Ex-Bush ethics lawyer: If you don't revoke Kushner's security clearance, just give one to Putin

Ex-Bush ethics lawyer: If you don't revoke Kushner's security clearance, just give one to Putin
Ex-Bush ethics lawyer: If you don't revoke Kushner's security clearance, just give one to Putin

"After details of the meeting were publicized, Kushner faced broad criticism, with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) saying on MSNBC last week

'In a normal world, we wouldn't be talking about security clearances, Jared Kushner would have been fired about four hours ago'"

And that's why nepotism in government is unethical.

A lot of Trumpsters are saying that Putin should have that clearance.

If he could have gotten away with it, Trump would have kept Flynn.

06/23/17 Trump regrets decision to fire Flynn: report http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/339120-trump-regrets-decision-to-fire-flynn-report

President Trump considered restoring former national security adviser Michael Flynn to his White House role after his resignation in February and still praises the former aide, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Trump would have done the same for Flynn.

A lot of trumpskis aren't Americans... a lot aren't even human.

Yet, the administration will never revoke Kushner's security clearance. That's why everyone needs to keep pressing and continue applying pressure. Don't let them continue pulling this shit and telling constant lies.

Never forget it was kushner who tried to set up a kremlin backchannel bypassing our intelligence agencies.

But that would cut into Trump's family from fully benefiting from this presidency.

Just want to give a shout out to Richard W. Painter for the last six months. He seems to resemble what a sane Republican party is supposed to represent. If the GOP had any spine or held to their morals his opinion would be the benchmark.


In a normal world we'd be bitching about who HRC had over to the White House for dinner.

Yup. Nothing happens to Trump, nothing, unless Republicans believe impeaching him is the only way to hold on to congress in 2018.

Think of the kinipshit if he pardons Flynn and rehires him

His former top adviser resigned because he met the Russians. His current top adviser also met the Russians. If Trump replaced Kushner, whoever that is, you bet he/she already met the Russians.

I believe most of the GOP are also compromised. Also, all are ready to accept Russian help to stay in office.

Yup see more of those on twitter than Reddit. On Reddit it's usually a fairly new account that is only posting fake news to subreddit and rarely if ever commenting.

If you know anything about ethics lawyers this should be no surprise. To be a successful ethics lawyer means you are extremely non partisan. They don't take shit from anyone. They are by the book. Period.

He's also a racist and an all around bigot.

Female suffrage was a mistake.

And this:

What is so unbearably bad about "Nazis" that you're willing to jettison your race rather than associate with them?

We're dealing with a Fondling Father here.

Instead of a library, after 2020 he and Putin will get their heads carved on Mount Russianmore.

Haha ! I love how we are witnessing the nimble switch from "Russia is a hoax" to "well everyone would have taken the opportunity to collude with an adversary of our nation" and or "this is the fault of Congress, Obama,Hillary and the secret service"

After Kennedy we tried putting an end to nepotism. You are watching why it's bad.

I can't imagine the Founding Fathers intended the pardon to be a get out of jail free card for the President and his cronies. Clemency is a mercy from the President, not for the President.

Exactly. If you cut off Kushner, he can't influence anything into his own pocketbook anymore. They want more money from Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, Russia...any other governments I'm forgetting about?

I don't want to live in this dankest timeline anymore.

Yeah, very frequently you notice an uptick in Breitbart articles and the like on this sub around the time when Moscow opens for business.

You similarly see an uptick in trolls around that time.

I noticed this about a year ago, and it continues.

The Reddit management solution seems to be to disallow down-voting on this sub.

Republicans right now   http://imgur.com/7Nq2iuO

Republicans right now

Post history checks out. Move to Russia dude.

Except this time it's not a scare... I trust the intelligence agencies more than I trust a family known for scummy practices, that has been caught lying multiple times, and stands to benefit from the collusion.

No no Flynn had to resign because he lied to Pence about it. Lol.

Fundraising for legal fees.

And what sorta ketchup she used. There's no more obvious corruption than the Obamas buying all that Heinz ketchup. Completely obvious bribe to the Sec of State. It's even worse than the Trumps staying at Trump properties.

I mean he kills journalists but ok

Qatar, seriously. They didn't give him a half billion dollar loan and then he was apparently encouraging the new gulf ststaes sanctions/pressure on them for "supporting terrorism"

I think all of these people will end up getting a pardon at some time or other.

Yeah, but then Flynn has to admit to crimes and no longer has 5th Amendment rights.

As a general in Intelligence, Flynn also knows where they put people with knowledge he has and what they do to them.

The fool wanted a direct back channel to communicate with Russia. And he still has a security clearance.


I'm starting to equate ethics lawyers and career FBI to the Treasurer in a Frat: he's your bro, but he's the one guy who has to be an asshole to everyone to make sure the place runs.

How do you explain Trump Jr, Kushner, and Manafort's little meeting if it's just all smoke and mirrors by those dastardly Democrats and the media? Is it normal to have to change the story every 5 minutes as more and more information comes out?

I don't think anyone can look at that, especially in the context of the Russian scandal, and think that it looks like the actions of an innocent group of people.

Try and choose country over party when the Feds come for the Trump's. It's not some giant conspiracy but rather the logical outcome of something than any objective person can clearly see. History will prove one of us right.

"Bad things happened before, so doing those same bad things now is perfectly okay"

Did I read that correctly?

Just bots.

I have no idea what's best to deal with them since they're indistinguishable from Trump's actual fans who just troll for fun.

I think just down-voting is best.

Nothing to see here just a shitty alt right troll acct

"I mean why not? We should have a stronger relationship with the thief who broke into our house and nearly killed our dog."

No, thanks.

"You can't charge me with anything if some old lady who isn't the President also did something bad. That's double jeopardy!"

and for the record in any non-western democratic liberal Government (the thing the Trump White House seems to want to destroy) like China or Russia or Turkey or North Korea if someone of Kushner's or Flynn's position was suspected of aiding a foreign nation they and their families would not have a "pleasant" future.


Is this some sort of weird mutation of "conniption fit?"

What's pence even up to these days?

If he is called before congress he will have to talk about what he has been pardoned for. He will no longer have the right to the 5th, that's why he appealed for immunity.

We know he is guilty, we just are going against the best espionage force in existence(KGB/ FSB or whatever it's been re-branded as today.)

That was a rookie mistake. They were panicked about Russia becoming a story once Flynn was exposed and flynn's optics were terrible. That alone would be comey level scandle if it hadn't been handled.

Trump and administration were still wet ink new, they hadn't tried the hunker down approach ( ala jarred ) yet.

Trump has always regretted firing Flynn and occasionally muses about bringing him back on as recently as May.

.... consult the cartoon frog

Helen fucking Keller could see the problem right now.


let me guess the russian crap is all dems upset over losing and we shouldnt be upset even if its true because everyone colludes.

if you have to go back 50 years for an example to back your ass up.. then something is fucked up. Anyways, a slow dog could see the problem right now.

No, no, no....Heinz ketchup on well done dry aged NY Strip steak is Donald. Cheddar burgers, medium-well is Dijon Mustard for Obama.

Hillary, well she claims it's hot sauce.

duh, President Obama SPECIFICALLY WARNED the godless emperor for life wanna elect be that Gen. Flynn was already KNOWN to be completely compromised, but that did not MATTER, IN FACT it is exactly "why" he nominated him thinking that being in Office that he as the Godless Emperor For Life Wanna Be of the United States of trump would quickly quash any in depth investigation into Flynns recent past dealings and that the nomination was simply a rubber stamp affair...

That's just totally unrelated fake news that'll likely be proven to be 10% accurate with another 90% of obvious collusion yet to be discovered!

How many weeeks do you bet we’ve got before Trump announces our merger with Russia, and he walks off with a giant bonus?

How many weeeks do you bet we’ve got before Trump announces our merger with Russia, and he walks off with a giant bonus?

Or Trump announces we have traded the Russians Alaska for some magic beans, the very best most high quality beans.

Muh freeze peach!

remember the populace always votes for the less corrupt.

Clearly not.

Just to confirm you think people should be permitted to lie about foreign contacts on their sf-86?

If you don't follow him on Twitter, you should. @RWPUSA is a tweet master. Forthright and really funny.

Why not give security clearance to Abu al'Baghdadi or whatever the ISIS guys name is? Then we could have a better relationship with ISIS!

It's not sarcasm it's a trollbot, check the history and age of the account

Whatever it is, it is beautiful.

Hiding in a closet avoiding any press whatsoever until Trump has resigned or been removed.

Or explain every meeting. It wasn't long ago trump and company all denied any such meetings ever existed among many other troubling facts such as the firing of comey, the desire to lift sanctions, the giving of secret information to russians, the financial connections etc etc. The only time the trump administration or campaign has told the truth related to anything russian has been when they've been caught red handed. Every opportunity they've lied and theyve been caught in many lies, and still his supporters think it's the media that is being dishonest.

No way he hated Flynn from the beginning, but Obama begged him to take the guy on./s

LIBRARY????? I cant wait to see all those colouring books and crayolas in one place

Flynn doesn't have to admit to anything to get a pre-emptive pardon. The president can technically pre-pardon anyone and everyone for any possible crimes committed but has yet to surface. But things would elevate instantly from there.

Remember when Trump have Russia top secret isis Intel?

It seems as though they've already given putty security clearance

HRC was a corrupt piece of shit and Trump exposed her...

Lol, how much of your brain has been lobotomized? Hillary ever sell out the United States to our longest-standing enemy? Idiotic posts like yours stopped being funny a year ago.

Robot roll call!

Trolls lose their high. Paid per vote (''proof of visablity'') accounts suffer. Impossible to downvote brigade.

Let's see how it plays out?

If we don't get rid of Trump and his entire shady crew, then Putin does have clearance.

Which won't happen. Anything that goes wrong can be blamed on Hillary.

Just because presidents have appointed family members to power in the past without a major incident, doesn't mean that appointing family members to power (in this case without any government experience) doesn't lead to nepotism and serious ethical breaches.

The situation with Kushner and Trump Jr are a case study in why nepotism is problematic. 1) Trump Jrs legal fees are being paid out of Trump campaign funds. How do you think Trump staffers feel who have pay for their own legal fees? How long do you think it will take for them to jump ship and leak like so many already have. 2) Instead of addressing serious questions about a meeting with foreign officials from a country which US intelligence has said attempted to interfere in our elections, Trump focuses on defending his son as "good kid" and a "quality person". 3) Kushner omitted more than a 100 foreign contacts on his intelligence clearance forms under pains of perjury, an offense that would result in the immediate firing of anyone else in government with a security clearance. Republicans will not hold Trump's son-in-law to the same standards they would any other individual, because they want to ingratiate themselves to Trump in order to pursue their legislative agenda.

Maybe Trump will instead have his face carved into the Grand Canyon so as to perfectly capture his supple orange skin.

But this is the one where Abed found the nickel.

Kushner looks like how I imagine Voldemort when he was working for Borgan and Burkes

Every form of corruption is worse under Trump than it's every been. Corporate appointments, nepotism, conflicts of interest, self dealing. I don't know what you're smoking to believe otherwise.

Looking at his posting history, my guess is a 13 year old with a learning disability.

Trump/any other future Presidents don't have the mandate to pardon them from State crimes.

There's a reason Mueller is moving slowly and deliberately.

Yes I also agree with virtue: the president dah.

This says it all:

"Ex-Bush ethics lawyer: If you don't revoke Kushner's security clearance, just give one to Putin (thehill.com)"

The right people, organizations, and committees need to understand this....

Trump and his family are obviously running the government and these so-called laws like anti-nepotism are not doing anything to stop them. Makes you wonder about US democracy...maybe it is failing.

Just to be clear though, if solid proof does emerge that we have a Russian stooge sitting in the White House, you still won't care, right?

its supposed to put partisan idiots at ease. if they won't listen to anyone else, maybe they would listen to a republican. but I guess not.

A Trumpster told me once that they admire what Putin did to Russia and they wish a strongman would do it to the USA.

Basically, they don't believe in American democracy.

...they got conned by Russian propaganda.

It was like talking to a RT spokesmodel.

Um, have you heard any of the shit Jeff Sessions has been saying?

'In a normal world, we wouldn't be talking about security clearances, Jared Kushner would have been fired about four hours ago'"

In a country like China or Russia he would have been shot about four hours ago.

Edit: or i should say one hour 59 minutes ago. One hour for the investigation. One hour for the trial. One minute for the execution.

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Let me help you out here:

in any non-(western democratic liberal) Government [...] like China or Russia or Turkey or North Korea

It was slightly strange sentence structure but the meaning was still clear. They were talking about countries that are not western, liberal, or democracies, using China as an example.

Flynn who? Campaign director? Never heard of the position.

So given Hillary won the popular vote, you're saying she's less corrupt, right?

No he was talking about a Comey-level scented candle. A scented candle powerful enough to itself be the former director of the FBI.

i heard hillary is hiking in some hills somewhere. dont think she matters anymore.