Frog man phase 2

That was intense

Best camera work in any gif I've ever seen.

Pls someone link me to the one of the black girl singing 'Hold up, yeah you over there' with the 10/10 camera work. My google-fu is weak.

ninja-edit: I should have more faith in myself

Oh shit waddup

No, I'm sorry. I have no clue what movie it's from.

Lizard people confirmed.

Well, mission accomplished

To get you sexually aroused.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Why does he undress so sensually?

this was such a wild movie

Which movie?

Look up Yakuza Vampire or something like that by Takashi Miike, I think it's that movie.

It's strange watching your childhood nightmares unfold in a gif when you're an adult.

Is that a giant tennis ball?

Don't acknowledge their culture

This might be one of my new favorites....


It reminds me of the Iron Man armors, first one is giant and heavy then the next one is smaller and easy to use.

Oh jeez really? I don't even remember that being in there.


Nah bro, that was a metamorphosis

Damn, that's great