Feyenoord 0-4 Manchester City - Stones 63' (Group F)

Feyenoord 0-4 Manchester City - Stones 63' (Group F)

In what universe does John fucking Stones nab a brace?

Stones for Ballon D'or

Messi: 2 goals

CR7: 2 goals

Stones: 2 goals

Can't even tell the difference.


John Stones top scorer in the champions league, i love this game

I said stop...

still plenty of time for a hat trick.

He's really good at scoring tbf

One timezone in the world

boi pay attention to the teacher

americans who are up to 8 hours behind lol

i am trying to contain my shrieks in class right now. we look so damn good

just what you want to hear about a CB

Tbf it does seem to be getting better

Ramos is just a second rate Stones.


He really was great today with those passes and the two goals

Yes :)

Knock off jolean lescott

Stones has been amazing so far this season

Got to get him the hat trick now

His defending was impeccable today

Who the fucks in class at 9pm?

that cross was sexy


Stones is really good isn't he?

He's right on up there with Messi and Ronaldo.

This Stones fellow is quite good. Is he new?

it's an syllabus review/intro class!!!

Have you ever been so shit that Adegbenro scored twice against you in one match?

Arise Lord Stones of Barnsley, thusly anointed for his exploits in his conquest of Rotterdam


Damn, i was exited even before we bought him... But Pep keeps putting him in the right situation and he scores. Couldn't expect more. He'll pay for himself many times over, over the years.

"Fuck /sub/soccer" - John Stones.

He's genuinely great.