Glad to see things changed.

Glad to see things changed.

She is cutting diamonds out there.

I did not expect that girl to be that hot lol

Sure, let me just screen out all the girls with dog filters. That will go well for me.

It's not as much of an orgy as this sub would make it seem, but it's also easier than picking up a girl from a bar, so kinda somewhere in between.

Dog filters are a red flag.

I'm not complaining

I've never used Tinder, but by the looks of this subreddit, at least in the USA, it's filled with women openly looking for sex partners. Is this really the case or those are some money scams? Just doesn't look believable, especially by the amount of 'right swipes' they must receive.

Damn catfished into another Dateline NBC

This is my life now

that look in her eye

She the one

She's a little young don't you think?

"When I was younger I hated naps and getting spanked"

Nothing says permanent relationship quite like someone glancing at you.

Easier but lower success rate. You probably go through 10 or 20 matches before you get a date

It's probably his girlfriend.

That damn dog filter again... And why bother to wear a shirt if obviously she wants the whole world to see her nipples?

According to Reddit, 30 year olds are too young and you're a pedophile if you think otherwise

I wonder how many times he tried that before it worked.

nah, if you're not following rules 1 and 2 you don't get matches

It just means she's into doggy style

then you're not following rules 1 and 2.

When I was younger, I hated getting my balls tickled

Reddit gets kind of ridiculous with these things sometimes.

What an ugly watch

Totally. All gold watches are way too gaudy. And I say that as someone who's gta online garage is full of exclusively gold cars.

Minnesota State Mankato is a red flag

Haha I know this girl, fucking Minnesota girls I swear

Male success rates on tinder follow an exponential curve. If you're in the bottom 80% of looks you'll be lucky to meet some ugly girls. If you're in the top 5% then everyone will match you.

or worse

a vagina

woof woof

Dude that smile, she wasn't even mad, she fucking liked it

Am 32, still get asked for my ID when I get a beer, nowhere is safe from the reddit eyeball.

Well from my personal experience, it's a lot of bots, a lot of girls with sexual jokes in the profile, but meant just as a joke...

But yeah, sometimes there are girls actually just trying to have fun, and to them that may mean fucking a bunch of random hot dudes.

I haven't used tinder in like 2 years, maybe it's changed a lot.... But for the most part as a normal guy user in a middle sized town... It's not all girls looking to fuck. It's more like a bunch of Christian single moms looking for "no hookups" but then hooking up ASAP. Or regular girls who just get bored of basic conversation right away.

For every 1000 girls you swipe on, like 10 real ones will probably match and respond to some sort of question or whatever.... 9 of those will stop responding within 5 minutes because 9 other dudes are also saying "hey" or making a dumb pun out of their name.

It's a whole lotta fun. I don't miss it. Lol

Cheryl Tunt

Or .

I wouldn't say picking up women is harder in real life, it's just harder to approach. If you're a fun guy to be around AND get over the anxiety of approaching, you would kill it.

Source: average looking (below average heigh,t mind you) who has better success in real life. Not to mention, more fun.

Kate Upton is hot guys

receives FBI search warrant in mail

looks at who tipped them off

Holy shit it was fucking gallowboob!

Most Snapchat filters will smooth out their skin and make it look more clear usually. Plus hides a lot of girls noses

Boy there's some projection going on here. I almost never talk to women I don't know. Appreciate the advice though, lol

Why does it matter if her nips are showing? How is that even comparable? Grow up, kiddo.

There are 18 year olds in high school.

Seems like people are not getting the Joke of the tinder profile, thats the best way to pull her hair...

Smuggling raisins

Lmao I know her too but I'm from Cali. Hahaha guess someone gets around




Tinder isn't normally used for finding girls that are girlfriend material

Yeah I lived in San Diego for 3 years, you'd be surprised how easy Minnesota girls are, you can be a 6/10 guy and get a dime every time

Edit: I'm surprised you said "cali" when nobody I knew while living their actually used that...

She's not showing her nipples. She's just not wearing a bra...

A cold climate you say?

Assuming OP's age now, huh? He could be 14, and decided to do something with his hormones so he wrote that comment

Please don't harass every girl that smiles at you. This will just make them stop smiling.

No I think I made the order of this seem confusing

I was on tinder picking up girls

Then later I met my girlfriend

Now we are dating and have been for a month and a half. I deleted tinder a week into it

What a thot

Yeah it's a way better time then texting chicks who don't respond or don't meet up

This. You're even spot on the number since girls rate 80% of guys as "below medium" looking.

Deleted comment here from /u/SymphoDgenx said:

[–]SymphoDgenxI may have Tinder installed [score hidden] just now Me neither mate but I pity her boyfriend. Everyone sees what he sees

When I was younger, I hated getting my balls pickled

Hey that's my alma mater

Wait, you already had a girlfriend but you kept looking for other girls to date on tinder?

Oh c'mon, they can't all be bad down there! Like one out of every 10 girls there is probably pretty normal.

Source: live 35 minutes from MSU Mankato.

When a resident can only say that the area 'isn't as bad as people think', it's probably really fucking bad.

That is tragic

She's looking at the camera not the guy, she is trying to look cool and casual because she knows it will be posted everywhere so she can't spazz out say that like it's a bad thing

I'm also too lazy to type out the whole word.

If you're curious like me, the deleted comment from /u/SymphoDgenx said

[–]SymphoDgenxI may have Tinder installed [score hidden] 19 minutes ago Lol, 1. probably i am older than you and 2. girls showing nipples on the internet are not girlfriend material by a long shot

I'm from Cali and call it Cali. Fite me.

That girl looks like a high schooler.

Some people look younger than they are. But there's seriously no way to tell. Just because someone thinks she's attractive doesn't mean they're going to act on that attraction.

I'm an uggo confirmed :(

But in all seriousness I have a girlfriend that I think I'm falling for and have deleted tinder

Yikes! Seriously, don't buy girl's drinks. Young unmarried women today make as much and sometimes more than men. There's no reason for charity between equals.

Perhaps the most attractive, sultry face I've ever seen

How can you make generalizations like that about such a fucking huge state

Why? Did she reject you?

girlfriend material


probably i am older than you