Extreme Darts

I love the guy in grey flipping off the cameras afterwards.

Too bad this doesn't have sound. The announcers in these darts tournaments are really over the top. I get a kick out of them saying "Onnnne hundred aaand eiiiiggghhhhtttyy!"

Do all of those people know they're watching darts?

Just a bit of back story for this gif :

This is the finals of the Premier League. It's the biggest league in darts. Consider it the NBA finals or what not.

Van Gerwen (green shirt) is ranked #1 and is arguably one of the best players in the history of the game and in the last few years has been completely dominating this game.

Peter Wright (mohawk) is ranked #3 and one of those top 5 players that has always been good but never won a TV finals to make him truly an elite player.

A bit of history between the 2 :

They aren't enemies or anything of that sort, it's just Peter Wright has always been the whipping boy to Van Gerwen on TV... that is until 2 years ago. He finally got the monkey off his back by beating Van Gerwen in Japan on TV. It was such a relief that he wept on stage. You could truly tell how much it meant to him.

I think that's when Wright's confidence picked up. He's won a couple televised tournaments this year and brought his ranking up to #3. He's been on fire and has beaten Van Gerwen leading up to the finals.

Now to the gif :

This is the last leg (game) of the match. First to 11 legs. You can see both have 10. The reason why Van Gerwen is so pumped up after he hit a 180 is because Wright had 6 darts on the previous leg to win the match and be crowned champion. He would've been only the 6th player to have won the Premiere League be one of the very few very elite players (even though he is already imo).

He was so dejected by missing the 6 darts, the match ways already over by the time it got to the deciding leg. Van Gerwen just added salt to the wound by hitting the maximum and completely demoralizing Wright.

The gif is great but to have watched the match leading up to this was incredible. I hope you guys go to espn3.com and watch the match. It's free. The more people get interested in darts, the better. I love seeing anything darts related on the front pages of Reddit!

I'll be happy to answer any dart related questions!

Most of them are pretty fuckin' drunk.

One huuuuuundred and aaaaaayyyyyyyeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeigh

It's enjoyable watching people who are so passionate about what they do.

I keep rewatching just for that.

I imagine it's something like this

Who do you think you are?

I am.

wouldn't doubt it - nsfw

I love the guy dressed as Fred flintstone

Isn't that a requirement for darts or have I been doing it wrong?

I don't know what's more uncomfortable: the ballistic shooting glasses, the pop-up grandstands which are not designed for that ceiling height, the lack of sufficient lighting, or the dramatic camera pans.

And yeah that speech too

Pawn Stars got cancelled?

He's about to go crush some pussy.



Some of them don't even know they're still alive

17 perfect darts

Van Gerwen is recognised as one of, if not the, best players in the world. Watching him play in a major tournament can be really quite intense.

This video where he gets is really incredible.

That my friend is most definitely the UK.

Forgot to point out that MVG is only 28....

I wouldnt expect anything less from someone who attends a professional dart competition

"That's right! Who do you think you are?! I am!!"

He did not practice his victory speech.

I shit you not the Muppets make an appearance in that video... WHAT IS PROFESSIONAL DARTS

Bullseye is only worth 50 points

Played darts only once in my life.

Game started sober, ended up shitfaced blackout drunk.

So yeah, I think it's a requirement.

I got so mindfucked when I found out Van Gerwen is only 28 years old. I was sure he was at least 40 :p


Thank you very much for that. I thought the 180 score was the reason for the reaction. Not necessarily... it was just the backbreaker (for people unfamiliar with how good they are, they each hit 180 a handful of times).

I've since watched the entire match... The six darts to hit a mere 16. Ouch. The pressure and agony was on display.

Fascinating stuff.

I don't want to break my monitor. No thanks.


why does EVERY sport have some type of sports glasses, I mean really? Bowling glasses!

Double bullseye are worth 50 points per dart. The inner ring on a dart board triples the number value. Triple twenty would be 60 points, so you can score a maximum of 180 points each round.

You never know when that bowling ball might attack your face. Gotta be ready.


I really wanna see mohawk throw

Apparently it's just a crazy party at these events. People don't really come for the darts. It's just something to cheer for while your wasted.

You know its ok for people to enjoy things you don't, right?

Basically a lot of British people getting drunk.

"And thats a bad miss"

I'm more impressed that darts 🎯 has that many fans. That's a big crowd.

I bet he can hit it from the other side of the room

More fans there than at the National Championships for women's softball

I mean, dart groupies. It's all well that it's on tap but getting to finger Sandra, aged 52, whilst she downs a pint of Tetley's isn't so great.

He's hitting a triple 20 (60 points) each time. A bullseye is only worth 50 points. Also they're playing 501, which means they have to get exactly 501 points to win. This can be done in nine darts, or three turns. As an added bit of difficulty their last point has to be a double, so they have to leave an even number to 'double out' on.

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Joe Biden is taking the Trump Presidency hard.

I would suspect though every subculture has it's share of groupies that will bang you just because of your status.

This is the correct answer

It's just about marketing and sponsorships. If a company wanted to pay me to wear glasses while I eat lunch in public I would, fuck it.

13s mark, top right of the box in the bottom left corner.

Alexander the Great wept salt tears...

I got hit in the head with a bowling ball once. If only I'd had my safety-goggles.

I got hit in the head with a bowling ball once.

The absolute minimum to finish a 501-game is 9 darts, which is called a 9 darter. Throwing a 9 darter is so rare that even the professional darters will have a hard time to do so. This guy throws a 9 darter and then 8 perfect darts after that, ultimately missing the final dart for 2 9-darters in a row

He basically threw 3xT20(60)-3xT20(60)-T20(60), T19 (57) and D12(24) IN THAT ORDER(or some variation) . which is basically very very hard to do

That all-business stance went primal real quick.

It was just as good as I'd hoped.

They start on 501 then aim for 60 most of the time to try and get 180 cos that the highest they can get, but some aim for treble 19 or 18 as well. Then once they get to 170 or below they are able to finish, so they aim for whatever number combination will make them finish on 0. Oh and the last dart has to be a double

How is that a meme?

I love how he did it 3 x 60 few times in a row, and I'm still watching. Guy's insane.

Former semi pro. Traveled the world playing. Answer, yes. I would suspect though every subculture has it's share of groupies that will bang you just because of your status.

This one in particular, but he added some gusto to put off his opponent (Wright), since Wright had just missed 6 darts to win the match. MvG had expected to lose a highly-coveted title he currently holds and then as if by magic, gets himself ahead and looking good for the win - hence he almost exploded.

The surface area of the center is a little smaller, yes, but both are very hard to hit consistently. The error margin on a triple 20 includes a lot of surface area worth 20. Hit a triple and then miss closely twice? ONE HUNDRED! hit a bullseye and miss closely twice... 50+ garbage. Makes all the difference in a cumulative game.

Then your score doesn't count for those three darts. So if you have 120 left and you accidentally throw 130 your turn is over and your remaining score is still 120.

Also worth mentioning that Wright whitewashed MvG 6-0 just 8 days prior - a very, very rare whitewash of an often seemingly-unbeatably dominant player. This was payback.

(Slight aside: Peter Wright got into the final because history's greatest player, Phil Taylor, who he beat in the semi's, also missed six darts at a double sealing his fate and halting his comeback. What goes around comes around!)

Holy shit. Never watched darts before but that was really exciting.