Farewell to Obama

Farewell to Obama

Right cause Obama is the protector of liberty.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner who had troops deployed in combat zones every single day of his presidency. A man who said if I don't cut the debt in half, I think this should only be a one term presidency; then proceeded to triple the national debt. A man who chuckled on national television on his address of Internet privacy.

I'm not happy with who will replace him, but he wasn't a great president.

Shit, guys.

This isn't an "Obama is the best" post.

This is a "Trump's gonna suck" post.

I love how over the last couple weeks there have been all these positive Obama post and then without fail I click into the comment section in the first five comments are slamming op/obama.

Prosecuted more whistle blowers than any president in history.

Yeah and one of the least transparent presidents of all time.

In other news, popcorn sales have increased 10 fold due to the comments section of this thread 😁

Prosecuted more whistle blowers than all other presidents combined


If you guys hate this, why upvote it? I haven't seen one positive comment.

Dropped 26000+ bombs last year on 7 different countries. It's a shame my fellow "Liberals" don't see he was just a more like-able George W. Bush.

It's a stupid karma whoring shitpost

I'm sorry, but his policies have been the opposite of liberty.

Probably most people who upvoted the image weren't particularly inspired to comment anything.

Most importantly, Trump’s every move will be analysed and criticised not only by the Democrats, but also by large chunks of his own party. This is a healthier situation than during the previous eight years, when a Democratic president delivered a largely Republican programme while his party remained shamefully silent. A socially reactionary and highly unpredictable new president gratefully inherits the Obama administration’s provisions for illegal detentions without charges, domestic spying of citizens and extrajudicial assassinations — precedents that would be damned as quasi-fascist if Trump had initiated them.

- politicalcompass.org

Shit I didn't know the lurkers in /sub/pics were so cancer.

TIL disliking Obama = supporting Trump

Just callling your political opinions "freedom" and anything you disagree with "anti-freedom" must make the complicated process of running a nation of 330,000,000 people that sits in the most powerful position on earth (for another nine days, then its Russia thanks to Trump being Putin's piss drinking bitch) so easy for you.

Spoiler alert: its not simple, and using buzzwords like "freedom" and "liberty" when you don't understand what you're talking about is clearly bullshit to those of us actually paying attention.

I just wish we could discuss, y'know, actual policy. Rather than incredible vitriol for a man who has done nothing his entire life but try to make this country a better place. I'm done pretending republicans are anywhere near the Democrats on facts backing their policies, but y'all are so far off the reservation this country may not survive your treasonous bigot boy's government.

ITT: More criticisms of Obama than the media has done in 8 years.

You might as well just take a picture of the artist sucking Obama's dick.

Obama gave me healthcare, gave me a better student loan repayment plan and actively protected my reproductive rights, for that he has more than earned my admiration.

A man who said if I don't cut the debt in half, I think this should only be a one term presidency

He said he'd cut the deficit in half.

He cut the deficit by a third by 2012. It took him another year to get it down to half.

EDIT: LOL facts are triggering Trumpists

I believe it's actually twice every president combined.

It's upsetting to see that Americans are so divided and have such a hate for the supporters of other political parties. I give this thread 2 more hours before its locked. Edit: Even this small comment is controversial. I watched the upvote count and its like a rollercoaster ride.

Oh geeze it seems I have wandered into /sub/politics well time to leave then

I don't really care for American politics (because I'm not American) but I like the man. His speech with Key and Peele and his goof with the queen were great.

Killed more people via drone than all other Nobel Prize winners combined.

I like turtles...

We're too busy crying for humanity's future.

Edit: Lol, you muthafuckas need to calm down.

You must be new to Reddit.

It's called the vocal minority

Yeah, but I don't think it's very good at that. Just showing the statue of liberty approving/disapproving of something/someone is the laziest political cartoon you can make. It's already been a running gag on The Onion for years now.

The only thing it's missing is shedding a single tear.

Most of those president were in office when there wasn't a thing like the internet. Which is a huge factor in transporting information.

Not to mention shielding Wall Street from the pitchforks.

"I just wish we could discuss, y'know, actual policy."

Cool, let's open a dialog.

"Trump being Putin's piss drinking bitch"

"treasonous bigot boy's government"

...oh, someone just wants to fight.

Uh, just a correction, but he sure as shit did NOT legalize marijuana. Its still fucking illegal.

I'm suprised to even see your comment. I'm used to seeing the top 50 comments circle jerking around obama. You are absolutley right. He has no tolerance for whistle blowers exposing corruption, his drone policies are equally bad. Freedom will not miss him a bit.

To be fair the Nobel peace prize it's bullshit, fucking Bono got nominated to that

This is the problem with non-Americans who like Obama. Everyone likes him because they don't know anything about him or what his administration has done, just that he's a cool guy.

Sure, he did a couple of good things with gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana, openly gay in the military, the first step he took with Obamacare, etc., but most non-Americans think Obamacare is universal health care when it's just a government-regulated insurance policy just like all the other insurance policies, only you pay a fine if you don't have it. They don't realize how half-assed it is, nor do they realize all the half-assed measures he took in his foreign policy.

We like Obama the man, too, we're just disappointed in him as a president. For some reason the entire rest of the western democratic world thinks he cured cancer and discovered the fountain of youth and invented orgasms on command, but then when you probe deeper you find out they "don't really care for American politics", which is like saying, "I don't know anything about Obama other than he's a cool guy, so all you Americans are stupid for disliking his presidency."

Note: I'm not saying you're saying that, but that is pretty much verbatim the opinion of non-Americans when it comes to Obama.

EDIT: Whoa! This blew up fast! Thanks for all your replies, both positive and negative. I tried to respond to each of you but I got around 80-something responses. For the most part it was very civil, thanks for that.

It's almost like the media is biased.

That's why I stay Central. I don't like Obama fully, but I do like some things he has done as well. Likewise, there are things I don't like about him.

I didn't like Clinton or Trump, they are the result of a political system that is set up for the American people to divide and fail. That is what they want, they want us to be at each other's necks when the real enemy is laughing as they write bills that cozy up to their gains and we are stuck in the mud trying to figure out what happened, blaming the other side for fucking everything up while we all have our fingers up our asses, when in the end we all want the same dann thing.

I have condemned and condoned both sides in actions they have done, I will give credit where credit is due to who deserves it. I will criticize those who fuck up, no matter who.

We need to get our shit together and not be so divided because that is what will kill us in the end. We are such a divided country that it is like two magnets that have no attraction, just push and push and will never combine. We are all brothers and sisters under the same flag, let's act like it for once.

He made my healthcare more expensive and said if I don't get expensive healthcare he'd give me a fat penalty. For that he does not have my admiration.

Did you all know you can have a more moderate opinion of him? You can agree with some of the things he did and disagree with others. I disagree with his security policies but his economic policies increased Healthcare enrollment and decreased the deficit and unemployment. His advocacy for LBGTQ rights will be a big part of his presidential legacy going forward. But he also has used drone warfare often during his presidency. It's hard to say if his presidency was a net positive. Some will say yes and some will say no. As his policies affected people in different ways. And unexpected consequences of some of his policies affected people too. History is the ultimate judge. For instance when W was President he launched the initiative known as the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS relief. This plan has already helped many people throughout the world with HIV/AIDS. He will be known for his foreign policy blunders but he will also be remembered for being a major fighter for HIV/AIDS treatment on a global scale.

Thanks for not prosecuting bankers and Wallstreet criminals for deliberately crashing the economy. Thanks for continuing the CIA's proxy wars in the Middle East. Thanks for not doing anything to balance the Federal budget. Gtfo of here with this post OP

A man who started a war in syria instead of trying to defuse it.

A man who is now trying to start a conflict with Russia and Israel to spite the next president.

A man who started a drone assassination program that killed innocent people.

A man who killed us citizens abroad without trial.

A man who promised to champion transparency and whistleblowers that now is reportedly destroying his records and has more whistleblowers prosecuted than any other administration.

A man who invited a kid that made a hoax bomb to the whitehouse.

A man who left his home town to wither

A man who went off the rails with a crackpot stimulus plan that just wasted billions of dollars.

A man who lied to investigators and the american people about Hillary's email server which he communicated on.


Oh what a shit show of a comments section. I get it people, some of you don't like Obama.

Man, they give gold to just about anybody help im poor

Obama was a nice guy. Not the greatest president but certainly not the worst. I don't hate the guy and I feel like a lot of people just hate him because not a lot changed. Oh well, lets see what trump can do in the next couple years

And if I do comment something positive about his presidency, someone will piss all over it. Like a golden shower. Like a Russian golden shower.

I don't think I've ever rolled my eyes so hard at a post.

Made race relations worse

TIL acknowledging injustice is "ruining race relations"



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Obama was at best, an average president. Not close to being great nor a protector of liberty. At this core, he's just a big supporter of globalism.

What do you mean? He set a new record for blocking FOIA requests!

That hoax bomb thing that no one wants to talk about any more.

Fuck that kid and fuck Obama for managing it like that.

This... This so fucking much... people cant have exclusive opinions anymore

man, they give that peace prize to just about anybody.

Well they can't read so they look at /sub/pics instead

Looks like Lady Liberty has Stockholm syndrome after 8 years of captivity...

Kind of like how there's been a huge concerted effort to post propaganda all over pics this week.

Did he actually say debt, not deficit? Because he cut the deficit by 75%.

Obama was president when the NSA harvested huge amounts of private personal online data of non-criminals/non-suspects. Such data would allow the US government to accurately classify just about anyone as a tool or enemy. Had it not been for Ed Snowden's courageous sacrifice, we would probably still be unaware that this mass invasion of privacy was going on.

Well, I mean it's a political cartoon. What did you expect?

Threads like this is where you start to understand the censorship in /sub/politics and other places. Obama is totally on blast here because /sub/pics doesn't censor comments. This is much more accurate depiction of the state of American politics than any political/partisan sub.

I mean, he DID protect Bankers/Wall Street like it was his job. About that Habeas Corpus though...


Advocated for Internet censorship.

Made race relations worse. (Fanned the flames after Dallas).

Never acknowledged the real motivations behind the Orlando, Boston, Ft. Hood, etc. terrorist attacks.

Taught constitutional law yet has been known for his overreach and proposals of eradicating the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans.

"If you like your health care plan, you can keep it!"

Pushed Common Core education.

More than doubled the national debt.

Pushed for more federal involvement in state police forces.

Is pro TPP.

True, but in fairness, there has been a huge concerted effort to praise him the last 8 years.

The guy has done some good but also a lot bad, when someone's term is about to end people will bring up both. I think it's just frustration boiling over with the amount the mainstream media has shielded him. On platforms like this the negative will be a lot more prevalent as a result, compared to in the media.

The real problem is given the next guy, you can't seem to criticize Obama without being labelled a Trump fan, which unfortunately prevents any real discussion.

Insult Hillary = "You must be a Trump supporter."

Insult Trump = "You must be a Hillary supporter."

Actually I don't like either of them = "Oh, so you're a BernieBro?"

You just can't win.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand" -Abraham Lincoln

The general consensus I've seen around Reddit is that he either did it because kids do stupid things for attention, or his dad put him up to it (not helped by the fact that the dad launched a series of lawsuits immediately afterward against everyone and anyone, including Glenn Beck).

It was a clock. But also maybe a hoax to stir up trouble. It's been a while since I've read the details, but from what I remember he took a functioning digital clock, removed the shell and stuffed the innards into a case. He didn't really "make" anything, but that's beside the point. A lot of exposed wiring and what not was present, though. He brought it to school and was told by one of his teachers that he should put it away because it could cause trouble. He didn't and even had an alarm set to go off in the middle of one of his classes. He was sent to the principal for causing a disruption and the police were called, not due to any belief that the kid ACTUALLY had a dangerous device, but due to the belief he was trying to make people think he had a dangerous device and, I would imagine, also influenced by some zero-tolerance policies.

The problem was that the media took the story and ran with "Evil racist Texas school assumes Muslim student was making bomb" which Obama immediately jumped into the middle of for no logical reason.

TIL. clicking on pics = clicking on /sub/thedonald

Cause there were so much whistles to blow in the 18th century right?

Transport of information exploded in the last 20 years. It's a logical reaction.

Freedom will not miss him a bit.

Wait until Trump is in office, it'll make Obama look like a saint.

Like everything on the_donald?

Nominations are bullshit, but getting the prize is still something.

Anyway, Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama ended up signing a weekly kill list and declaring all military age victims enemy combatants. Then there's the ICE prison maze, the secret courts, the war on whistleblowers, and so on, and so forth...

This is the problem with people like you who don't realize how difficult it was for him to actually change the things he did. He came to battle against a Republican Congress that took historically unprecedented measures to block any action the President wanted to take despite how universally beneficial it would be for the whole country.

Because most of us that don't have our heads up our ass recognize that Obama did horrible things as well. Lady Liberty is sad to see him go...really? The ACLU is probably laughing their ass off at this cartoon.

The fact that Democrats didn't say jack shit while he was trampling rights, expanding domestic spying and waging his unprecedented war on whistle-blowers speaks volumes about the party. After the past 2 years, I'll never consider myself a democrat again.

And no, that doesn't mean I support trump or am a conservative...just that the party has relied on my support for too long without earning it.

There's been a huge concerted effort to slam him this week.

Wow, you guys are out in force. They promise to pay you minimum wage this time?

It's not that I don't like him. I'd love to have a beer with some alternate reality version of him that didn't get elected. I dislike what he did. And he did a lot of horrible things.

I don't like Trump but at least the left will go back to caring about war and civil liberties when he's in office.

Like it is in most other civilised countries.

Whether or not people will say Obama's presidency was successful or not, he was a damn good role model and leader and will be missed.

Yea and he made me and everyone else pay for you

You're here too

Popcorn tastes good. Fun fact: Salt on popcorn makes it taste good and this thread is full of it.

Seriously! WTF is this guy talking about? It's fucking schedule 1 and hasn't even been considered to change not to mention the whole CBD oil thing. States legalized it and SOMETIMES the federal government decided not to go after state legal suppliers.


He also did a million good things too though. But ya know, everyone will only care about the bad things a president does. We'll hate Trump, and we'll hate the person that comes after him too. Americans just have a bad case of not liking being told what to do so they'll always hate authority, and the President is the biggest authority in the US. Let's all blame authorities for our life problems because it makes us feel less responsible for anything right?

Edit: I'm not defending his wrongs, people. I'm not sweeping shit under the rug at all. I'm just saying he's done far more good than all the bad shit (yes that's a liberally biased site but you're not going to find any other kind of site even bothering to compile a list of Obama accomplishments). I don't agree with all he's done for sure. I'm concerned about cyber-privacy and wish the government had more transparency (though I somehow doubt it would've been any different under any other president - I think the corruption of the government has more to do with the entire machine rather than just the president), and under Trump I imagine that'll only get worse (but only time will tell). Still, I just wanted to say "Hey folks, he's done a lot of good too, okay?" because I hear people talking about him like he's some demon, and this happens after every president's term it seems. I was defending GWB last time, believe it or not, yeah he did a ton of shit but he was actually responsible for some good things too believe it or not - though his bad-to-good ratio was a bit worse. Regardless - guess I'm a cynical guy who's trying to be an optimist.

I'm not going to respond to any more attacks to my character just because I said something good about Obama. If you have a beef with him for some reason, that's fine, you don't need to bother reading or replying then because your mind is clearly already made-up, sorry to waste your time.

Anyway, I always assume people who go on about the TPP have really not read anything about it (especially what it actually entails) and have no intention to. Here's a good summary: https://www.reddit.com/sub/politics/comments/4vgyb7/all_americans_should_absolutely_and_resoundin... (also has a pretty mature discussion about it in general).

After reading that I looked into it and lo-and-behold it actually has a lot of good things for minimal bad things concerning copyright and what-not, which could be disputed whether they're really a good or a bad thing depending on who you're asking. Overall it's a bad case of sensationalist garbage and exaggeration and people are going nuts over pretty much nothing.

All in all the TPP is actually something worth discussing at the very least, not blindly hating without actually reading it just because some tabloid or crazy Facebook poster told you to. But nobody is really willing to do shit like think for themselves, anymore it seems everyone just chooses a bandwagon to jump on and that becomes our new lines in the sand between "us" and "them".

I'm personally just sick of this stupid-ass culture war and political nonsense myself. Conservatives think anyone that isn't with them is a pussy SJW liberal, and liberals think anyone that's not with them is a racist Trump-loving shithead. I'm just fucking sick of all of 'em and quit a while ago when I realized literally everyone is being a moron and that the news and social media has succeeded in making everyone idiots who partake in crazy mob-mentalities on both sides thanks to them being enormous insulated echochambers that have killed the idea of nuance (if you click that link, just hear him out, don't exit it just because it's The Amazing Atheist, and ignore the shitty remarks at the beginning because by the end of it he has a fucking point - I usually don't like the smug attitude either but often times he's right regardless, and in that video he pretty much points out what it is I'm talking about) just because people are too lazy to deal with nuance.

Sorry for that last paragraph, kind-of an unnecessary rant, but it was on my mind after thinking of the TPP because it's just another example of how things can get completely out of hand due to bandwagoning.

He wasn't perfect, but he was an improvement over previous, and a better option in whole than the people he ran against.

Troops in combat zones: Don't pretend like every single deployment in the past 8 years has been "evil" or unwarranted. You are painting with a LARGE brush there buddy.

National debt: not even fucking close. increase of ~7T to a total of 18T, during that time the US went through one of the worst depression/crashes in the past 60ish years. Further, nations don't work the way a person, company or house does. Take a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_public_debt we are not far off from world average of developed countries.

I can count on one hand the number of people I agree with in the fed about privacy, cryptography, copyright etc, few of them are in the R party, and none of them were or have run for POTUS.

Policy doesn't matter anymore. Left or Right, Red or Blue, policy has nothing to do with it, people picked a side and they will defend it.

2 "Gave Me's" in that sentence. Democrat 101

I hate all of this shit so much. If you don't like Obama you must be a Trump supporter? Why is this subreddit turning into a political war? Also why is it that everyone is allowed to bash trump supporters in here, but the second a trump supporter says something positive about him (positive at all), they are downvoted to hell and told to go back to the_donald. Maybe you didn't particularly like any of the candidates very much, just some more than others, but get over it. He's going to be our president. Get this political cartoon bullshit out of the default subs and keep it to /sub/politics

Nah, all the comments would be deleted over there ;)

Todays reddit front page is such garbage.

That won't compute for a great many people.

Trump could eat a live infant on TV and there's people that would say that baby had it coming


Seriously. This person is unhinged if they think that acknowledging racism that's already existed is somehow a sign that race relations are "worse."

You mean journalists that get cozy and invited to private events of political figures won't criticize those politicians? Color me surprised. I'd have to read it on NYT tho otherwise your claim is fake news.

black Jimmy Carter with a better PR team.

Don't forget about the time he ordered an air strike on those doctors without borders. Nobel peace prize recipient.... ppfft! Oh, and he's given Iran around $10billion since they signed that fucking nuclear agreement.

I think "debt" and "deficit" are sometimes confused with each other.

Cutting national debt by 50% is impossible in one term. Elementary school math will tell you that. But sometimes people don't want to think for themselves; they'll believe anything they hear from $AUTHORITY, even if it defies common sense.

Meh, at least t_d isn't a default sub. At least in those couple default subs, there should be some kind of quality in the posts...

But yeah, looking at /sub/pics, /sub/funny, and the biggest default shithole /sub/politics...

"If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself. Show up. Dive in. Persevere. Sometimes you’ll win. Sometimes you’ll lose." -Barack Hussein Obama II 2017

you know what I remember? The fact that he kept all of Bush's policies that I hated. Bailing out banksters, more wars and illegal drone strikes in the middle east, upped surveillance of the American citizen. All of the things I hated Bush for he did even more of. I'm black and I was happy to see a black president but not so much so that I would forget when he was being Bush 2.0.

One cannot help but see the contrast between the outgoing President and the incoming President-Elect, especially when the differences are so startling.

I like you.