuel, even tho we are at sea, really make you dizzy. Tony is there, practically crawling on his belly to get just an inch closer to a shot that could actually for real KILL HIM, and several of his crew, trying over and over and over and over to get it right. everyone is happy. Except Tony. Untul a miracle happens, the sun sets just another moment, and the jet banks just a little tighter, and the exhaust curls in perfect circles in time to the soundtrack only in Tony's head. I was, somehow, witnessing something important in the middle of this serious GRIND of metal and grease and noise and power, its a nuclear powered vessel under us... and Tony turns to me, with tears in his eyes. All this metal and danger was simply poetry in his mind, some completely unique, beautiful symmetry to him.

And he was also a greatly underrated actors director, because of his vivid photography prowess. Many many top class performances from Tony. And personally, he was the kindest most simpatico director you could ever hope to work for. He always knew what he wanted but if you wanted to go the complete opposite way he would find a way to embrace it. He also loved to film when actors didn't know he was shooting. Oliver Stone picked that up as well. Tony is a legend

Don't call me Sir, I work for a living.

thank you

Wait, so celebs have feelings to? Goodness, the more questions you answer, Val, the more I love you. So real and honest, so refreshing ❤️

This is how you AMA

Theres no accounting for taste...

My favorite scene to watch of his was when he gets stoned with some Chinese workers and goes out into the street and blows the gas lights out on the street which apparently the real guy did. Powers had a lot to dance around to make the shot work, but he was always 100% goofy stoned acting when he did it, then he'd pop right out of it to reblock himself and take notes. Altho if you watch the film one of the shots the special effects guy messed up and there about a second delay before the light blows after Powers right on cue shoots it out. He was a great ring leader of his COWBOYS TOO. The scene where he meets me and Wyatt... Fun swagger and bravado...

Val, I hereby personally apologize for making fun of your weight gain.

It looks like Jim Morrison decided to take a vacation in your body for a few weeks.

It's rare to see someone put so much effort into their answers instead of one or two lines. Kudos /u/OfficialValKilmer.

You and Gosling in a buddy movie would be great. What does Gosling do when you steal all the girls hearts?

Hi Val, please tell us about 'Valholla' your upcoming NYC fine art show. I'd especially love to know the history of & inspiration for the piece I just bought (My First Golden Mac). Thanks & I'm sure your gallery show is going to be great (only wish I could attend in person)!

I know they have a script that makes them laugh. I think it's called MacGruber part doo.


I think they are reviving the tv show. I can't catch a break in HOLLYWEIRD.

"Cindy Crawford." "A girl."


Pop! Pop!

You said AMA. OK. Your absolute greatest role ever was as Cancer Survivor. What would you want fans to know about having, and beating, the Big C.?

Hi Val. Huge fan of yours

Any cool stories from filming The Ghost and the Darkness about the Tsavo maneaters? I like that movie a lot with its classical feel and awesome Jerry Goldsmith score. Also know of any deleted scenes from that movie? The director said there were many

Also think you could contact Paramount and get Blu Ray releases of that movie and The Saint with remastered transfers? It's taking forever!

Also Val, I think you should join the Marvel or D.C. cinematic universes! Would you be up for that?

grew up watching The Saint with my dad, such a great story / movie!

A few things to note, there is a big difference between reloading like they did in the movie, where they had to move quickly and did not worry about reloading magazines, and being in a prolonged fight in 'Stan or Iraq.

While we trained for fast reloads, we also did not drop our magazines on the ground, with the exception of fighting out of our FOB. I did not see that much as my unit was generally on the offensive. When we got in to a firefight, you never knew how long it would last, and the last thing you want is to drop your magazines over a kilometer of desert and then be left with one in your rifle and no way to reload.

To speed things up while going door to door I picked up a RAMP, and loved it, so I picked up two more. Found the most I could realistically fit was 2 so I gave one to my buddy. Next thing you know everyone was getting them.

Reloading out of ammo pouches, we keep our full magazines upside down, so you could feel with out looking which had ammo and which did not. I used to tape a small section of 550 cord in a U shape along the bottom of the magazine, so I could just pull on that to get it out faster. Now there are "Ranger Base" that has the loop built in to it (popular on magpul, and now you can find them for other mag types). Should a firefight get prolonged in one area, or in a movement to contact we sweep and area and find we have to stay longer, more ammo will be brought in and we load exhausted magazines.

In the movie, they were moving out from a robbery, it was fight and exfil or die trying. There would be no reloading of magazines, so dropping the mag is a valid tactic to them, and it was a very sweet reload indeed.

These are fascinating answers, thanks for being so thorough! Loved you as Batman btw.


I worked with you on The Doors. Sincerely said, you're a class act, Mr. Kilmer. Glad to see you're still acting. :)

Dimly now. Long time ago. But very fondly. Still get stopped on the street with people making Skeet surfing jokes etc. And those 3 boys were so loving and TRULY funny. real insightful, original comedy. Many film series.I'm proud of it. To still get talked about it quite a compliment to everyones efforts... Its a very funny silly movie.

How did the movie industry change since you first started?

Thank you for your work on Real Genuis. Your peformance is pitch-perfect.

The Real Genius dvd has zero extras and we haven't gotten a blu-ray. Would you consider sitting down sometime with the movie and a smartphone and recording your own commentary for it? That would just be the most amazing, wonderful thing for fans.

If you could go back and give your 20-year-old self one piece of life advice, what would it be?

Thanks Val!

Eats his cereal.

I can't even be sad that I got here three hours after this was posted and you've already flown away before I could ask anything, because this answer is all I need. This is fantastic, Val, you are one in a billion. I wish you all the very best of everything.

Absolutely. It's amazing.

I love that you did it to impress a girl. Priceless.


Consider it done & congrats to your niece the midshipman er midshipperson!

Honestly, this is one of the most thorough AMA's that any actor has ever done. Usually it's joke answers, get some Reddit love, shill the movie and split, but we're getting some great stories and insight from him.

Live and breath it. Go live out there. Some happy long-suffering people will take you in. Read every book. Bleed a little. Its easy. It's really hard. Just start in your neighborhood, there are native Americans everywhere. Everyone needs love and affection...

I'm talking about this particular scene

I loved to see a real reload manoeuvre, and not the typical Hollywood shite they do whilst reloading a weapon.

Do you have any specific memories or stories about working with Powers Boothe you could share? Thanks for doing this AMA,it's awesome seeing you here!

Yes it's me, guilty as charged of being your patroness!

If I can sneak away for a bit (trying to settle my parents' estate, a slow process as my father had dementia and the paperwork is messier than it should be and then get myself my own smaller place here in the Shenandoah Valley of VA) I'll try to come to either NYC or LA.

Called the Woodwards as soon as I saw the WSI article featuring your golden Mac and snapped it up before someone else did. Have not had the pleasure of meeting them in person but they're charming to talk to on the phone. Your Mac of course will be there for the duration of the show (so that it may tempt others & be coveted by them).

Also be sure to ask Kristine (or Elizabeth) for the thank you note I sent you.

It will be my privilege to host your golden apple in my home (eventually it will have it's own designated place in a home of my very own design) & you would be most welcome to visit it anytime.

We still raise apples out here in the Valley (Winchester, Patsy Cline's home town has an Apple Blossom Festival & in the fall my tiny town has an Apple & Grape Harvest festival, because while the apple business is in decline, the winery business is increasingly fulfilling Thomas Jefferson's hunch that our valley can grow grapes, just too late for him to enjoy it).

Thanks so much for the background & for doing these AMAs for us. And I hope you sell out your NYC show so you can maybe dip some more things in gold for future shows!

I will forever believe that Jennifer Lawrence reddits under the name BigPorch.

Besides BATMAN, ICEMAN, THE LIZARD KING, DOC HOLLIDAY AND MARK TWAIN, hmmmmm, let me think let me think....

Can we please focus on Rampart?

To be fair, he did answer the question whether he had the ability to tell funny stories about Heat.

Any movement on 'MacGruber 2'? Any fun stories to share?

Found the drill instructor

You will probably never see this, but we were shown that scene in heat as part of training for the British Parachute Regiment, as a great example of fire and maneuver...

You nailed it so well that one of the most elite regiments in the British Army uses your movie action sequence to demonstrate good drills

He'll need more than $37 and a coupon to Arby's

Oh shit. Val Kilmer, for real? I was not prepared.

How do you recall working on "Top Secret"? Looking back to it, was it good for your carer?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

I would KILL to see your FMJ audition tape. I know the story from Matthew Modine's POV but would love to know your side (& how you didn't get to work with my much cherished Vincent D'Onofrio that time) Please do another AMA so you can answer it then!

The Saint is still so underrated.

Besides being a great movie with a stellar cast, it also has one of the best soundtracks of the 90s.


Iceman in an F-14 Batman in the Batwing


Iceman in the Batwing Batman in an F-14

You're definitely the prettiest Batman. ;)

Hamlet and Mark Twain. Just you wait and see!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to hang out with us again! Is there a character/world you'd love to revisit one more time? What makes that character/world special to you?

Marty. I have an original story with Werner Herzog who I've worked with but not as a lead. Werner like Marty is the real deal

Who is your favourite Batman apart from yourself?

I think I'm having a nervous breakdown

Jim Morrison was amazing. No one could have played him better. For some reason your line "" stays with me. It was not the highlight of the film, but it seemed so genuine and I really felt for Jim, so good on you Val. Thank you for that and for talking with us.

Wow, thank you so much for this. Just about the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.