George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77.

George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77.
George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77.

I'm like my zombies, I won't stay dead.

Actual Romero quote. RIP you amazing soul!

Just so everyone knows, the original night of the living dead is a public domain film. The entire thing can be watched on youtube.

It's a classic, why don't ya take an hour and a half off just to watch it in his memory.

I love the "Call of the Dead" map on COD black ops zombies that's centered around Romero

here's the video

Way back in 2008, his then-new film Diary of the Dead had a special contest on MySpace where people could submit short zombie films for the chance to be featured on the upcoming DVD. My friend and I worked our asses off in a short amount of time and created a quick parody about zombie rights protesters demanding George A. Romero stop creating films, as they portray "mortally-challenged citizens" in a negative light.

The voting was based on people simply rating videos on MySpace, which was a heavily flawed system prone to abuse. We struggled to remain in 2nd place (behind the Angry Video Game Nerd's submission), but eventually got bumped back far at the last minute. We were in the top 10 of finalists, but didn't make it to the DVD. Nonetheless, according to MySpace, Mr. Romero personally saw our video, and years later my filmmaker friend met him at a convention.


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Double tap. Just in case.

RIP you magnificent, terrifying man.

I hope there's no room in hell for him.

Rip George

Shhh. Romero's saving his resurrection for the secret murrican army.

It would be poetic if he were to return as the first zombie and kickstart the apocalypse.

"YOU CAN'T RUN...I mean, you can, BUT DON'T!"

*creator of the modern zombie movie craze

I hope his grave has an arm statue reaching up.

A lot of the younger generation won't truly understand the sheer impact this man made on filmmaking and the horror genre alike. George was a living legend and now he's forever immortalized, because even he knew.

You never really die.

He says some hilarious stuff in that Night of the living dead documentary on Netflix.

Robert Englund and Sarah Michelle Gellar have the best voice lines in that map.

I hope there's no room in hell for him

If there is it's a deluxe suite to honor and celebrate his works

Birth of the Living Dead

Here you go

- I'm the protester with the red flannel jacket and the curly hair. We made those protest signs by hand, then got a bunch of our friends to play zombies and protesters in park near our town. The guy in the interview segment is horror author Brian Keene, whom we're friends with!

Truly a legend, he basically founded a genre of entertainment.

I can tell you this: I will definitely be watching a couple of his films tonight in his memory.

The reason I love zombie movies, gonna watch Night if the living dead tonight.

RIP Mr Romero

He's not the reason you like zombie movies, he's the reason you have zombie movies.

Creator of basically the entire cultural perception of "zombie". Basically the reason anybody knows the word Zombie.

Idk Trejo has hilarious lines.

What's it called?

A lot of the younger generation won't truly understand the sheer impact this man made on filmmaking and the horror genre alike.

He is basically the reason we have a movie rating board (night of the living dead shook up plenty of lame parents back then) . He made history past birthing a genre.

The man who first made us all think about where we would try to hole up in the event of a zombie apocalypse has passed. RIP George, you'll be missed.

I liked all of his movies. Sad to hear this news.

Here's the original version of Night of the Living Dead if anyone hasnt seen it or wants to see it again

Its public domain, so its not too hard to find.

We all know he won't rest in peace.

Damnit. "Night of the Living Dead", "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead" were an amazing zombie trilogy of movies (I'll pretend "Land of the Dead" didn't happen although the first 15 minutes were epic).

They all have great lines, but Robert and Sarah were my personal favorite. I especially like how when you kill a zombie as Sarah she sometimes says "Sit down, shut up, and eat your dinner! ....Actually, scratch that last part."

We're all friends here!

The first black ops game

Most of them are voodoo zombies not flesh eating reanimated dead.

When Hell is full the dead will walk the earth.

I believe the 1978 Dawn of the Dead was rated "X" when it was first released. There's some really graphic scenes in that movie and some pretty harsh use of ethnic slurs.

Or is he????

Is your video still floating around somewhere? I'd love to watch it!

That movie scared the shit out of me the time. Now it's milquetoast compared to today's horror films.

He's not dead, he's sleeping. I hope he has a good nights rest because if he wakes up cranky, we're doomed.

Rest In Peace. Thank you for the scares and the fun. Your works shall be remembered by those whom you had touched with your Art.

The original black ops. On the second (first?) DLC I believe.

I wrote my thesis on both Night and Dawn and I was writing down the most racist quote from the film in a notepad just so I could have it saved for later. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I realised anyone who went by my table in the library and saw my notebook would have thought I was planning a racially motivated shooting since there was no context as to why I was writing that.

Pre-Romero zombies were based around a voodoo curse and almost entirely different than all zombie films that came after The Night of the Living Dead. Romero almost singlehandedly created the modern zombie genre, though he did borrow a bit from the vampires in The Last Man on Earth, the original film adaptation of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

There's a version out there where some film students dubbed over the original dialogue with their own. Pretty funny if you can find it.

To be honest he is also the reason why I like zombie movies too. I liked his movies, but recent movies or series or anything in general related to zombies aren't as good as the zombie concept of romero.


Dying as a legend to become even a greater one. R.I.P Romero.

Thanks! We recorded that in 20°F weather in February '08. My friend the director is just this weekend finishing his first ever feature-length film: a Christmas movie about nuclear fallout!

Doesn't sound like the poetry I was taught in high school

I shall have to watch it! Didn't know there was a documentary out there.

Second dlc, you're right man.

I don't want to turn, into one of those, things.

RIP you magnificent, terrifying man.

RIP em to shreds

I kinda liked Land of the Dead. Dennis Hopper was pretty good in it and I like the idea of a city (or at least a highrise? I forget) being created after enough people get together. Plus the Dead Wreckoning was a pretty good concept.

Diary of the Dead was pretty eh but, again, the concept was solid, though that weird quasi-sequel he did for it wasn't good at all.

Which Black ops is this on?

He didn't say anything like it was the first zombie film, just expressed Romero's Night of the Living Dead is what popularized it the genre. Plenty of people can recall Romero's films, but the ones you listed? Not so much. The word 'zombie' would be far less known without Romero, likely something niche like a windigo.

Would that be "Night Of The Dawn Of The Day..."?

Then you probably didn't have to read Poe.

I wrote my thesis on Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. I basically couldn't have completed my Bachelor's without Romero. Devastated to see that he's died.

One of the first maps where I did the complete Easter Egg on solo....just to get a wunderwaffe.

Alternatively you can download it from the internet archive.

I faked sick at a friend's Halloween party when I was 7 because I was afraid to see this. I was such a wimp.

if that's how they recognize his greatness I guess that's fine, but that would be selling him insanely short.

People are still debating whether gasoline will gel up and become useless after a year.

If it was mixed in with random jokes, home movies of fireworks, and a woman dancing next to a motorcycle, then yeah. That's the one.

"I want tuna!"

"Shut up, bitch!!"

I enjoyed that a lot :)

Is this the word of the day or something? I'm suddenly seeing it all over the place in the last 24 hours.

Yeah I was really hoping the story would end with them being featured on the DVD anyway.

If your name is Barbara, he's coming to get you! I was going to make a Duane Jones reference but...............

He's already been a zombie at least once before. He was the main antagonist of the CoD Zombies map Call of the Dead. He chases you around the entire game and is super hard to kill. Even if you manage to kill him somehow he comes back to life a few rounds later.

To shreds, you say?

Not to mention he directed the first movie (arguably...) with a black lead. Duane Jones was a milestone for film.

If the zombie apocalypse comes around, I want him to be the first one.

"Round 1"

Holy shit. I think that might be it. Haven't seen it since 95 or something I think but that sure sounds like it. I may have it on DVD somewhere (converted from vcr tape)

It doesn't...

Source: had to let 15 gallons of 7 year old gasoline evaporate when I replaced a fuel tank

He's probably there making even better movies now

He created what we know as zombies. Pizza was invented in Italy, but I don't think I'd ever eat Italian pizza before American pizza.

No shit, my friend and I worked our asses off on a submission, too. For a moment, I thought you were my friend.

We were pretty close in views as well. We both didn't make it to the DVD Extras. I'll need to look for our video, 'Through Undead Eyes'.

I prefer milk steak. Boiled over hard.

What if he knew about a curse on him, and was trying to warn the world?

He did more to single handedly create a genre than just about anyone else is history.

Damn, the 1978 Dawn of the Dead is one of my favorite movies of all time. "Wooley's gone apeshit, man!" RIP dude...

They're coming to get you, Barbara!

He just did, check the comment above yours, you must have posted at the same time and I don't want you to miss it.

Such a good remake. That was my gateway drug to horror.

How unmilquetoastant of you.

Yep, it's this. I love it so much.

I've heard the special effects down there are to die for.

the first HORROR movie with a black lead.

Might be. I just like that word and take any opportunity to use it.

What is dead may never die.

Romero understood America better than any movie maker ever. All that remains with his passing are zombies. Along with intellect and rational thought, he will be missed.

His original zombie movie will never be replicated. I have seen it 10 times and it still has the power to give me the creeps.

My long-term user-name is my small bit at recognizing his genius in creating the modern day genre.

The trailer for this DLC was sick also. It had the "do you wanna parrrrrrty?" song from return of the living dead.

One of my favorite songs of all time was an Easter Egg on that map. Not Ready to Die

I hope he goes to hell, but there's no room left in hell.

RIP Romero, thanks for the movies and entertainment dude.

Does anyone else feel teh most respectful way to deal with his remains is to decapitate his corpse and burn it?

You think it inspired the plot of Dead Rising 2?

Dark stuff. Poe practically invented the modern horror story. He was one of my favorite artists.

...Is! I mean is. It's not like I was around in those days, or anything.

Possibly the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, but I half suspect that on a social site like this it is partially self-perpetuating. Someone uses a certain word and lots of people see it and at least one of them uses it themselves and lots of people see it and it snowballs to varying degrees. This may be unintentional in some cases, but in others it is clearly intentional to some degree.

Only after we stop making comic book movies. And sports movies. And romantic comedies. And everything else I don't like. Hmph.

OP pls

Out of those, I only really consider White Zombie and I Walked With A Zombie to be very good films. And you have to admit, none of those are the most popular movies out there. Many people first heard the term "zombie" in a Romero movie. Although he didn't create it, he did popularize it.

Ehh, Tolkien might wanna have a word.

Who's running this monkey farm now?

I bet you're fun at parties