GT-X Compendium is Going up Today!

GT-X Compendium is Going up Today!

Edit: The Compendium is up now at

Edit 2: Good news! GT-X will be holding a poll to add new players on the compendium! Link:

These rewards are pretty awful

Honestly the words I would use to describe it is disappointing. It took so long to get up, and it doesn't have great rewards or too many things in the shop. 😕

Edit: They have said that this is not complete, and they are adding more things, including bringing out players. Sorry this comment caused so much negativity, pleae refer to MattDotZeb's comment below.

I wish they added an option to fly out Japanese players because they are a huge part of the sm4sh community in particular and this would increase international representation which is good in general. Of course, the whole point of this compendium is that they make money out of it so I understand why they did not do this, but spending $500 on a rock paper scissors tourney and Jenga is not really ideal at the moment if they want more players to attend and have something to show investors

Just a heads up, I've removed Ladder as a compendium level.

Ladders are sick and we're just going to do them, not make people give money to the event to make it happen when realistically that money doesn't actually impact ladders happening.

I already spent $55 on Moxie2D big house posters, so they better have some good stuff if its taken this long to go up.

Edit: Uhh... this is what we waited a month for?

Here is the bottom line of the compendium. It was never supposed to exist, and we only created it because a lot of people asked us to, to help support the event. We asked what the community would like to have in the compendium as far as goals are concerned, and we took the best things from the list and added them to the compendium. We are actively ADDING to the compendium, and it is not complete. There are players that will be on there shortly, and if you want certain things on there then speak up and we will listen and try to do it as long as it is within our means. The one thing we have always tried to do is listen to the community. It took longer than expected because we had a lot of designs that were shot down by because they resembled the IP's of Nintendo too closely and we had to do a complete re-brand. We understand you're disappointed, but also remember WE ARE LISTENING, if you think there is something that should or should not be on that compendium. Chime in

I really really want to support them... I actually felt a little sad when I saw what was in the shop/rewards, as nothing really interests me there and I can tell they're gonna get bashed about it.

I think I'll register anyway at this point even though I can't even come close to attending.

I can't go because of work, But i'm def gonna contribute

Edit: No 20xx TE Card? I'm super disappointed.

So the compendium is not complete. We are actively working on creating more things, and adding people to the compendium. But since time is of the essence we threw up the compendium as is, until we can get more in there. If you have specific players in mind that you would want to see at GT-X give us names, and we will add them to the list.

EDIT: I don't like the rewards too much myself :( I'll just donate money

They are going to add players, which is going to make this 100x better

Unless he's a ranked player he's not gonna break the bracket. Is it a waste if you're supporting a tournament that's very important for the scene? Let ppl support the best way they can

Reminder that if you're only looking to support this tournament for next year, it's better to register even if you have absolutely no plans to attend. In the end, making this event go slightly less in the red is far less important than having good entrants numbers, which is what any future sponsors for this event would really be interested in.