George Michael's Unfailing Internal Clock

George Michael's Unfailing Internal Clock

Arrested Development has some of the most insane attention to detail in comedy. I've watched the entire series about five times, and still find new jokes sprinkled about the dialogue, background, and action.

This is the image that got me hooked onto the show, i had seen a few episodes but someone posted this and the story about it a while ago and it just looked like a great show

i had seen a few episodes but someone posted this and the story about it a while ago and it just looked like a great show


Also  this, when Michael it's dating the, for lack of a better word, retarded girl.


Also , when Michael it's dating the, for lack of a better word, retarded girl.

Bet that took a few tries for OP to get just fuckin' perfect.

I think he is talking about the stopwatch on the phone stopping at 41.0 exactly

Watching each subsequent sentence play out over his face, especially after second 13 of the stopwatch.

I never noticed how subtly great that was before. Nice catch.

One of my favorite detail moments in this show is that the entire set up for buster losing his hand is peppered in like 6 episodes before, every time there's a hand reference there this ominous tone for like 2 seconds after. Took my like four watches of the season to catch it

I bet the narrator was just sitting in front of a stopwatch and was saying whatever time it showed at that moment.

Holy cow I never noticed that one!

Probably my favorite thing they ever did. I mean Lucille = loose seal. I fucking love that, I didn't even notice how much foreshadowing there was for that until I had watched it a few times over.

The actual joke starts way sooner than that though - remember his hand chair that he lost?

My favorite subtlety was when Michael was talking about people not having attention to detail and then he opens the cabinet and there's no dishes, just an old starbucks cup.

Or any time the boom mic enters the shot.

Bob Loblaw: Actually, tonight I was going to stay in and work on my law blog.

Tobias Fünke: Of course! The Bob Loblaw Law Blog. Haha. You sir, are a mouthful!

"never knew how much I'd miss a hand"

Mr. Manager?

Barry Zuckerkorn jumps the shark.

One of my favorite jokes that seems to be often missed is when

For anyone who may not be aware, the term 'jumping the shark' originated from Happy Days when Fonzie jumped a tank of water with a shark in it on his motorcycle. Fonzie and Barry Zuckerkorn are both played by Henry Winkler.

Or Busters hand chair?


"I used to have one just like it"

I also like when Gob dumps the seal in the ocean and says, "You're not going to be hand fed anymore!"

Oh Tobias, you blowhard!

Yeah but the narrator's monologue had to be exactly that long for it to work. It's not about the shots it's about the audio.

You've made a huge mistake.

I never thought I'd miss a hand this much.

I've never watched this show but god dammit I may have made the wrong choice.

He also becomes "hooked" playing the crane machine while skipping army training and catches a seal plushie.

🎶Mr. F🎶

"These are my awards mother, from army. The seal is for marksmanship, and the Gorilla is for sand-racing"

So good.

In the show the character gets his arm bitten off by a loose trained seal

We need to come up with a word for this shit?

Maybe "missing scene" or "missed in scene". Something like that

Video editing is a thing... You can make any series of shots as long as you want

Ah, that makes more sense.

I believe George Michael then comes in to get some cereal and all that’s in the cabinet he opens are a single bowl and the box of cereal.


They also did in Community, and it's also accurate.

EDIT: It's not. Thanks /u/McWigan for pointing that out.

I think he is referring to the stopwatch stopping at exactly 41 seconds, no more no less.

how can the guy in the show tell what it says on the guy watchings phone

It's actually even more ridicules than that. He was water skiing.

And here I was ready for a multi-part breakdown of "Careless Whisper."

Exactly what I would expect from someone who owned a pair of matador pants.

I think OP was pointing out the comedy in the entire scene from the writers, not some sort of memorized timing or whatever you think people are interested in the video for. "George Michael's" not "Michael Cera's"?

Just, manager.

None of them knowing what a chicken sounds like will always have a special place in my heart.

Getting driven by the narrator of Arrested Development, none the less.

I never said it was hard, I just said it wasn't about the shots.

You should record yourself for an entire day.

And his mom is called Lucille....loose seal.

Oh my god. Arm off. Never knew this.

I am super impressed he stopped the watch at 41.0 seconds on the dot.....

A listening device.
Also done later in Modern Family:

Modern Family is not as hardcore as Arrested Development, but is a more ...compliant show that still manages to hide some nice jokes.

"Everybody follow the birthday flag!", "Luke, grab that little hoe!"

Also done later in Modern Family:

Modern Family is not as hardcore as Arrested Development, but is a more ...compliant show that still manages to hide some nice jokes.

"Everybody follow the birthday flag!", "Luke, grab that little hoe!"

Or upon retrieving his hand-shaped chair: "I never knew I could miss a hand this much!"

"I wonder where that thing went?"

It went right there.

Who said anything about a trick, and why does it have to be difficult to pull off in order to impress you? Its funny. I mean look at Michael Cera's expressions throughout all that and laugh.

You're not some master sleuth whos pointing out a major flaw.

Coo coo kachaa! Coo coo kachaa!

Or they timed it to 29 seconds in editing.

Start a timer when he starts talking, when he gets to the point where he is supposed to say the time just say whatever the timer currently says.....this is not a hard thing

That might have made more sense, but instead it was the Fonz water skiing, still in leather jacket, jumping off a ramp over shark in a net that a mise-en-scene joke?

"Even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up."

"Nothing wrong with that."

Yeah who said anything about a trick? They're illusions, Michael anyway.

This particular season was very much all about that, especially since it was retelling multiple stories occurring simultaneously, side-by-side. I loved how dense it was.

That's really not hiding it... Like at all.

Those interview shots are usually long and no dialogue at the end for you to take in the gag.

A seal would never prey on a human, unless, of course, it had acquired a taste for mammal blood.

"hooked" onto the show. Heh.

doesn't matter who.

I find this to be true with 30 Rock as well. I've watched the entire series like 70 times and I'm still noticing new jokes.

But you said...

He's very good.

Too late for many to see this, which isn't a bad thing. But I had a brief moment where I thought how talented the writers were for writing that monologue to be exactly 41 seconds, and not the other way around. I'm sure others did too but man that's a dumb thing to think

damn college kids in their film classes

source: college kid in a film class

While that's already very clever, the show has layers and layers of jokes. In this one joke about Buster losing his arm, there are other recurring jokes - The loose seal - his Mother and eventual lover are both named Lucille (I won't even get into the Buster, Mother Lover jokes)

Misstah F

ITT People who are pleased by a shows level of detail. It's not that hard to pull off, but putting the little bit of effort into something like this is what makes shows like this great.

Cha Chi Cha Chi Cha

They only needed to rerecord the last sentence and slug it in once they saw on the editorial timeline how many seconds it turned out to be.

Recently started watching this show. So good.


I'm in the middle of Season 3. It's some of the best writing ever done.



Would it kill her to let a bottle of vodka go bad?

The "loose seal" Lucille connection is my favorite part of the show. The Lucilles ruin Busters life. All 3 of them

...But that wasn't accurate... From the beeps you can hear he starts the time at just past 1 second into the video, and ends it at 27 seconds into the clip... I even timed it and it comes out at 26.3... Even rounding up that's 2 seconds off.

Good God, the pacing on that scene is a mess. That's three minutes with one joke, stilted dialogue, and a bunch of stock footage of sharks.

Knew what the phrase was referencing but I never saw the actual video. It was pretty terrible.

And GOB marries a seal dealer. She sells seals, and he "sealed the deal" with her by marrying her

Oh, that's quite clever.

The impressive prt is how OP managed to stop the clock at exactly 41s on the dot.

Or they knew how long it would be because of editing.

Otherwise known as Ron Howard who played Richie Cunningham on Happy Days?

Have some self respect pigeon. Don’t you know you can fly?

How about the long running joke that led to George Maharis? George Michael hated his name because there was the singer with the same name arrested for sex in a public restroom. Then he rejects the nickname "Boy George" for the same reason. Then he accidentally takes on the fake name George Maharis which was another George arrested for the same thing.

Also Maeby's boyfriend, Perfecto Telles, has the name of the man who was having sex with Maharis in the restroom.

How about "inside yolks?" It's an Easter egg pun.

I'm partial to get rid of the Seaward.

Lucille 2

"I'll leave when I'm good and ready."

It's not about any kind of technical achievement, though. It's about the fact that the ONLY way this joke truly pays off is if someone actually timed the scene out and it's accuracy is essentially the punchline.

This is definitely one of the most under watched and underrated shows ever.

You could always tell a MILFord man by how quiet and unseen they were cues Buster