F/21/5' [155->108 = 47lbs] (8 months) Almost done!

F/21/5' [155->108 = 47lbs] (8 months) Almost done!

155->123->117->108 I cleaned up my act AND my mirror!

You are the perfect example of how a woman can be "thin" and still be "curvy." Congrats on your success!

Dear god, why wasn't I gifted with such an awesome hip to waist ratio :(

she sounds nice

Omg thank you! My roommate said I have gotten rather flat in my weight loss. Glad someone else disagrees with her :)

Finally! Someone that is my height! I'm exactly your starting weight and my goal weight is 110. This is so perfect on so many levels! I need to clean up my act too

For the love of all that is right in the world, do not listen to your roommate. Your progress is admirable. In fact, I'm going to save this thread and look at it when I feel discouraged.

Be proud of what you've accomplished. It's fantastic.

For the first like 40 lbs I ate at 1000-1200 cals and ran 3 miles every day I went to school (so like 4 days a week) and IF. Around May this year I got to 112 lbs and lazed out and started maintaining. Turns out I had created good habits and portion control so maintaining wasn't too bad. Now I either walk or bike everywhere. I'm hoping to get them sick abs soon when I kick my butt at the gym classes at school this semester.

Yeah, I think she was teasing. Although my measurements say sad and true things about my bust. Luckily I'm happy not getting diabetes and giving up some boobage!

Your bust is completely proportional to the rest of you, which is a good thing! I have a good friend who always says that "boobs are boobs", they're all nice, no matter the size.

Yo if you need someone to be there and encourage you feel free to PM me! :D You got this!

Geez! Killer waist. Great job.

I eat 75% veggies and the rest is shrimp/chicken/ice cream. I just didn't do breakfast and for lunch I would have an egg and some veggies. For dinner I would go wild and have a whole plate full of veggies and shrimp or soup or both! And then of course I had some of my daily dose of sugar, usually in the form of ice cream.

I used MFP to keep track of everything and I also used a scale (food and for my weight) daily until I got used to the sizes I should be eating.

60.5 inches...that's like 15 gerbils tall!

Great work on the progress!

You know what I think is hilarious? I started my weight loss because my aunt told me I'm bound to be obese bc genetics. Take that aunt!!

Image-right waist would be a very difficult shop if this were true.

I think this is more a function of her being short, at 5'. Unlike fashion models who are tall, a lot of sub/softcore models are around 5'2'' for this reason.

Heck yeah I do! Starting waist: 32in Now waist: 24.5

I didn't realize how expensive replacing my wardrobe would end up being.

You look fantastic! What did you do to get here?

Your roommate if full of shite. You are obviously curvy and I mean that in the actual sense not the "honor my rolls" sense.

I'm smol. I think on a good day I'm 60.5 inches. :,(

Literally no idea. I think I'm still working on it? From what I've learned there is no spot reducing. You work out and take what your body gives you. Maybe do some ab stuff so the muscles tighten up more because you have to have abs for them to show!!

Wow you look amazing! I hope you don't mind me asking- how tall are you? This is very inspiring

I smell a jealous hater. You look great!