Grand Theft PotG

The zarya emote is perfect

I bought the emote just to do this

Poor Zarya

They killed themselves. All of those players are causing enough self damage to die right there so Mercy can get POTG. The Zarya emote is probably just to be a dick to the other team.

And just think, soon junkrat will be "nerfed" out of pro plays like these. What have you done blizzard.

The Mercy didn't heal anyone and let everyone die to get a 5 man rez POTG.

So the joke is that she let all the teammates die just for POTG and Zarya asked why would you do this instead of healing them.

Of course the joke isn't funny anymore after I explained it.

Edit: ok I'm on mobile so it was harder to see the kill feed. My mistake. The joke is similar but instead of the enemy killing them it was self inflicted damage. My bad.

To be entirely honest, this is from a video I made and I posted this gif hoping for bit more people to see it. So if you want to watch my stupid video, here's the link!

The moment in the gif happens around 1:15

did not even know there was this emote lol

It's her second best one to the opening presents one...

If only her skins were this desirable.

No, look in the kill feed.

They're not killed by the enemy team. They all litterally killed themselves so Mercy could res them. Why? I have no idea.

They all litterally killed themselves so Mercy could res them. Why? I have no idea.

Play of the Game: Mercy

Its actually pretty rare in quick play. That place is an uncoordinated slaughter.

Why? I don't get what's happening

Zarya has a great skin in HotS...

Like Darth Plagueis the Wise?

This is the real tragedy! He's getting nerfed!!!

Oh shit I'm an idiot, thanks dude!

The goth ones are the worst.

decent way to get her 4-man res ach if you haven't already :P

The last time I went after a girls skin I was arrested for attempted murder

I know, right?! The Thunder Guard skin is so cool.

Zarya be like  ̄\(ツ)/ ̄

Link doesn't work, by the way. You linked to the video manager of YouTube.

TFW u play Mercy too well to get 4 people to die at once

just kidding they just scatter out of your reach because your team hates you

I agree, took me a while to get it. Legit had to type in team chat 'you all better die in that zarya grav so I can get my achievement'

They couldn't even do that right, got it on accident on hanamura the next match.

It's not that hard to get anyways. Just play Mercy for a few matches and you'll probably get it without trying.

To give Mercy a silly play of the game obviously

Removing self-damage from grenades

I've heard of better tragedies.

You actually make some pretty good videos. That was fun to watch!

Is that why she dumped you?

oh noooooo. 250 credits? how will we survive? truly, this man going to the ends of the earth for those internet points. absolutely despicable /s

it's a joke..

Nah, three Pharas so it's 'anything goes' and thus no trophy can be earned.

Think of the smell. You haven't thought of the smell, you BITCH!

It's not a story the Jedi would tell you.

Huge rez trophy

Holy shit, I hadn't looked at them, but they really are amazing. Wish we'd get them ported over!


For the glory of satan of course!

Thanks! I'm still trying to improve them so criticism is always welcome :)

Dude just keep doing what you do, your genuinely hilarious personality makes your videos super entertaining to watch, and the editing is on point too! Your content is definitely on par with the bigger youtubers with similar content like Muselk, Zylbrad etc and in my opinion, you're funnier and more entertaining to watch. Keep it up man! I really hope your channel starts growing :)

I got it for overtime win when someone is trying to contest at the last few seconds and I graviton them away from the point.

It's trash can, not trash cannot.

You're not playing junk right if you don't go into battle with less than 200 health.

best potg ever m8

Yes @~@


Or, they could just go into spawn which they were literally right next to and get 100% heals.

im lvl 370 and i still dont have the mercy achievement

It's only game, why you heff to be med

I disagree. I would rather have the game glitch out and uninstall itself that have the punk Zarya skins.

Ahh! True nice catch

That is a very kind comment and I don't know what to respond so I'll just say thank you!

Truly one of the maddest /sub/madlads

This fills me with determination.

That's a always sunny in Philadelphia refrence

Heh, I actually generally opt to play Heroes over Overwatch most of the time. Both good games.

You forgot this \

You think the goth ones aren't the worst? You ok dude?

Hey man, her winter skin gives her a bright pink gun. bright pink

and wasted due to it being on Heroes of the Storm lol

I'm so fucking confused as to why people don't like Zarya's Arctic/Siberian Front skins...

It goes beyond me just thinking that I like them. I was under the impression that they're fantastic skins, and that people would love them. Turns out I'm wrong, and I flat out don't understand why.

The only complaint I've ever heard about them was the goggles, and I think the goggles look amazing. If people truly hate those goggles enough to where they don't use a skin they'd otherwise like, then damn...

Keyframe editing and a lot of patience. Though it doesn't even compare to the kind of subtitling Soviet Womble makes, for example.

The goth ones aren't the worst, but she does need a good one next event.

Edit: seems I am in the minority of the goth skins.

As an outsider to overwatch, it does seem like it would be faster to give your whole team full health at once than to heal each one slowly, right?

You need triple slashes:  ̄\\\_(ツ)_/ ̄

 ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

Jimbendoto is no more, I was reborn as Jimbenator! I am now capable of making slightly better content but get 1/20th the views!

My fucking Ex tried for a week to get the achievement and I hopped on Mercy once & got it my first match.

so you are that one player! :D

Give her Zangief's wrestling outfit then we're done here.

Is this JimBenDoto? Oh dang, I didn't know you played Overwatch too

that's pretty much how I felt during this