He drew us on a calculator...

He drew us on a calculator...

Wait.... Is this OC? Holy shit

It would appear so... For once I think.

Naa this is kind of cool no lie..

Here's the comic it's based on, in case anyone is interested.

It's by Flork of Cows.

It's by Flork of Cows.

I absolutely love this new "you see that guy over there?" meme

I give it 2 days

But for how long...

When not even the OC is OC

legit oc don't steal

Today my faith has been restored, I saw Bad Calculator Drawing and thought, "what meme is this?"! A karmic event has occurred, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Hey man. Do you see this meme over there?


That's some hight quality shit.

(• ◡•)

I'd say it's because it doesn't really fall into the category of mildly interesting.

Brings back memories. I used to program the shit out of ti-83's.

You did im a avid memer on ifunny and yes i saw this like 3 times sadly FeelsBadMan

I could of swore I seen this on Ifunny last night. But I was falling asleep so I don't know if this is a weird Deja vu thing.

deja vu


Mildly interesting posts are generally things Redditors find in the world and not what they created. You're not going to see a Redditor create an art piece and then categorize it as mildly interesting.

Be careful about what you wish for

I gotcha fam


Of course people on Reddit would down vote you for downplaying karma. Here now we can split the loss of fake internet points together friend.

I never did crazy art stuff, or games even, but you can bet your ass I had every formula I'd ever need programmed into that beautiful machine. All I had to do was plug in the numbers and it would spit out the answer for me.

I wish there was a sub for it...


Edit: earliest instance i could find was a 9gag post from 3 days ago

It's an exploitable

I love you

No, I saw this pic with bigger resolution on Imgur 3 days ago