Forgot it wasn't a leap year

Forgot it wasn't a leap year


LoL what the fuck was his plan if he made that jump? Just stay up there until they give up?

That cop has been waiting since high school JV football to be able to pull off a tackle like that.

Great angle of pursuit, had good drive through the hit, but forgot to wrap up. (like every other DB in the NFL these days.)

7/10 tackle form.



I don't know what the fuck he was trying there. He may as well have just fucking got in the back seat.

This his game tape bruh. He finna make the league.

Shout out to my hero Deion who made the hall of fame without ever making a tackle

Nah he was supposed to bring balance to the streets

That shit look painful af

That cop just illegally seized that guys soul without a warrant.

Lmao he's trying to avoid the other cops from that side of the truck towards the end of the gif

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #TitleGame

A getaway like that would be some assassins creed shit

Honestly woulda been sick as fuck if he pulled it off. Instead I'll settle for him doing his best Matt Moore impression. Officer Bud Dupree handled him.


If that guy was JV, this guy was varsity

The NFL really needs to do something about this.

Not leave them in darkness!

There is a cop that entire the video on the right. He probably saw that cop ahead of him and thought he could jump on the car then go over him.

Head snapped back on the pavement, probably got a concussion

Right before he made the jump, you can tell he THOUGHT he had the juice

When you can high step into the end zone after every pick 6. You don't need to tackle.

But 2016 was a leap year

What, like dive off the roof of the cop car into a haystack?

Except 2016 was a leap year

"shit, where did he go?"

If you don't want to get tackled by the police, then don't run away from the police.

Charlie Murphy!

Who put Larry Allen in a police uniform goddam!

Goddamn this cop got wheels. Never seen anyone get hawked like this off the field


"Time for some Jason Bourne shit... Oh fuu-"

RIP in pieces

Criminal Makes the jump

Police: Get down sir.

Criminal: Starts Dancing

Police: What in gods name are you doing.

Other police : I believe hes getting down



so, why should we hire you to the FBI?

Plays tape


I read this in Deputy Director Bullock's voice

except he's talking about being in 2017

How bout that title game last night

Relevant ferret gif

Goddamn, that cop went Goldberg on that boy.

I don't think it was particularly intentional. It's not like the cop grabbed him and smashed his head into the ground. It was just a side effect of the tackle.

You know, I agree with you but at the same time I've seen people flat out freak the fuck when cops come around asking questions - even if they haven't done anything wrong. Especially when they're drunk. This guy likely wasn't one of those people, but I'd hate to see someone get paralysed because they're nervous around cops and fear jail without wrongdoing because they're so mistrusting of them. The same people to do that kinda thing are the ones who have a solid reason to mistrust law enforcement (bad experiences with cops in the past). Then again: what can you do? Cop has a job to detain. He likely didn't intend to fuck this guy's head into the asphalt when taking him down.

Tl;dr: I agree with you but shit can get complicated.

Gotta admit it tho, that's a bomb ass tackle.

He should get a promotion for that shit.

Come on man. Add "no more" to the end of the title in your head and let me live

GOTDAMN! My partner was a D2 lineman in college, he accepts this challenge.

Omg this is PHX

It's a sub dedicated to memes about the Star Wars prequels. But if you're asking about the high ground joke it's a quote from Obi Wan Kenobi.

He avoided the cop that entered from screen right jumping on the car. He could launch off the back and totally get away.

I wonder how many more criminals would have gotten away if the gangsta culture was to wear runners and tights instead of big blocky shoes and super baggy pants without belts.

If he didn't kill the poor dude. Then he'll have to settle for a month vacation

Roll tears!

"Yeah, I get it, was a great spear. My problem is with the Jackhammer you gave him afterwards. Seemed a little excessive."

But he's using past tense and talking about 2016

That dude turned on the burners

OP, 2016 was a leap year though.

Get the fuck outta here with your facts.



Best Larry Allen story.

Hes gotta testify, come up in the spot thinking he could fly

For if today he dies, he gonna touch the sky


Love the awkward tazer pull on the left and the stuttered jumps forward when he's already swarmed. "Can I.. Can I use it yet? Will I get to use it? I don't really see an opening yet..."

Don't gotta tackle if they don't catch it.

Or dead. That shit was brutal, awesome, but brutal

Leave Matt Moore alone! Not literally though cause he can't remember who and where he is....

Never forget that every decision he ever made led up to that decision. This video is basically a TLDR of his life's decisions.

So #woke, fam. Can u pls next tell us about the moon landing and how Radio Shack is still in business?

Maybe we should just teach cops how to use a lasso


This is my favorite part of COPS. It's on the intro as well

Sometimes it's best to avoid the hit

Laaaryyy Alleeeenn

But then you didn't. Never give up on your dreams.

Dudes head bounced off the pavement.

Probably south lol

But 2017 isn't

If that guy was varsity, this guy was Team Captain

The suspect hit the back of his head so hard on the concrete, wouldn't be surprised he fractured his skull

That's probably the cleanest police takedown in history. Never get tired of watching it.

Mesa rep 👌🏻

Anyone know where in Phoenix this was?

Get the hell out of here with that shit. We're trying to enjoy criminals getting cranked.


Wow. We need some stats on that.

Leeerrooooooy Jekiiiins


Those in power control pop culture and fashion too. Part of their plan to control the youth is to make them dress in such a way that they are easy to catch by the police. The bling and grills make it hard to hide from flashlights too.

Thought he was going into a Naruto run when he leaned over for a second. It'd probably have worked out better if that's what he did lmao


That clip definitely belongs to /sub/unexpected.

Why would I be tackling anyone when I'm trying to run it back to the house?

When he said he wasn't going to sleep well that night someone should have did the "Woo Woo".

A black man running away from the cops getting the shit beat out of him? I can't think of anything that is more expected....

They should've dug a hole, covered it with tree branches and leaves, and then he wouldn't see the hole and he would try to run across it and he'd fall in.

I hope the officer didn't hurt his knees

I mean, you run from the cops, you get what you get...

When your little brother screaming "2 hand touch" but it's 2 late.

Ya I usually am not one that tends to side with police but tackling is one of the safest ways we have to forcefully stop someone who is running, Idk what else you suggest they do really, set up some sort of rope trap? Shooting on the other hand isn't an attempt to stop someone from fleeing it's an attempt to kill someone who is fleeing.

He even uses the tazer at 0:38. My question is who's the first guy that comes running in to help the cop? He's not dressed like a cop so I assume he's a citizen just trying to get in on the action.

Southside isn't as bad as it used to be, don't go to Maryvale tho but if you live here you already know that

Jesus it's Jason Bourne

Came here to say this