Girl walks away after a close call

She doesn't even turn to look at the crash.

or a fucking badass

"oh, that was close. Ah well."

She's either deaf or wearing head phones.

Wow, he was determined to hit something.

She looks wayyyy too relaxed after almost being hit by a car.

If every Russian pedestrian stopped to look at all of the accidents they come across, they'd never get anywhere on time

What kind of chaos follows this girl where she can't be bothered?

I appreciate the love for getting me over 4000 imaginary points.

She is Russian though, so that might explain it.

inb4 the car was rushin'

"Why is the car in front of me stopping?! Stopping is for neeerrds" /s

This was my thought. Fucking Tuesdays, so meh.

He ran a red light, almost killed someone, and then crashed? Fuck that driver.

Here is where the incident took place.

Russia, of course.

Dude must have been going way over the speed limit. That looks like it should be a 35 mph area and if they were going anywhere near that it would have been easy to not lose control and slam onto incoming traffic.

Look to the right, there was a light and the guy was totally blowing a red, not saying you shouldn't but it was the drivers fault.

Monday: Defuse bomb, Tuesday: Avoid Certain Vehicular Death, Wednesday: Save President, Thursday: Taco Night, Friday: Save the World.

Doesn't really matter who's fault it is if your dead....

You try driving a rollerskate

if you're russian before you go into the bathroom and russian when you come out, what are you while you're in the bathroom?


Sounds like something out of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Or looks left before crossing..

She's got it all wrong, it's taco Tuesday

That's how many fucks she gives. Zero fucks, I say again, zero fucks.

I've had to pull onto the shoulder when the cars in front of me suddenly stop (or are stopped, e.g., crash into whatever's in front of them).

This means that you are following too closely. Please make an effort to maintain proper following distance for the speed traveled.

Doesn't matter whose fault it is, if you're a human potentially colliding with 3000lbs of metal you look left.

"I have to hit something!" - Driver in the green car, probably.

I'll go with this one

Lovely place. Minimal amount of garbage on the streets, plentiful watermelons, working traffic lights, and a Pepsi store.

The sidewalks are unpaved, and curbs are all fucked up, but beggars can't be choosers.

When you almost die, but you're late for work

It looks like she is looking left at the beginning of the gif, sees that the car with the dashcam has come to a complete stop, sees that there's another car well behind him with plenty of time/room to stop, and assumes it's now safe to cross the road. She just didn't count on that other driver being a homicidal maniac.

That car might have been behind the dash cammer and changed lanes last second to avoid stopping. Seems like the situation most conducive to these events.

Just a really shitty driver. Wasn't paying attention in the first place, driving too fast, and then over-over-over corrected. They should have their drivers license revoked.

Christ, at least pit your car in the grass rather than headfirst into someone else.

Doesn't really matter who is at fault when you're dead. Always look both ways when crossing a street, including one-way streets...might be a drunk idiot going the wrong way, or a biker ignoring rules, etc.

"The Somebody Else's Problem field...relies on people's natural disposition not to see anything they don't want to, weren't expecting, or can't explain."

It is from Hitchhiker's guide

But he may have still killed someone that was in the car that he crashed into. :(

I thought you were Finnish when you came out?

I guess the handling in that lil car isn't the best.

The light was also red.

Yes, she should have paid more attention, but the light was red nearly a full second before the green car ran through the crosswalk. Even if she hadn't crossed the road, the driver would have been running a red light.

Yup. I cross a stoplight everyday to work. It boggles my mind how many people run red lights. Even with a police camera or whatever.

I actually thought the light was broken at first until I was on the other side and saw some fucker just burn right past it.

Check both ways before AND during crossing.

"Karma's a bitch."


Look at the video source, the car was already in the right lane as it was passed. More likely just a shitty driver that isn't paying attention.

It's a zebra crossing. If there hadn't been any light, it would still have been the driver's fault.

The driver and the girl were both idiots.

Yes, the light was turning yellow, and the car should have stopped.

But the girl also should have been watching the road she was about to walk into.

You don't step out in front of a car that obviously isn't going to stop just because "I have the light, so that means I go now." Yes, you have the right of way, but if you have any type of driving experience, you should assume that everyone else on the road is a moron and expect them to do the most reckless thing possible.

If she ended up being hit, the driver would ultimately be at fault (at least according to American Laws,) but this is a situation that could have easily been avoided had the driver or pedestrian been more careful.

Cool girls don't look at explosions.

What should she do? Freak out, run in circles, scream? That does nothing, better to count your lucky stars and keep on keeping on.

throws plate of tacos into wall would-be assassin


We go through this every time. I never understand what sort of reaction redditors are expecting, because nobody in these clips ever seems to satisfy them. I think people here just watch too much television and expect dramatic reactions like an actor would do.

"Didn't hit me, not my problem"

throws plate of tacos into wall

Or she is Russian.

You have my attention. Tell me more about these watermelons.

I prefer to get pitted on sick barrels.

Hey if you want to tell this bad-ass bitch that she's wrong about something, be my guest.

That would better explain the swerving after passing the crossing. If the car was already in that lane, they would have probably just kept the wheel straight. Excellent observation! TWO POINTS!

I get she was a bit cold on this, but everyone is talking about the girl? Not the maniac in the stupid colored, piece of shit car that's driving like a maniac, almost hit a pedestrian, after blasting through a red light? Fuck that guy/girl, they deserved to crash. Hopefully the person he his was alright.

Hopfully they only killed themselves.

The car is Cherry QQ. A copycat of Daewoo Matiz. It's as terrible as a car can get.

I find it best to assume that every driver on the road is trying to kill me.

She also doesn't turn to see if there's a car in the lane closest to her before she starts crossing.

Agreed, although I'll make the caveat that sometimes you'll have those times when someone decided to use that space you left and merge in to your lane*, and THAT is when traffic also suddenly grinds to a halt. You can't always avoid shit like that. Defensive driving makes it more likely you'll keep out of an accident, though.

*and often the asshole just cuts over with no signal

Permanently. Second Chances are not deserved after this.

Mostly because doing this a lot would reduce the number of cars on the road theoretically.

I would know, I'm on the internet.

Cool people never look at explosions.

Video source

60 kph probably, but that's about the same anyway.

GIF posters, take note. This is how you title a GIF that has a surprise ending.

But any car you follow should be able to suddenly stop without you swerving, because you are always keeping a safe distance so as not to require swerving, right?


The light turned red. It wasn't a sudden stop.

whilst listening to Deftones

Or used to it!

"Why is the car in front of me stopping at a zebra crossing? There can't possibly be anything there. Nevermind, I'm in a hurry, must blast past it at unbroken speed"

They also ran a red, you can see before the car comes to a halt that the light is orange.

I believe it's possible the green car was in the lane behind the car stopping. If it was already going fast it would have been far enough away for her to assume it would stop once the car in front of it was slowing down.

That witch really knows how to punish cars for nearly running her over. Even that Scooby Doo van caught some collateral damage when it too lost the power of its breaks at the end.

🎶Cool girls don't look at explosions...

Is that in the Greater Urban Frolic area?

Video shows the cam driver going at 68kph, green car was easily going 90kph.

Fffpppooww. So pitted

Hopfully indeed.

Or rather, no-one died, maybe, might be better.

To excuse her a little, it's likely that green car was in fact behind the camera car and swerved into that lane to run the red like an asshole. And so she had already cleared that right lane in her head. Still should've been looking of course, but who hasn't crossed the street without constantly keeping their eye on the road after they've already deemed it safe?

This was actually in Eastern Prance

I never look at hedgehogs either. I am so cool.

much more likely.

russians are fucking jaded.

This was exactly my thought. The green car was totally swerving around the car that stopped for the pedestrian, she thought she was safe to cross because there wasn't anyone in that lane.

"Oh my god they crashed... Awwwkwaaaard. Just keep walking."

Her reaction

Lights turned yellow, seems the car thought this car was gonna go and floored it, but then had to swerve right when it brakes, then served left to avoid the girl. Probably panicked and lost control.

Check both ways before AND during crossing.

In case you forgot your childhood lessons already.

This is some Final Destination shit, except the girl is immune to Death rofl!

"Next time girl! Next timeeeee!"

Girl: 'checks her iphone'.


So, following too closely AND running a red light.

If you pan right immediately after opening this, there is a woman with what appears to be an identical build and long dark hair.

If she walks in this area a lot, she's probably just used to things like this.

I'll get you one of these days, KesMonkey

He didnt say the car in this case suddenly stopped... looks like that car slowed at a normal right. Likely if this is why the other car swerved, its cause they werent paying attention and didnt even notice the car in front was slowing or that ot was a red light until it was too late and they had to swerve.

The green car was already careening, so there's a fair chance it was behind the car that stopped and cut around it to avoid the car crash (not realizing there was a pedestrian). I've had to pull onto the shoulder when the cars in front of me suddenly stop (or are stopped, e.g., crash into whatever's in front of them). It's not unheard of.

It seems adding in the zebra crossing didn't help much