Fulham 2-1 Hull City (Stefan Johansen assisted by Ryan Fredericks)

Fulham 2-1 Hull City (Stefan Johansen assisted by Ryan Fredericks)

Gentleman Jim. He's a bit special, but he's our a bit special.

fantastic commentating

Yesssssssssss. I went to London a few years ago and love this club. COYW

From some of the highlights I've seen your keeper has made a handful of pretty fantastic saves.

At the same time we're about as defensively sound as something that has no defence nor sound, so I'm half expecting an 88th minute equaliser and both teams shitting the bed for about five minutes at the end.

nice to see a Norwegian guy scoring abroad

Good old Manucho eh? haha

All the best to you too mate.

no more.

Finnmark. Say no more.

He's been really good for us. Got taken off after half an hour on his debut and everyone feared the worst, but since then he's been incredible.

Yep, there's a reason we're both where we are in the table after our bad starts.

Tbf, we had as hard a first four games as we could have had and then played the the current top two in our next two games. Not sure what your excuse is ;)

Haha, I forgot how fucking retarded your owners were. Jesus.

I actually quite like you guys, even if in your first season in the PL you did the double over us - which kept you up. Good luck for the rest of the season, apart from the return game obviously.

Our owners sold everyone then replaced them on a shoestring, There you go. :)