He couldn't fit so he couldn't sit

Someone get these cats a bigger bed, I can't stand that sad little face out in the cold.

Don't worry about me guys. I'm not cold or lonely or anything.

Someone setup a GoFundMe please

Awww this melts my heart. I'm in love.

Once he learns how to be liquid, he could easily fit in there two times over.

Wouldn't this be a gofundmeow?

The saddest, most adorable thing I've seen all day.

He looks like he is having an existential crisis!

why can i identify with this cat

Oof, I wanna pet that belly so bad!

Smart Kitty. I haz cracked the code. Now all the belly rubs will be mine

yes. someone should tell the kitten of his fans.


Twist: The other kittens kick and twitch and snore like asthmatic bears. The grey one is perfectly happy where it is.

You need to go to college for that tho

C'mon, that bed has space for an additional four kittens!

Who ever filmed this, if you did not lie down right next to that kitty you are a monster.

That's the kind of face you make when you've been scarred for life. That's also the kind of face I make when someone takes my damn couch seat

Puppy plays dead

"So this is what a human looks like upside down"



This isn't sad at all, cats are liquid. That kitty could fit in that bed no problem but he is after human attention.

Like Charlie Brown after the football is yanked away


I bet it's so soft to

It says go- fund- meow. Like the sound cats be make. Not sure what you read that as.

I agree, he didn't even try there is way more than enough room for him. 3 fat adult cats could fit in that thing.

a community for 5 months

well i'll be damned

This should have been the trailer for Mean Girls.

So soft to what?


Agreed - this is Rose and Jack all over again!

Why did you not pet him?!? His whole body was shaking with anticipation!!

I don't think anyone does.

Why are they filming it instead of smooching it?


My day just started but I can assure you this will be the best thing I see all day. Thanks for this

Kittens > puppies

I've been using Reddit for about 3 years over two different accounts, and this is, in my opinion, the cutest thing I've ever seen on Reddit.

Egads, that kitten is trying to kill me with terminal cuteness.

Could you clarify? I don't see what the point the person above was making.

My heart is breaking 😢

ah yes, the esteemed howtobeacat 0riginal iducation centre.








No way - he's got like an 18-pack of abs.