Graham: Trump-Russia investigation is now a 'criminal investigation'

Graham: Trump-Russia investigation is now a 'criminal investigation'

Always has been. They just ran out of room to deny it.

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I may have committed a little light treason.

So when are republicans going to start the "lock them up" chants?

Edit: I'm too ashamed of this low effort comment to look my wife and kids in the eye. I'm going to resign to spend more time weasel cosplaying.

Trump today at his presser:

Everybody, even my enemies, have said there was no collusion

It's staggering that this administration has become so plagued by controversy that the President calling his own citizens enemies and toying with the idea of imprisoning journalists has become secondary news.

They're acknowledging it now because it protects Flynn from being subpoenaed since he is under a criminal investigation. It's a stall tactic. Graham didn't suddenly see the light.

That's good sign that shit is going to happen much faster. Treason is a crime, after all.

We could start by chanting "lock her up," and when they say "huh?" we'll say, "yeah, Trump's a bitch, he said so himself!"

Now that the GOP acknowledges this they're going to say Congress should stop their Russia investigations and return to Hillary's emails

Graham actually went on Fox News right after this and said just that.

Do you think they'll let him bring his electoral college win map with him?

How about we start and see if they join in.

"What you in for?"

"Winning the electoral college by the biggest margin ever."

today's episode of as the twitterverse spins..

I guess I should do this proper. New format to the rumor list showing new, pending, proven true, partially correct, &proven false sections also my commentary on the rumors is bolded . Where possible I am now linking to the souces. These are rumors from somewhat reliable twitter sources. They are not facts or opinion based on facts. It's stuff to look out for in the msm, not to talk about in polite or impolite company. It is a helluva lot of fun to think about though :)

state of the rumors the reports of pence knowing about Flynn and Ryan knowing about Russia support the twitter rumors which have long cited sources claiming intel community has damning evidence on both. Also validates Rachel maddow who has long reported that pence as transition head knew about Flynn. The 70 sealed indictment arrest rumored earlier this week most likely turned out to be search and seizure warrants ala the GOP raid last week. This rumor can be considered partially true, partially false, partially unproven. It really messes up my new format, the 70+ sealed indictments remains an unconfirmed rumor. no help on any rumors from the dep attorney general all hands on deck meeting with senators. Was short and just mostly covered the appointment of the special counsel. Does not disprove the indictment of trump, does not prove either. New rumors 5/18/2017 The rumored arrests supposed to take place today were modified to be search and seizure in 10 locations in 3 districts. reports that Wisconsin vote was demonstratably hacked and elsewhere -- maybe related georgia says homeland security hacked their election database after nov election. everything beings and ends with flyn trump wanted to bring Flynn on the mideast trip whitehouse went on lockdown while trump in field to sweep for Russian bugs. Whitehouse lockdowns are usually a fence jumper, but no arrests were filed. edit adding: GOP leadership sources worry Evan McMullin had a tape on while he sat silently through their conf... -- supported by this february op-ed Previously reported rumors trump himself has been indicted, though that sealed indictment is intended only to lay the groundwork for impeachment since the government can't prosecute trump while in office. no help on this rumor from the dep atny general all hands meeting the leaks throwing the wh in disarray and the forthcoming arrests are meant to hasten cooperation by people arrested soon ( possibly Thursday or before, see below ) massive continuing leaks supports this however the arrest timeline will likely be proven false thanks to citizens united it appears Russian money flowed into us campaigns and maybe also used for money laundering, this is driving quite a few cases. the Ryan Russia transcript released 5/17 lends credibility to this rumor enough republican leaders may have been implicated to form the basis of RICO prosecution. the Ryan Russia transcript reported 5/17 lends credibility to this rumor indictment list includes trump, pence, preibus, Ryan amongst the usual suspects we already know about ( flyn et. Al ) msm reports on Ryan and pence this week tend to support this rumor over 70 sealed indictments related to Russia and their may be upwards of 200 "soon". if deals are cut for Ryan to step down just prior to impeachment we may have a president Orrin hatch R Utah ( Mormon ). That's a huge stretch btw but the same source is that he is receiving daily transition briefings. I still consider this the most unlikely in the rumor list. ** msm reports this week on pence and Ryan means there is a non zero possibility** Menche is breaking a story on her blog that comey was fired when out in la so trump men could Sieze comeys computer. Supposedly information on that computer has turned up in Moscow. You can read the report here: if true, comey had to have advance intel on firing and trump plans to set up a honeypot operation partially correct the edva ( one of the nations busiest court ) has had its dockets cleared especially sr judges. over 70 sealed indictments in the Russia case are issued, warrants ready to be or preparing to be served and the roundup signed off by the assistant attorney general. The activity noted turned out to be search and seizure and not arrests, the indictments may still exist and be under seal proven correct you should probably expect another trump bombshell leak on Wednesday leading up to the real news item below. *big blow Monday, big blow Tuesday, death by a thousand cuts on Wednesday. The important leaks were hidden under the independent counsel news * proven false assertion court and marshal activity this week was in regards to arrest warrants based on sealed indictments. This turned out to be more search and seizure activity. you have been warned

These are rumors from people on twitter claiming special sources. They have been right, they have been wrong. I am just aggregating my sources for you and cutting out the chatter. These people do not have teams of lawyers and level headed organizations advising what, what not, and when to publish. These are rumors and nothing more until you read it in the main stream media.

This is correct. He is not saying this has become a criminal investigation because something he saw made him realize it, but only because by default the special counsel will look at crimes specifically, whether there was one or not still "undetermined".

So, this What? We are stuck with trump for longer?

I am glad we got this special prosecutor and all, but I think the public ought to know. And we ought not settle for keeping a president for even 2 or 4 years who is actually colluding with or laundering with Russia, a foreign adversary.

It doesn't make sense to me that we allow trump to continue this presidency if there is reason to believe these things are true, as that puts this country at high risk. How can we give him ANY intelligence now? No fucking way. He needs to go now.

Edit within edit: wow. Plenty of response to this. I am shortening my previous edit as it was long as shit. I just want to clarify that I don't mean a coup, as some are suggesting. What I mean is that I would like him out asap if there is ANY evidence of wrongdoing AND this wrongdoing indicates he is a danger to the country, national security, and or our foreign policy and standing. It is great to wait for the best case to be made, but once we have enough to say for sure this is impeachable, let's get him out and then continue the case so that we prevent all the damage he could do if he sits in office the whole time.

The Senate could probably pass a healthcare bill right now and it would be the 3rd or 4th story covered.

To back up your point, how much coverage have you really seen about Donald Trump inviting a bunch of radical Islamists into the United States and allowing them to attack American citizens, on American soil, and then throwing the American citizens who were attacked in jail?

OMG! Graham seems flustered in that interview, too. Seem like he has a serious problem brewing for the GOP and he needs to start on the Dems ASAP to avoid a full GOP meltdown.

"I've got the worst fucking lawyers"

His vocabulary isn't very large, obviously. And to him there are only allies, enemies, winners and losers. That's it.

Haven't they realized that the media, as a whole, no longer cares about anything else but Russia? The Senate could probably pass a healthcare bill right now and it would be the 3rd or 4th story covered.

The GOP needs to just say "We look forward to an open and non-partisan investigation." and then obstruct as much as possible behind the scenes.

Michael: Do you know how they punish treason?

George: First time!

Michael: I’ve never heard of a second.

Trump would never resign. The man will never admit he's made a mistake, and resigning would be the ultimate admission of guilt.

From the guy whose New Year's greeting was "Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do."

National unity. Right.

Two senators, McCaskill, and one other whose name I don't know, confirmed that Rosenstein knew on May 8th (day before he wrote the memo) that the President was going to fire Comey.

They have lost all ability to govern, they can only exist in opposition to someone in power.

But they hold all the power now, and have no clue how to define themselves or lead. So they'll keep fighting the last battle until they're no longer in power. Then they'll fight whoever is.

ooh. Apparently, McCain's too busy to talk to the press.

any chance of getting a megathread on all the senators responses to the Rosenstein briefing?

Graham dodges the question of in this vid, but Claire McCaskill said that DAG did know Comey would be fired before he wrote the memo.

edit: found a reddit thread w/ CSPAN Live-stream vid:

But I thought it was just a witch hunt to be mean to poor Donnie!!

And coming from Lindsey Graham too. Makes it seem like a good sign.

"No bitch. No bitch. I'm the bitch" - Donald Trump, probably...

Graham uses this as an argument to stop congressional hearings.

That is a pathetic excuse to justify the GOP Congress for turning a blind eye to this.

Throughout the proceedings against Bill Clinton there were both an independent counsel AND Congressional hearings.

Throughout the Benghazi Congressional hearings there were parallel criminal investigations by the FBI.

We need to keep the pressure up on Congress to investigate this matter.

They've just accepted that he's in a perpetual state of "disturbed."

I agree with everything you said, but the only way for Trump to go quickly is by resigning. The only way that will happen is if the IC leaks truly damning intel- like proof of collusion or more blatant top secret intelligence mishandling.

they are still going after fuckin clinton.

The same day they admit that Clinton was the better choice.

Being found guilty as the result of a trial is the ultimate admission of guilt. He can find a way to resign and blame it on unfair meanie liberals making his job too hard and act like he's innocent if he finds himself in a corner.

Oh I get it. Turkey. Fuck those guys. Fuck them so hard.

I wonder if Trump realizes that at the end of all of this. He will be remembered as the worst president in modern (all?) history. He won't be remembered for having his name on buildings, clothes and so on. He will be remembered as a stain on American democracy.

At the end of the day, this will always be their only excuse.

And my reply will always be the following: "Your stupid ass shouldn't have voted then, because only a moron would have voted for Trump."

Trump: They cannot prosecute the President and his National Security Advisor for the same act of treason.

Pence: Yeah? I don't think that's true, Mr. President.

Trump: I've got the worst fucking attorneys.

"I believe it hurts our country terribly, because it shows we're a divided, mixed-up, not-unified country,"

At what point has Trump done ANYTHING to unify the country. All of his policies and rhetoric have been in accordance with the war he and the GOP have against democrats and progressives. I honestly believe he's repealing some of Obama's policies just out of pure spite to satisfy his rabid base. He's even going after Michelle's healthy lunch policy. Fuck this guy, I hope he fries.

Man, the GOP is really obsessed with Hillary

They miss her. She was the perfect bogeyman and they spent 25 years priming the pump. Now Fox News is in turmoil and the #3 rated network, Roger Ailes was fired then died, Bill O'Reilly was fired, constituents are screaming at town halls, gerrymandered safe red districts are turning blue, Democrats candidates are printing money, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are getting showered with donations, there's a record unpopular GOP president, the GOP Congress is scrambling to do anything, the GOP is the target of various investigations, the courts keep ruling against them. Even Ann Coulter is now saying things like, "Maybe the Trump haters were right."

Trumpty-dumpty promised a wall Trumpty-dumpty lied to us all And all the leaked sources that led to his end Couldn't make America great again.

And there's the rub. They had years of special investigations just waiting for Hillary. That would de-energize the liberal base, energize the conservative base, and score infinite points for all Republicans with their constituents. Not having to deal with the craziness of Trump was always a bonus as well.

Now, they actually have to govern with an energized liberal base calling for their heads. Chaffetz's resignation is the clearest symbol that Trump winning was the worst outcome for the GOP

Ya'll see this..

Yashar @yashar Close friend of Comey 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Benjamin Wittes‏ @benjaminwittes tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

"I have never committed treason, with few exceptions."

He knows he won't last until November and really wanted to pardon the Turkey.

His brain stopped learning new words and grammar in fifth grade.

He was unavailable to comment because he's down with the sickness. However, reports say that he definitely thinks Trump has been stupified. All of DC is a land of confusion.

Buttery males

Because the Democrats didn't win the election that they should easily have won, since the EC is slanted toward them!

(Yes, he said this today, paraphrased.)

E: link

Ugh, just saw that article. Guess we can look forward to hearing more about HER EMAILS!! :\

Speaking of denial - man, the trumplicker brigade is out in force today.

The investigation won't simply stop just because he resigns. Remember, a jury still found Nixon to be an unindicted co-conspirator for the Watergate Scandal even after he resigned.

It also happens to be a pure excuse for the Democrats having lost an election that they should have easily won because of the Electoral College being slanted so much in their way.


They wish she had won

This is the super important point that everyone is missing. Republicans in Congress are using the appointment of a special prosecutor to shut down all public testimony and get it out of the night time news. The Republicans want this stuff to happen behind closed doors. They do NOT want another Sally Yates or James Clapper or Jim Comey public hearing. It's too damaging to Trump's (and by proxy, their) image. If they can pin all this on Michael Flynn and save Trump/Pence, they will gladly offer up Flynn to the public as a sacrificial lamb and hope that public apathy and exhaustion takes care of the rest.

People are focusing too much on the headline and the "criminal investigation" trigger words to see what's really being done here. The House Republicans successfully destroyed the House's investigation. Now the Senate Republicans are trying to kill the SIC's investigation.

Honestly, this is the smartest thing the Republicans have done with the Trump-Russia scandal to date. I'd love to know who was the brainchild behind this. This is some excellent political manuevering. It's also dishonest, irresponsible, and scummy as greased shit.

"If you cover everything you own in gold, federal agents can't enter! They can't enter! The gold keeps away, right, dad?"

"Uuuuuggghhh, yeah, sure, Feds can't enter buildings covered in gold."

That's unpossible, brains never don't not learn new.

And in front of the scenes as well.

I was just watching a new Howard Stern YouTube vid with Howard about the Russia connection and him pissed about endangering Israel by the leaks and there were tons of bots.

The bots were repeating word for word certain sentences and all had usernames that appeared "hip" with mostly attractive women as their picture.

This disinformation campaign is deep AF.

Every time. EVERY FUCKING TIME that dildo does something to garner a little respect from me, he turns right around and takes a shit on top of it. Goddamn you, Lindsay. Can't fall too far from the party line there, eh Linds? Don't you worry, we're voting your flip flopping wishy washy ass out first chance we get no matter what. The republicans are sick of your sliding too far to the middle and pandering to the left, and the democrats are sick of you pretending to have some goddamn sense and then pulling shit like this. I know you're in for awhile yet but playing this back and forth isn't making anyone happy.

"I believe it hurts our country terribly, because it shows we're a divided, mixed-up, not-unified country," Trump said at a luncheon with a group of television news anchors.

Well gee, maybe if you hadn't spent 2 fucking years tearing the country apart to get elected it wouldn't be that way.

Maybe if you hadn't fucking called every person in America who didn't vote for your obnoxious ass your fucking enemy in your New Years tweet, it wouldn't fucking be that way.

Maybe if you weren't a fucking whining bitch who is in the pocket of Russia, and did your actual job of trying to bring the country together instead of continuously golfing, campaigning, and continuously blaming the left for your problems, the country wouldn't fucking be divided you braying, demented, lecherous, perverted excuse of a man.

That's a HoloGraham

"I've got the worst fucking lawyers"

Trump’s own bankruptcy lawyers say he lies so much they could only meet with him in pairs


Edit: those were headlines on msnbc here's more concrete quotes

"I believe it hurts our country terribly, because it shows we're a divided, mixed-up, not-unified country," Trump said at a luncheon with a group of television news anchors.

"And we have very important things to be doing right now, whether it's trade deals, whether it's military, whether it's stopping nuclear -- all of the things that we discussed today. And I think this shows a very divided country," Trump said.

Further down the article

"It also happens to be a pure excuse for the Democrats having lost an election that they should have easily won because of the Electoral College being slanted so much in their way. That's all this is. I think it shows division, and it shows that we're not together as a country. And I think it's a very, very negative thing. And hopefully, this can go quickly, because we have to show unity if we're going to do great things with respect to the rest of the world."

Edit 2: Trump expected to take questions with Columbian president

Edit 3: forgive me if I misquote, currently listening to the conference. emphasis mine

Trump saying investigation a witch hunt, denying allegations, talking about job numbers. Still going to Israel. Saying let's get back to work.

“My priority, believe me, is the United States”

Denies telling Flynn to turn down investigation. Trying to argue Democrats didn't like him as well.

Donald Trump has said he fired James Comey as FBI Director because he was '"unpopular", during a press conference with the Colombian president.

"Director Comey was very unpopular with most people," Mr Trump claimed, adding that he thought his firing would be a "bipartisan decision".

"Look at all the people on the Democratic side, not only the Republican side, who were saying such terrible things about Director Comey," he said.

Conflicting accounts with Rosenstein about firing Comey

Reported that Rosenstein knew before the memo was written Comey was going to be fired

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein learned the day before President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey that the law enforcement chief was going to be sacked.

That’s the word from Sen. Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate.

Durbin says Rosenstein told senators at a closed briefing Thursday that he “learned of the president’s decision to fire him (Comey) and then he wrote his memo with his rationale.” Durbin said Rosenstein learned on May 8.

He said Rosenstein didn’t tell lawmakers who told him to write the memo with the rationale for ousting Comey.

Trump: it was DAG recommendation

Thinks impeachment ridiculous.

“The FBI is special"

“Even my enemies have said, there is no collusion"

President leaving room

His idea of national unity being everyone is unified in thinking Trump is the greatest. He clearly has no concept of the real meaning of the word, as it has been pointed out in some of the above comments and by his own words.

"I don't think 'Solid As a Rock' is a great choice of theme song considering we built homes in Iraq."

That doesn't bode well for the FCC trying to destroy Net Neutrality. That needs a lot of attention too.

Or vote third party. If you genuinely think both people are bad, vote for someone you think is good.

I made the mistake of opening Facebook. There's a thing in my feed from Trump that three people I know liked. It says

"They are trying to SABOTAGE us! I will completely DRAIN THE SWAMP. I trust you are with me. FIGHT BACK. Join. Donate NOW!"

The first handful of comments are typical T_D stuff. I just wish I didn't know those three were doubling down on their support of that guy with dementia.

Even no getting into the Russia investigation, I have to ask. What draining of the swamp? How is draining a swamp and replacing it with a different swamp better? And why does he need donations? What is that money going to go to? A Super PAC? An election run in three fucking years?

I don't know if people are being hyperbolic about this, but there have only been a handful of treason cases ever prosecuted. They were either for aiding an enemy we were actively at war with or leading an armed insurrection. Even Jefferson Davis was never tried for treason. So people shouldn't hang their hopes on that.

This isn't good news. This is bad news. This is the first step in closing out the Russia investigations in Congress. Cornyn, saying the same thing, just said that he believes the investigations need to shut down in order to keep from impeding the special prosecutor.

Congressional investigations = public reports. Special Counsel -- not so much.

Sessions, explain that shit!

Good lord!

"Acquaintance" has too many syllables.

Amazing, right? The Democrats win the popular vote by 3 million AND the EC was slanted in their favor but Trump was such a bigly success he won anyways.

obstruct as much as possible behind the scenes.

Well, that's what they've been doing so far.

I'm not sure the president understands that citing your enemies as a source when you are explicitly being investigated for conspiring with them is not the strongest argument.

Ordered? Probably. But word-for-word? Nah, the memo was too well-written for anyone in the Trump camp to have dictated it to him.

In the video he is whining that the congressional investigations will suffer because of the special investigator. Basically he is concern trolling.

Both Jill Stein and G. Johnson are fucking crazy and I don't want either of their platforms in part or whole.

I actually LIKED Hillary. Fuck me, right?

He'll tweet his resignation one night at 3am

I have a lot of money riding on Trump ragequitting the presidency. Seems exactly like something he would do.

He did the same thing on Tuesday then the news about the Comey memo came out. Holy shit what's coming tonight?!

Narrator: And Michael realized that his father’s crimes might be bigger than he thought.

It's insane that I completely forgot about that report.

I swear Trump is like a living, breathing urban legend, he's so whacked out of his fucking mind. Like no way he can be real and we let him be president. Someone needs to write a nursery rhyme about him that will be used to scare kids hundreds of years from now.

Honestly, I don't care. Them trying to distract the public by talking about Hillary, won't stop the FBI's progress on Trump.

It disgusts me that he still asks for and takes money from his supporters. What the actual fuck.

You just have to remember that in their minds you are an enemy no matter how cordial you are to them. So, while I also recommend taking the high road, don't do it in anticipation of changing anyone's mind, do it simply for the sake of being a decent person. And if you don't want to be a decent person, start the chant.

Here's how both ways of acting will be received: if you don't stoop to their level, then you are an elitist who doesn't live like a real America nor do you care about real America, this is why you lost; however, if you do stoop to their level, then you are committing an unpresidented atrocity and are attacking them with fake allegations, you are only angry because you lost, get over it. You'll have no faith in humanity left either way.

Trump can't string together an idea without contradicting himself five minutes later. He starts off talking about unity but feels the need to remind everyone the Democrats are butt hurt because they lost the election. Not only that, but he constantly blames Democrats for all of his failures despite having (at one point) the entire government on lock.

Only a moron supports this idiot.

That's what is really scary about this administration, a lot of things need a lot of attention, it's not like what is diverting attention away from Net Nuetrality is something that should be ignored either. And of course, as some one said, they could get their healthcare bill passed right now and people wouldn't notice. Hell, Erdogan had his bodyguards beat up a bunch of US citizens that were protesting and nothing came out of it and that news barely made a blip!

Michelle's healthy lunch policy

I hope he fries.

I see u fam

Priming the pump, that is quite well phrased. Did you come with this apt metaphor?

They bombed syria today. Let that sink in, the media isn't creaming themselves over bombs, but they're focused on Russia.

That's a very interesting development. Does that mean Rosenstein was ordered to draft the memo? Maybe even dictated to him word for word?

Go check your local TV and newspaper comment sections, you will start to believe that you are the only sane person within 100 miles. I am starting to believe that "they" have pivoted to attacking smaller game as well as the usual stuff here and other big platform internet sites. It takes a lot fewer workers to inundate a small market, and the local appeal makes their presence far more insidious.

Not only that, but the EC is very clearly slanted in the conservative direction. It's how he fucking won despite losing the popular vote by a colossal amount!!! He is SUCH a fucking imbecile, it is beyond embarrassing.

Holy hell... I just got that.


His language isn't particularly sophisticated, but his thoughts are coherent and generally stay on topic.

Yep. After watching his interviews with Larry King from 30 years ago, what you're seeing is some pretty serious regression in his ability to communicate coherently.

You do realize who Jefferson Davis was right? I'm not saying this isn't a big deal, but trust me the civil war was definitely bigger than what's happened up until now.

THIS. No one asked about Syria at the briefing. Not one word. We bombed ISIS and in retaliation they murdered 52 Shia Muslims. Mostly women and children.