[EVERYTHING] State an unpopular opinion of yours?

[EVERYTHING] State an unpopular opinion of yours?

I'm interested to see what others think, my unpopular opinion is Bronn or Tormund should have died in season 7! Bronn by Drogon or Tormund by the wights. I understand it wouldn't have furthered the plot in anyway like other deaths have, but I felt like it was there time.

Tyrion turning out to be a Targ would be the dumbest fucking thing ever.

I prefer theory posts and not endless pictures/cos play outfits

Bran is not the Night King

Bronn should have died on the ballistae

Fuck the art on this sub. 99% of it sucks and is literally just the same picture of Tyrion/Jaime over and over again. Give the artists their own subreddit so we can go back to how things were in season 1-6. Sub kinda sucks now compared to before.

Selmy's death wasn't handled poorly. He deserved a noble death, but since when do characters in this show always get what they deserve?

Euron was brought into the show too late and the show would have been better without him. I am a fan of both Pilou Asbæk and book Euron, but the way Euron was written into the show seemed too forced to me.

Arthur Dayne dual wielding swords was weird with respect to the middle ages-ish setting and makes Dawn less special

Can't believe that shite gained so much traction.

The off-season is dark and full of shitposts

Jon shouldn't have knelt to Daenerys.

Euron is terribly written and acted.

Azor Ahai is a false prophesy.

Tyrion and Sansa should end up together

Season 7 wasn't as bad as most people are making it out to be, it was still very much enjoyable.

I like the acting, but not the writing.

It's really annoying how every time someone mentions Robert Baratheon, the top comment is "GODS I WAS STRONG THEN".


How could Dawn have been made special in the show though? To someone who only watches the show, Arthur Dayne would have just been a guy with a white sword. The dual wielding made him unique and memorable in the show. Arthur Dayne and Dawn were awesome in the books, but I also appreciate the limitations of a TV show and liked the way D&D portrayed Dayne in S6

Yes, I think it would have ruined what we saw between him and his father Tywin if in the end he wasn't even his father after all!

That one actually seems like it was the intended direction but George Lucas cut that storyline.

The set-up for littlefinger's death was good. Not his death itself, that deserved more time, but the build up. Arya was testing sansa. Arya really didnt know if she could trust her or if she was still a maleable girl who could be used as a pawn by other people. So she tested her to see if sansa would in fact be manipulated by littlefinger. I dont think arya knew what sansa was about to do in the hall of winterfell, i dont think it was a set up by the 3 stark kids. People are complaining we didnt see the scene of sansa going to bran for confirmation about littlefinger, and i think the story is better without it. Sansa needed to come to her own decision about arya and littlefinger, and she did. Now arya knows sansa isnt the stupid girl who will stand on the dais with her father's executioners, arya knows she can trust in her sister. Once littlefinger is dead we get the scene of the 2 girls on the wall, arya stops with the creepy bs and has an honest conversation with her, sansa passed her test.

That's not an unpopular opinion, that is wishful thinking from all of us.

or at least by Cersei's order after letting Tyrion into KL. Her having Jamie's best friend die violently in front of him would have added well to that storyline.

Ooooh you went there


His parents and entire village was killed and eaten by wildlings and now this new Lord commander wants them south of the wall to protect them against magic ice zombies? Shit I'd be pissed too. Plus he's only like 12, hes just following the crowd like any child would do

i dont like jaime

GRRM is currently writting both Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring and both books will be released within one year from each other.

But how do you feel about cupcakes with house sigils drawn on them with frosting? Or T-shirts with Olenna wearing "deal with it" sunglasses?

I think people were more annoyed by the way the unsullied fought than Barristan. Trained soldiers fighting in a tight space 1v1 against masked thugs with knives. It went against everything that they were taught from birth.

Almost as cringy as Darth Darth Binks.

I liked the second Daario more than the first.

How could Dawn have been made special in the show though

The same way they make all the special swords in the show special. By designing it to look cool, and focusing on it with the camera.

Dawn was a huge greatsword. So make it huge (like the size of Ice), have it not just be white but actually shining with the light it reflects, and have him brutally fuck people up with it.

Greatswords don't need a lot of help to be badass, and especially if everyone else was using one-handers, Dayne would've stuck out.

Bronns death could have been a much better catalyst for tyrion and Jaime to rekindle their relationship. It also could have fixed the ridiculous plothole of how their meeting was scheduled.

He's one of the coolest characters in the show, but keeping guys like him alive just for the sake of avengers moments takes away from what I like about the show, and reminds me why I hate the avengers.

Unpopular opinion: I loved the Ed Sheeran cameo. That song he sang was beautiful.

Cersei is the best character.

Outnumbered in a small space with little room to manouver. He could have killed them all one by one, but that's not really possible when you're surrounded.

I agree about tormund. I love him as a character but it would've been a great death

Yes yes yes yes

And i want her to say, "there he is, the husband of my dreams," even if its a little in jest, just because i want tyrion to hear it

Ed Sheeran did not die during the Dohraki/Lannister battle.

But he will die next season.

or the daily post of someone at "dragonstone" thats the same exact photo

I think it was the wrong decision politically but I understand why Jon did it.

Danny had just agreed to help fight the white walkers. He could've come back to the north saying he secured her help without bending the knee. The northern lords and Sansa would've been happy. If he still wanted to bend the knee because he feels she'd be a good queen, he could've talked to Sansa and the other northern lords about it, and done it later.

However, Jon had just come back from a near death experience. Had seen Danny save them from the wights, and was falling in love with her. He sees her mourning the loss of her dragon. I could see why, in the moment, he decided to bend the knee. It seemed like a decision he made with his heart, not his head.

I don't think Sansa and the northern lords will be thrilled about it, though. And if they find out they're sleeping together, they will question if that's affecting Jon's decision making.

Mine: It's pointless to ask for unpopular opinions because only actually popular (but perceived as somehow maligned) opinions will be upvoted anyway.

I will be really, really disappointed if the "good guys" win. It's tough for then not to, at this point, because there are hardly any human villains left, but I don't want it to happen.

I love Game of Thrones for being different, darker and less predictable than other fantasy. If all of that has just been a long road to an ending that's straight out of Tolkien, I'll be disappointed.

I wanted to see something wild happen, like Roose Bolton winning the North, or the blood-soaked Lannisters keeping the throne as all of the heroes die stopping the Night King.

I don't like Jon and Daenerys together. I didn't like it in theory, and I liked the execution even less.

Lady Stonehart is the worst part of the books and I'm glad it got cut from the show.

It is just difficult to accept he was killed by a bunch of aristocrats in masks. Maybe he had lost a few steps due to age and was merely bluffing when he said he could take on the rest of the Kings Guard but his death did seem kind of weak given his reputation. If they had shown he was fronting or if he had gone out like Ser Arthur Dayne it would have been easier to take.

GoT gets better every season.

I kinda of miss the sand snakes. I enjoyed their cheesy dialogue and they were cute to look at.

I wish they would abandon the Greyjoy plotline. I just do not care for Yara or Euron.

Just watched that scene again, i don't actually find it all that bad. He did cut down like 10 of them, before being stabbed from behind, then he took out a few more, from his knees. I would have preferred a death like dayne's, but considering how most of our "hero's" go out in this story, i think it fits lol Some choices he makes, don't, but he did die trying to save greyworm, which suits his character.

I disagree only because I hold an even more unpopular opinion... I'd rather her be with the Hound.


*I upvoted you alone as you have presented the only actually unpopular opinion on this sub lol

Is that an unpopular opinion?! It's so fucking stupid, I assumed most people hated it.

I think most of the art looks fine, it's just people only choose to portray the same characters so it can get repetitive.

Here ya go, friendo.

I think bringing Gendry back was stupid and pointless.

Agreed! Thought the writing was on the wall for him when Drogon flew straight at him and fucked the ballista up.

Total score for Barristan the (B)Old was 14-1. That's a helluva way to go down for a senior fucking citizen surrounded in close quarters. I don't know what people wanted... a ~70yo man offing 100 armed younger men with a dagger glued to his cock, while simultaneously rescuing all of the city's stray puppies?

The books talk endlessly about how 'advantageous marriages' are made all the time. I don't understand why when you have the fine ass KitN and the smoking hot Dragon Quee , why was a unifying marriage not the FIRST THING THEY DISCUSSED! I know 'bend the knee' is a meme now, but it made Dany seem selfish and immature to just keep demanding supplicancy over any other of the myriad of solutions to her 'independent northern kingdom' problem.

Yes! I had a soft spot for their marriage.


I feel like this is the case as well. I think the show will lean toward a non-religous, non-prophesied ending.

G.R.R. has been pretty good at keeping us guessing and the importance of Azor-Ahai has been built up and theorized way too much over the years.

Littlefinger should have won the whole damn thing.

I agree. They haven't gone into much of the details that make him such an intriguing character, either.

On entertainment level and production values definitely

I kind of like the idea of Podrick and Sansa together. Podrick is honorable, dutiful, and a real gentleman. I think he would take good care of Sansa and she would genuinely be happy with him. I don't remember them really interacting but Brienne commented how Pod has come to be a capable swordsman to Sansa when Sansa sent Brienne to KL.

Not to mention Pod's magic cock.

LOTR is, at its core a story about personal development and friendship in the face of pretty much certain death. This is the huge influence of WW1 on JRRT. As most of his friends died in the war

Aragorn forced to become king. Boromir realizing he had to let the ring go to save Gondor. Sam going from a naive gardener to a badass. Gandalf facing the witch king, knowing he couldn't win. Saruman succumbing to greed and power. Theodin putting his past with Gondor away to ride to his death. Hell, even the elves helping the fellowship when they were leaving ME.

So after all that and the miracle that the West won against Mordor, kinda like England winning WW1. The fellowship had to say goodbye to the two most important characters, Frodo and Gandalf.

That's why it's bittersweet, especially for Sam. The 2 people he had fought and almost died for, the 2 people he looked up to most, the 2 people that were his friends, had to leave ME. And he had to let them go.

The winterfell storyline was quite good and played the audience perfectly while still giving just enough little details that lead into the ending well.

Don't know how unpopular but Kit and Emilia have absolutely no chemistry.

The WF story line was problematic but it was still better than the Dragonstone mess and Maisie/Sophie brought their A game in the final episode.

It looks like they've needed another entertaining psycho villain after Ramsay died. I agree that his plot in the show is pointless, but I think this show wouldn't be the same without even one madman.

The show doesn't kill off very many main characters.

Seriously. We've lost Ned, Robb, and Cat Stark as well as Joff and Stannis Baratheon. Everyone else who has died felt completely expendable or they died once they went head to head to an obviously more main character (examples include Ramsey Bolton vs. Jon Snow and Petyr Baelish vs. Sansa and Arya Stark).

Instead I feel the show tricks you into FEELING like you're losing main characters. Like how they built up the character of Renly very quickly only to rip him from us a couple of episodes later.

if you pay attention to jar Jar in the first movie, it definitely was the direction he was going but the backlash was so bad it made him just trash it LOL. There are a few videos on youtube that have quite a nice amount of evidence, enough to make me think it.

People on GRRM - "Leave him alone, it doesn't matter how many years he has taken to finish the book and it won't matter how long until he finishes the story, it's very complex and so hard to tie in together" - quotes on a man who has lived this story his whole life and takes a decade to release a book.

People on D&D - "How did they manage to portray things exactly as I would like! How can they not bring this story together! Frauds! They can't write!" - on two men given the task of portraying a book rammed with content on to the screen and making their deadline every single year with less than a year to write it.

People let the earlier seasons off with murder in order to further a narrative of the show going downhill after it departed book material. Teleporting Littlefinger in Season 2-3? Who cares! Tyrion knocked out for a whole battle? So what? Raven's and Dragon's fly real fast in Season 7? NOOOOO! Tyrell's military defeat not shown? Disgusting! It wouldn't be difficult to pick apart early seasons, we just don't do it.

Barristan Selmy's last fight was well choreographed, looked good on screen and was realistic given the character's skill-set. He isn't so invincible, so to lose in a fight against 9 assassins with no armour is to be expected. What sucked was how stupid the unsullied were. Can't form a wall because you're to spread out? Pull back into the corridor you came from fools! You could easily return to a solid defensive formation by backing into the entrance.

I like the Grey Worm, Missandei storyline. All side characters are given stuff to do (Gendry's arc in Season 2-3) and it's not a crime to give them a love story.

If we were supposed to empathise with Jamie and give him a redemption arc, having him kill his own cousin and then never bring it up again is a poor way to do it.

This is unpopular? The first Daario looked ridicules.

Granted, it could be any one of his many quotes, but this is usually the top contender.


I like to think that Rhaegar is the prince that was promised. And Jon is Lightbringer. And Lyanna dying as a result works too. Granted the prophecy is mostly forgotten by the show, but it would be fitting that a prince who died 20 years ago was a savior.

Not the next day... But after a non-specified amount of time, yes. I've seen weirder things on TV. Heck even on that same show.

Theon is my favorite character.


Arya shouldn't be at the level she is at the moment, two botched assassinations and sweeping the floors of the House of Black and White does not a master assassin make.

I mean I don't mind her becoming a master assassin but she could at least have a believable journey to get to that stage.

Walder Frey's death felt so ridiculous to me and out of nowhere, ruined what would have been otherwise a perfect episode. How the fuck did her training in any way prepare her to assassinate the Warden of the Riverlands.

I've learned however that I'm the only one who has this opinion.

Yeah I agree, saw a lot of complaints about the writing of season 7, but fuck I thought this season was awesome!

I have to admit, that was the best rack in westeros.

This opinion is unpopular because you'll get massively downvoted in the cosplay threads if you say anything less than supportive

I can understand why a lot of people would see it that way. Personally, I kinda see it as part of the character. Wanting the attention and what not.

Have Dawn cleave through a sword... Have Dayne be as fast with a great sword as any of the others in the fight are with their long swords.

I didn't mind the Arya belly stab plot line of Season 6. Didn't bother me one bit and it was all perfectly believable.

That Targaryen madness is a myth.

Not enough tits and penises for my liking.

Why not?

He ultimately, doesn't want to be a ruler, she does. He's gotten to know her, he trusts her and knows that she will do what is right. Jon never wanted to be King but he took it on because it was necessary. He meets Dany, someone who wants to rule and someone he trusts to do a good job doing it, why would he not kneel to her?

Jon's entire story in S7 was about securing help in the war against the WW. It's why he agreed to the wight capture plan. He knows that Westeros needs to be united to deal with this threat. Kneeling to Dany helps to unite Westeros

He probably should have consulted with Sansa and the other northen lords before he did it, but bending the knee and joining her was the right decision.

Grrm said himself - bittersweey ending, kinda like lotr.

I think Lena playing her has helped Cersei's character immensely

Right? All I want is someone to draw Varys dressed as Marilyn Monroe, is that too much to ask for?

Haha damn....that seems to make more sense in the books than the show though.

Better in the sense it's entertaining and breaks records. The sets, costumes and score are all fantastic.

Writing gets worse though.

I don't think the show has ever missed a step. I feel like, while maybe there are some legitimate criticisms, most people say negative things about something they like because they want to feel smart. I've never felt betrayed, or bored, or thought something was stupid. Not in Dorne, not with Stannis, and not with season 7. It's been super good the whole time.

Stannis is not the mannis.

"Teleportation" doesn't bother me.

Cersei should've killed Jaime in that final scene.

Jon shouldn't have gone to Dragonstone.


I fucking hate how everyone on this sub thinks Olly was evil. He was not. He's just a boy who's whole family got murdered. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Fucking hypocrites.