Get this girl what she needs. ASAP.

Get this girl what she needs. ASAP.

I hope your pull out game is weak as shit

I'm laughing way to hard.

If you don't slam the superlike we will all be extremely disappointed.

All she gets is superlikes. You need to separate yourself from the herd by swiping left <insert black guy tapping forehead meme>

damn I'm the pullout king don't tell her tho

God, please don't let me have a daughter.


These seem fake af. They're getting ridiculous.

just be a dad you won't have a coke whore of a daughter

Mines kinda like this but I get why people would think they're fake.

I'm HIV positive.

Am gril, but dont have tinder. If all I wanted was sex from Tinder fuckin oath would I put that I swallow on it.

Roll safe

That's not true. It's only more likely she won't be a coke whore.


Are you sure? ;)

HIV Aladeen?

fuckin oath


Are all the women who mention anal and swallowing in their bios real or bots? It seems kind of crazy to be so...forthcoming with dudes these women haven't even met yet. Sets their expectations dangerously high.

Health Guru.

Women can't make jokes. Got it

Wait, you don't know what that means?

It's an Aussie thing. Like Fuckin' aye or some other alternative lol

Women have started to realize that it's just as entertaining to mess with guys as it is for legions of guys to post name puns on /sub/tinder

You can be a great parent and your children still end up like shit, you can also be a shit parent and your kids end up being good people.




accidentally swiped left to my future husband

fucked has ex-fiance's brother

Finally, something I'm actually qualified to do.

Drinks 50 medjool dates an hour

:D .... D: .... :D ..... :l

So the conclusion is that parenting is a waste of time, since the children have equal chance of tuning out good!

I'm the anti-fa of pullout games.

Found the Aussie.

Just make her fat

Can't appear boring if you never match at all!

lmao, perfect application of the reeeee

I too like pineapple

God forbid girls put something sexual in their tinder profile!