Flooded supercar garage in Florida

Flooded supercar garage in Florida

With Super-Cars comes super insurance I would hope.


they sell giant bags that you can use to protect your car for this exact reason. they aren't even expensive. comparatively.

These are all trashed, and insurance won't pay for the damage. I'll haul them away for free.

No, they're trashed too.

there has never been a more relevent time to use this GIF

yep, all trash, in fact I'll buy the owner some beers and haul them away for free as a sign of my good will.

Gotta protect those lambos, here you see the ferraris are submerged in water to prevent them from catching on fire.

That's some first world problems right there. Sad to see still...


I was skeptical until I saw this demonstration.

Might have no clue they exist?

This is one of those ideas that I never would have thought of in a million years, and is blindingly obvious the instant I saw it.

I mean, if you own 6 supercars, and you live in Florida... why he hell not.

"they aren't even expensive. comparatively."

Less than $300 is nothing compared to the cost of any car. I thought it would be $1000 or more.

I'm sad for the waste. Not for the owner.

Huh - TIL

So simple yet seems quite effective.

But I'll have to charge to tow the ones on the lift.

Put them in rice, should be fine afterwards.

5 ft of water is enough to float the car.... I just got a great gone in 60 seconds sequel idea

This happened in Houston.

Seriously. Those bags you put around cars aren't anything new. There's about half a dozen things this person could've done months ahead of time to prepare for such an event that would cost less time and money than dealing with this outcome.

Bags that wrap around the entire cars and are water tight.


Move the cars ahead of time to a less flood prone area.

Could have put his cars on raised lifts/blocks (obviously they'd have to be moved out of the garage given that there's no headroom with the raised vehicles in there.

A few hours of work to save tens of thousands.

That's gotta be hundreds of thousands

just put them in a bag of rice...should take care of it.

Why are they all trashed? The ones on the lift are fine, no?

Except Lambos are notorious for catching on fire


Florida ? I could've sworn when Harvey hit someone posted that same exact video

It's a GT, not a GT40 thankfully.

Isn't it? A car that costs so much money and the solution to preventing water is literally just putting it in a big bag. It works!

Good way to get eye herpes

I'll take them off the lift for one of them, then towing the other will be free.

Id even ask the owner to pay for the gas because im hauling his trash out

What do you think he is, a oyster?

Well, you know what they say:

If it's stupid, but it works, you are the sole reason for your parent's divorce.

Why? People who have nice things are still people who have feelings.

People using these parked in the street better anchor it good, would be kinda funny to see one of these floating down the street though.

Nope. All trashed. Especially the ones on the lift. I'd give 'em $1000 for everything and I guess I could part them out or something. He can use me, my truck, and my trailer for free though if he just wants to wreck 'em.

Places that have NEVER flooded before in the Houston area flooded after Harvey. Source:Houston Resident

Especially those ones.

that's close to a mill in there, but the 2 Lambos survived, so that shaved off a few hundred thousand. but the GT alone is worth $300,000+

edit: cause me dumb

Came to the comments to see people being really shitty to a guy they have never met and know nothing about.

Was not disappointed.

Thankfully that's a Ford GT, not a GT40.

Italian super cars must be put in spaghetti. The GT must be put in cheeseburgers.

wth do u need a 16k car, just buy yourself a toyota tercel for less than 1k. Just saved you 15k homie .

fuck you

Everything must go.

Do you know what traffic was like. No way you could get six cars out of Florida, most people had enough trouble getting one out.

This post was made a few weeks ago. It was actually in Houston. OP is just trying to farm karma.


No big deal.

Just follow these simple instructions.

Edit: shoulda added the /s

And here i am stressing over buying 16k car

This is also good if you want to kill your self and don't have a garage.

You may not be a pro, however you think like one. Yes, Comprehensive insurance covers flooded cars...pretty much anything that kills the car.

I had a more traditional claim with my almost-supercar, and they totaled the car. It was 4 days old. It took them a couple of extra weeks, however I got a check for full value of the car about 3 weeks after the accident. Check had to go up the chain to a more senior person to sign the check.

Or you know, take them to a parking garage and put them on the 3rd floor for a couple of days.

Maybe they were out of town on business? Maybe they didn't have a truck, or no trailer was available?

There are lots of reasons that this could have happened, and can all but guarantee you that the owner didn't want anything to happen to his cars.

Hahaha god damn Beekeeper1987, if that joke wasn't a knee-slapper then I don't know what is!

The gts are still selling for $400k. Could very well be the most expensive car in there.


They've had multiple "100 year floods" in the last few years. You'd think this guy would have been prepared or willing to move them to a parking garage or something for a couple days.

The car would still run fine after. That's what's important. Any garage ceiling would be fine too honestly.

Not a pro, but I'd think comprehensive insurance would cover that.

toyota tercel

Shit that fuel economy is actually pretty impressive

Guy is such an idiot. He had more than enough time after seeing the hurricane warnings to get them to a safe location.

I'm just going to bet there's a clause in the fine print where they don't open themselves up to being bankrupted by a couple Lambos getting trashed due to user error.

When you are forced to evacuate sometimes you don't have time to move 6 cars and a motorcycle or whatever was in the video. Maybe he had a family/children who were more of a priority.

Did you see how high the water went? To the windshield. Sandbags aren't going to do much.

Eh, just grab one of the straps and tow it behind your kayak.

dropping $10k to raise them all seems rather affordable in retrospect.

Not even close, there's a 458 speciale in the middle bottom and an aventador in the top that might be an sv, I cant tell.

Whole house is probably trashed. Might as well take that too while I'm there

Hindsight? We knew the hurricane was coming and was going to be bad. Sailors were securing their boats weeks ago. Many actually moved them up the coast or inland. There's no reason someone with this much money couldn't have moved those cars out of the flood zone.

Looters though. Anything off an exotic is valuable. Hell even the owners manual.

They started talking about this thing hitting Florida 10 days before it happened. If you have the money to own and maintain cars like that you have the money to rent a trailer to move 3 of them north for 2 days.

Really? Like what?

I hear his wife was sitting on the lounge when flood waters came through.... Might as well take her too!

I thought that was a good choice. Even though a Juke isn't expensive (relative to a super car), it shows that it's an affordable solution for any car owner.

An old coworker had a early 90s Tercel with 430k miles. I've never personally seen a vehicle with so many miles. Original engine.

Deductible is more than the cost of the bag, and let's not even talk about premium increases...

I feel like someone with that kind of money could've made something happen...

Flood insurance, no, but insurance that covers water damage? you bet your ass.

He's probably going to get a new motorcycle and 3 new super cars.

If you have the money for the cars, you have the money to hire someone to do that for you.

I moved my used Hyundai to the top of a parking garage for Harvey, mostly because it almost flooded twice in the last couple years. There's no way I'd leave these bad boys that low.