Exxon Mobil has reportedly applied for a waiver to work in Russia

Exxon Mobil has reportedly applied for a waiver to work in Russia
Exxon Mobil has reportedly applied for a waiver to work in Russia

I no longer find myself outraged. I feel as if I'm living in some kind of dark comedy.

Hey look, that thing we all said was going to happen is happening

Because it's massively fucking predictable. This was almost the entire point of the orange moron's presidency being bought & paid for from the start. Russia hacks (oh my), Exxon guy in charge of foreign affairs (say what), Russia has an oil field they can only drill with Exxon hardware, but not with sanctions in place (ahhh there it is).

Of course The_donald pleebs would tell you I made this all up because I'm a liberal who pays black men to fuck my wife while I watch. And you know... her emails.

How is this not massive fucking news? This is the quid pro quo, no?

Outrage fatigue.

It will be. But it's just one more thing. Spicer will talk in psychotic loops of denial, and Trump will wave something shiny at the public by tweeting something about Rosie O'donnel's pussy farts. This is what it is to live in a thinly veiled dictatorship now.

Edit: today's top news will be about Bill O'Reilly. He's your shiny object of the week.

It may be an unpopular opinion but I think Exxon would ask no matter who the POTUS is. If the waiver is granted, that's a big deal IMO.

The swamp was drained, but theres oil down there!

And there it is. This has been coming for months.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. and several other countries introduced sanctions. These sanctions killed a big deal between Rosneft and Exxon Mobil to do offshore drilling in the arctic and black sea. Like "$500 billion" big.

Given the allegations of talk about Russian sanctions between the Trump campaign and Russian officials (Carter Page and Michael Flynn especially), the appointment of the former CEO of Exxon Mobil to Secretary of State, and the allegation of quid-pro-quo from Rosneft to Trump in the infamous Steel dossier, it's easy to see how people might think something stinks if the waiver is approved.

But...it's actually happening. In the light of day. This should be front page news, should it not?

And, sadly, I'm sure they'll get it. Now they won't have to lift sanctions. God, how I hate these people.

But the politicians said that things would be different, this time.

Do you think that they'd just do that? Just go on the Internet and lie?


This is exactly what they want

Whaaaaaaa?????? Shocked, I had no idea this was coming! Well, I am sure the executive branch will surely not allow this to happen. Surely their former CEO will not allow his influence over his department cloud his duty as an American citizen in being a fair and just employee of the US people. And surely the level headed members of the_donald will stand up against unfair decisions, in the rare case it should occur. Just as they did with the MOAB that was dropped recently.

It's exactly what they wanted now they can do whatever they want and we're too tired to do anything about it

Yep never even occurred to me that they wouldn't even have to lift the sanctions. They're just going to side step them.

Honestly, you're right. Exxon is a huge multinational corp and Russia has a massive Oil & Gas industry.

They should be asking for a waiver, it's their business

It isn't spin when the former CEO that led the effort to partner with the Russian state oil company is now the SOS for a president that has been accused of working with the Russians to not only win an election, but to benefit financially(or his associates) when sanctions against the very thing that Exxon wants to do are lifted. Rex Drillerson's net worth alone would skyrocket from his hundreds of millions of dollars in exxon stock. To say nothing about all the backdoor deals that would open up for Trump for pushing that through. For all we know Trump is blackmailed by the russian mob/Putin and is acting under orders. None of this is spin. This is all totally and 100% plausable and there is a mountain of evidence to suggest it in the public domain right now. Can you imagine what the FBI/NSA/CIA have?

I find I can remain outraged. You should work on your outrage stamina.

It goes to show motive. Doesn't necessarily provide any proof that anything actually occurred. We still need an independent investigation for that.

Yeah I don't know how this will turn out, but I can assume that congressional Republicans and Democrats a like are keeping a close eye on this and will subsequently be denied. But it's enough for Exxon to be able to say to their stockholders "we tried, don't blame us"

That was the plan all along.

Create so much outrage, you become numb to it.

Don't be outraged, that's OK. But don't stop caring about Exxon mobile colluding with Russia to undermine our democracy so they could profit.

Boycott Exxon. If you live in a blue state, see if you can't get Exxon mobile out of your state. Call your state representative and see what they are willing to do to fight this. It'll only take 10 minutes of your time.

This is the moment where we have to push through. We can't keep giving up generation after generation.

THIS !! This is how trump became president. Putin and Tillerson want to move billions of dollars worth of oil out of the arctic. trump was just a means to an end.

We all knew it was going to happen.

because I'm a liberal who pays black men to fuck my wife while I watch

I work pro bono, fam.

Explain this to me please?

What have they done this year that would lead you to believe they'll do the right thing?

I feel like if you wrote a book I would be so educated in current affairs and insults. Please advise.

Only when you are running on a platform of non-intervention. I'm no pacifist, but the person deciding on dropping bombs seems more concern over his chocolate cake than the ramifications of the decisions he is making. T_D was all about non interference, until he interfered. Then, all of a sudden, it was memes about how much more ass we could kick.

There's a bafoon president for a fall guy and everything

The Republican controlled Congress is the problem.

"The days of hamstringing American businesses with ridiculous trade deals like the Russian sanction deal, which is a terrible deal, are over. Period. This is a great day, President Trump has once again shown us that the art of the deal can overcome even the most difficult international relations (and they are difficult because of Obama). America is safer because of this deal and so many jobs will be created by this. The fake news about collusion, which isn't even illegal per-say, is just jealousy of us winning over and over and over and is entirely funded by deep state globalists. Period."

Sean Spicer probably

Just go on the Internet and lie?

What? No no no. They do it in real life too!

About as subtle as a hand grenade

The most informative books about current affairs were written decades ago.

If Trump follows the Putin playbook the independent investigation will be carried out by the board members of Exxon.

Whoa...who saw this coming?

Make america Russia Again.

The world is run by amoral, corrupt, avaricious shitheads?

The dossier said this would happen. It's all looking true now. Golden shower anybody?

I mean, this was literally the reason why Tillerson was picked.

We bitch about business doing business things all the time. A lot of business things are terrible for society.

Say what you will about Marx: this is golden.

Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

So what I've gathered is, if this gets approved the Russia - Trump allegations are more likely?

Ok Compooper was good but imo Kid Ass was better

Except if the waiver is granted because Trump and/or Tillerson are personally profiting from it? We know Tillerson is and Trump might be too for all we know since he refuses to turn over his taxes. But, hey, it's just business. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

For anyone curious: this authority is specifically delegated to OFAC, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, a division of the Treasury which administers the U.S. sanctions program and is frequently referred to as "the most powerful agency no one has ever heard of." These guys are specifically charged with issuing licenses and exemptions which immunize against sanctions-related penalties.

Spend more time on your Hegel Kegels.

April news:


Through the lens of January news:


Seems like it should be bigger news...

I definitely think the US bought off Russian complicity in Syria by promising Exxon will be allowed a US Treasury Dept. waiver to make an oil deal with Roseneft? Depending upon the size of the deal it would help stabilize Russia's economy (if it happens), keep the US and Russia from directly engaging in Syria, keep pressure on the Saudis to stabilize the price of oil, and allow the US and the "rebels' to slowly eradicate the Syrian government.

The Big Win for the US is that Russia willingly keeps the US PETRO DOLLAR in some oil transactions.

Therefore, voting for Democrats, or at least anyone who will work against the Republican agenda, is the solution.

Nope, the Treasury department seems to be the entity that can grant the waiver.

It would be nice to know who picked up that 19% stake in Rosneft recently.

These traitors and all those traitors in the White House should be thrown into prison. They all put money before country and Putin uses that.

Rosneft (Russian state owned oil corp) cant develop its Arctic fields wihout Exxon technology and experience. Rex Tillerson (RT, mere coincidence) was head of Exxon when Rosneft and Exxon struck a deal worth 500 billion to develop Arctic field. Russia decided to invade Ukraine and annex Crimea and got slapped with sanctions that halted the deal. Trump gets help from the Kremlin to get elected and now Russia may be asking for and granted a waiver while sanctions are in place. Rex, Trump and Putin all make hand over fist in oil money.

Yeah Exxon has been a joint partner on Russian oil projects pretty much since the Cold War. I'd imagine that they were originally opposed to them (although I admit I haven't done the research). This isn't a surprise that they want to continue their projects in Russia.

The real news will be if Exxon actually gets approved to be exempt from sanctions. Then it will be super shady because Rex tillerson is Secretary of State.

Everyone that cared too look. I didn't expect it so soon. Although I doubt Putie cares about subtly.

You should've already been boycotting exxon after what they pulled with the valdez spill in Alaska.


I hear people gripe about BP, but at least they paid up. Mobil gas will never be pumped into my car if I can avoid it!



Democracy. Democracy of an American populace who are cheated out of a decent leadership (willingly so in many cases) and Democracy of countries who wanted freedom from Russia, were subsequently slaughtered for trying, only to have the USA pull a 180 on acting like we care. Because money.

Its hard to access oil but Exxon has patented technology that can get to it.

Well, when was the last time they applied? Is this just a "ok it's been a year let's resubmit" sorta thing?

You left out a few important details that make this very shady.

You first. Right behind you.

That's a fair statement.

Oh hey, lookie there: it's that thing everyone said was gonna happen as soon as Rex Tillerson's name was first mentioned for SoS.

the question is why would the US let them (which is the premise here, that Trump is going to) when we have sanctions levied against them to harm their economy as punishment for Crimea/Ukraine and allowing this deal would do the exact opposite, give Russia half a trillion dollars.

a tiny orange hand slowly raises


IDK, what if we quibble about who's not progressive enough and how both parties are the same and also that voting for a third party is a totally reasonable thing to do and saying otherwise is why Trump won instead?

And by members of the Republican party.

Nope, that was our last best hope; now instead of the Star Trek future, we get the Fallout 3 future.

Yep. I noticed this early on. If everything gets nitpicked people will get tired of the constant noise. Every fucking golf game, every gaff, everything. I'm starting to get more annoyed with peoples outrage than the issue itself.

Absolutely terrible but for two reasons:

One, that the leaders in the GOP congress are that fucking petty, devious and downright malicious.

And Two, that our leaders in the Dem congress let them do it.

That ol' adage of just ignore them and they'll go away doesn't work with sociopaths and evangelicals because their ignorant followers have no understanding or use for maturity or education. They actually see it as a weakness - mostly because they have neither. So walking away just emboldens them further.

I'm actually one of the few on the left who will happily engage and downright pound some of these jokers online. And that's mostly bc this stupid shit has gone too far and if it gets much further, we may not be able to come back.

an orange hand slowly raises

Doesn't this have to go through Congress?

Exxon and Rosneft formally signed a deal in March of 2012 to work together on Arctic oil projects that have a price tag that Putin described as a figure "too scary to utter" (several hundred billion to half a trillion dollars), which are estimated to begin production around 2022.

Back in 2011 Rosneft was looking for a Western partner to help them with the technological hurdles they'll face in the arctic and originally wanted to partner with BP. BP was already partners with TNK-BP (TNK was a large Russian oil company that allowed BP to operate in Russia when Western influences were rarely allowed to and eventually they entered partnership).

A few years later Rosneft bought out TNK-BP. At the time of the purchase TNK-BP was Russia's third largest oil producer (which gives you an idea of how ridiculously huge Rosneft is).

I was reading a chapter on the history of Russia's oil industry earlier today in Daniel Yergin's "The Quest..." and highly recommend it. This article doesn't even surprise me, it's all about the oil.

Do you want to be added to a list? Because that's how you get added to a list.

This is like the beginning of Halliburton 2.0

Sans the whimsy of 100's of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths and cataclysmic destruction. Geesh

This NYT article is much more thorough than the 5-sentence MSNBC article, and not behind a paywall like the linked WSJ article.

This is not news (waiver is from 2015, and Exxon partnered with Rosneft in 2011).

Exxon is trying to beat an Italian competitor to the punch before end of 2017 which is why they reactivated the appeal.

Let's see how this plays out...

Yep. Buckle up for a few more years of colossal stupidity before America learns enough to changes course. Hopefully we don't get nuked or wreck the earth in the process.

The dossier the FBI is running with suggests people connected to the Trump admin.



Every time I see 'T_D' I see a little Terminator face coming purge the world of progress.

of course not. when trump said he was gonna drain the swamp, he meant the one in russia, filled with oil.

Always brother.

Pro boning*

Reading this would be a whole lot more informative than if I try to explain it to you.


Russia did bad things. Obama administration put sanctions which forbade doing business with Russia. Company owned by Trump's buddy now wants to be exempt from this and will make billions of $$ because Trump will likely let them.

Did I get something wrong? I didn't really bother reading into it.

Nothing to see here, folks.


The construction company I am interning for rn has the highest bid for the wall (so the employees say) and I believe they also are the GC for Exxon for this project.

Why? This has happened in the past, shouldn't be a surprise. American oil companies were even providing fuel to the Germans during WWII.

International business is intrinsically tied to politics by its very nature.

Well I'm not convinced that you have a petroleum engineering background either. You didn't say anything I didn't know from skimming headlines about this over the last few years.

Having the highest bid for the wall sounds like the company is doing something wrong...

The MOAB was an unfair decision?

This is more than money or environment. It's geopolitics. Let's not forget how the sanctions got there to begin with. Circumventing them for a specific applicant who has ties to an increasingly questionable US government would be the icing on the cake that seems just about ready to come out of Russia's oven.

It's like a murder mystery with people being murdered right in front of the police and they are still scratching their heads

And this is the pilot " Pee Pee "


"... people will get tired of the constant noice."

Read the Steele dossier


I don't think he did that by accident.