[EVERYTHING] My favorite relationship on the show

[EVERYTHING] My favorite relationship on the show

It's Davos and Shireen, it's adorable, one of the few truly healthy ones we get from GoT. I love how she taught him to read, it was sweet and funny, how he didn't mind relying on her like when he needed to write to the Iron Bank and asked Shireen to do it for him "It's too important for me. I need a smart person to do it.". He treated her with so much affection and respect.

Also, some of their interactions are hilarious:

Shireen: I'm not scared.

Davos: Well, I am. When the battle comes promise you'll protect me.

Shireen: I promise.

It was truly heartbreaking when she died, Davos' reaction didn't make it any easier.

The scene where Davos finds the carved stag, and figures out what happened to Shireen, was as devastating as her death scene.

The anguish in Ser Davos' voice as he confronts Melisandre was also heartbreaking.

I loved that girl like she was my own! She was good, she was kind, and you killed her!


I've watched that probably 35 times on youtube. it might be the best acted scene on the show. how he got his voice so perfectly caught between being able to speak while crying verse not being able to cause of the crying was TOO real

The men who play Davos and Theon, Liam and Alfie, are two of the most gifted actors on the show. They get emotion across so perfectly.

Jaime's actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is also in the top 5, I think. His scene with Brienne in the bath is incredible.

Davos is one of my favorite characters. You can tell her really loved her like she was his own child.

recent scene

The of Jaime finally leaving Cersei was another one of his best moments

The way his eyes look around in desperation after Cersei's head nod is so authentic. Gives me chills.

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My favorite relationship is Qyburn and the Mountain

So Romantic!

Shireen was good and kind, as he describes her, in part because of Davos.

He really did step in where her parents were failing her. Stannis was descending into madness and her mum despised her and kept her locked up like an animal. His care and kindness was her only positive relationship, and set a good example in amongst many terrible ones.

Davos is the best character in the series, fight me.

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Ugh, I agree. She was such a sweetheart and their relationship was so precious.

One thing I never see discussed here is how screwed up it was that Stannis and his wife kept Shireen locked in a cell... what, because her face was a bit messed up?! Frankly, I don't understand why people liked him. Ned only supported him because he was the rightful heir, not because he was this amazing man. He got corrupted by Melisandre, kept his daughter locked up, burned people alive because he thought it would help him become king, murdered his own daughter, cheated on his wife (luckily she was just as weird as him and didn't care). Stannis was tough, and he was nice to Jon. But as a person, he sucked.

At least Davos has adopted Jon and Gendry now. They'll never fill the Shireen sized void in his heart, but they've made their own place in it now, and it's big enough for all of them.

I love Arya and the Hound. She gets her first real kill under Sandor's protection. It's also the first time Arya inadvertently gives a life to the facelesss men. Well not exactly, but she does use the Valor Morghilis coin, and words. I love how caring, and protective the Hound is with Arya. There's a thin line between love and hate. The Hound crosses it with Arya. Can't wait until these two reunite. He's become one of my favorite characters in the story. Ser Sandor "The Hound" Clegane has been there for House Stark, even though it's not the house he serves. To me, he's an adoptive member of pack Stark.


Guys stop, im tearing up in class 😢

His scene with Brienne in the bath is incredible.

This would seem to have a very different meaning if you didn't know the scene.

I don't know, it sure looked like love at first sight when Qyburn saw that wight hand.

Clearly your professor isn't a Run DMC fan.

Mel was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of both his children. Davos deserves his justice.

My take on that scene is that that expression is pure disbelief that she would even consider killing him, and then 2 seconds later as his expression slightly changes he changes to "to hell with this bitch, she's completely lost it"

I despise Mel. I hate a lot of the characters on the show, a lot of the "good guys" even, but I have a burning (no pun intended) hatred for that damned red woman. She just snuggles up to whoever seems to be coming into power, she has no real loyalty. I hope Davos gets to take her head.

They are with Howland Reed, Ilyrio, Edmure, and Dornish nobles who should still fight Cersei on Mystery Island.

To be honest, she and Thoros are an anomaly.

They are literally performing feats beyond imagination in front of your eyes. The shadow demon, resurrections, the fact that she's hundreds of years old but appears as a young woman, the flaming swords.

Who are you but a mere mortal than to question what you are seeing.

I don't understand why people liked him.

People as in readers/watchers or other characters? Stannis is very disliked by other characters, the fact that people supported Renly and not him when he had no claim it's proof enough, he was the rightful heir and people still went "nope, we don't like this guy". The ones that supported him probably just did it out of honor and because it was the right thing (like Ned) not because they liked him.

If you mean readers/watchers, well, people like who the like. There are moments when I find Stannis enjoyable, mainly in his interactions with Shireen and Davos, but I hugely disliked Melissandre and the fact that he listened to her, but I definitely still disliked his wife more than I disliked him.

The emotion displayed (and the butt displayed) in the bath scene was just incredible. I couldn't believe someone could act like they're really feeling that much anguish and pain. Nikolaj is just awesome

She has loyalty to The Lord of Light. The issue is that she barely knows what the LoL wants more then anyone else and just does her best. That coupled with the fact that she's very charismatic makes her dangerous even if she's not intentionally so. She has loyalty but no morality.

Yeah, I actually think that he's going to swear allegiance to the Starks if he lives long enough. He loves Arya, fought beside Jon, respects Brienne, and has saved Sansa. Dude's already a part of the wolf pack. AOWWWWWWWW!

Have all six of Davos's children died in the show? It's unclear to me if he still has surviving family members. I would assume not because they are not shown.

Edit: all SEVEN actually.

I think Stannis fandom originates from book readers who also enjoy the show. In the novels, our main window into his character is provided by Davos, who is deeply respectful and grateful for the good things that Stannis has done for him. Combine that sympathetic portrayal with fact that he leads his men from the front, that he was the rightful heir in the throne (and supported by Ned), and that there are so far no depictions of child sacrifice in the novels, and you get a healthy basis of fan support.

When you also include that with the fact most people have trouble separating the novel characters from the show characters, a lot of people are showing their support for a character on GoT that doesn't even exist.

Also, Carice van Houten was amazing in that scene as well. It's amazing how well she portrays the desperation and shame Melissandre felt when being forced to admit what happened to Shireen.


They'd have to go through me first.

I think they really only establish his son, who dies at the Blackwater.

Problem was my professor never showed up to class lol

I think the scene in the book had him faint with that line, so the show was just trying to recreate an iconic moment of his. But it translated to screen awkwardly which contrasted really badly with how good the conversation before was.

And then it has the most awkward as fuck ending to that scene. He kinda falls over? Hard to even tell WTF was happening. Then she embraces him and yells, "THE KINGSLAYER!" It cuts to an even worse camera angle.

"My name is Jaime." No pause or beautiful moment, scene just immediately ends. Like literally a second later.

And my axe!

I seem to be in a tiny minority of fans who isn't particularly impressed by Alfie Allen. Maybe it's because I don't find Theon interesting at all, but I can't think of one scene of his that sticks in my head.

Stannis and his wife kept Shireen locked in a cell... what, because her face was a bit messed up?!

They kept her in a room, not a cell, away from public... because people with messed up faces or other deformities tend to be abused and harassed in public. Of course, it was mainly because Selyse was ashamed of her, but Stannis wasn't, although because he himself led a reclusive life he probably didn't think much on what the isolation would do to her.

Do keep in mind that he also saved her from Greyscale, even though she risked infecting the rest of his castle.

He got corrupted by Melisandre

He converted to her religion because the Seven hadn't done him any good. He had been shit on his entire life, so when she came along he thought: "Eh, might as well try a new god." He used her magic when he saw no other option (Renly was going to steal his birthright, vastly outnumbered him, and was about to kill him.) Then when her magic actually worked, he had genuine reason to believe her god was real.

burned people alive because he thought it would help him become king

Well, show Stannis is a dick for doing that, but book Stannis only burned people who actually committed a crime.

murdered his own daughter

In a situation where he believed her sacrifice would save thousands more lives (it did melt the snow), and she would starve to death anyways if he couldn't make it.

cheated on his wife

Which he confessed to her of his own free will and clearly felt ashamed.

Stannis was tough... But as a person, he sucked.

That tends to happen to people whose entire life sucked.

Seriously though. He had a pet falcon named Proudwing, but he was mocked by Robert and told to get rid of it by his father because it couldn't fly very well. Then he watched his parents drown - saw their ship crash into the rocks before his very eyes. Then his brother ran off to the Vale, leaving him to take care of Renly.

Then Robert rebelled against King Aerys, and ordered Stannis to join - Stannis could have refused, as there was no incentive for him to get involved (there was actually more incentive to join Aerys because he would have been given the Stormlands.) He supported his brother anyways, and held Storm's End with 500 men for a year, despite starvation and near-death, not once surrendering and again having no incentive to support his brother.

Then Robert gave the entirety of the Stormlands to Renly, and gave Dragonstone to Stannis because he was pissed that Stan couldn't capture Dany and Vis (even though Stan moved as quickly as he could and only missed them by a day.)

Then Robert had him marry the ugliest woman in Westeros (almost forgot to mention that he caught Robert banging another girl in his wedding bed.) All of his children were stillborn, except for Shireen... who caught Greyscale and was left deformed in a society where massive prejudice was placed upon those with deformities.

Then Robert dies, and good old Stanny finds out that the Bobby B's Baratheon Boys are actually bastards born of incest (in the books he actually took an active role in Arryn's investigation.) What happens then? The first and most powerful person to believe him and take his side ends up getting executed. The son of that powerful individual then decides to declare himself King in the North and nearly dissolves the Seven Kingdoms. Even Stannis's own brother, Renly (who Stannis had a hand in raising), betrays him and rallies the nobility in an attempt to usurp the throne.

Basically everyone and everything had turned against him by the time we meet him.

I'm just saying, Stannis could have turned out a lot worse, and yet he still managed to remain a calm levelheaded ruler with a strong sense of duty and justice, only losing it in the end due to flawed writing and a bias D&D had against his character.

In Dondarrions silky cadence The Lord of Light will show us the way!

That scene is particularly horrifying because even just by the sounds of her screaming, you can hear the exact moment her screams go from being a terrified child who doesn't want to die to actually dying when the fire reaches her. ugh

Yes I fully meant viewers who liked him. I get that he didn't make fans hate him in the ways Joffrey or Ramsay did, but I find it odd every time I read on this sub that Stannis was the man, that he might not be dead, etc. His entire existence on the show involved failing at everything he did and being unpleasant. I never once saw anything of him that made me think positively towards him. Either negatively, or neutral.

Ok that's got to be the best thing I've ever seen on Reddit

Everyone loves a Great Dayne

The only scene where I thought he was really good was the scene where he shouts at his father for letting Ned and Robert taking him away.

Dude, Tyrion's hair in season 1. Big mistake.

I think she's gotten more interesting after Stannis. She was super wrong about all of it and it was the first time she's really doubting herself. Not even the LoL, but how she understood its omens and signals. You can see it in how she deals with Jon Snow and Danerys, and also the scene where she takes her necklace (? I forgot) off. The arrogance is gone. She does have good intentions, but not the morality to find the nicest way to get to the end goal. And that caught up with her.

"Zoinks! I don't know about this, Howland!" "Would you do it for a Bravos snack?"

He belongs in a Dark Souls game with his quips

"If he commands you to burn children, your god is EVIL!"

I still think is the best line in the series.

"Death is the enemy."

You died

By what right does the wolf judge the lion?!

It's implied that he actually does care about Gendry. The entire reason he went to Davos with the issue was because he was hoping Davos would be able to talk him out of it.


S4-finale and S5 Stannis was pretty respectable, up until the burning. His affectionate scene with Shireen, his respect of Jon, his acknowledging the threat of the walkers when he was talking to Sam, the fact that he came to aid the watch when no one else would. Before that though, S2 and S3 Stannis was definitely pretty despicable. He sounds so dismissive about Gendry here, not even a "I have to do what I have to do" or a hint of remorse, just "who gives a shit about this kid"

I started rewatching for the first time and the production quality was much lower in the first season. The costumes are relatively plain and the leather looks stiff. Jaime has this awful moussed-up 'do. It's amazing how much talent was already there and how easy it seems to take it for granted later, with the lavish sets and attention to detail, where the acting feels like destiny. But in the first season or two I think that's where the hard work was put in, doing great acting and not knowing how huge it was going to become.

Davos owns land south of Storm's End, which was granted to him by Stannis before the start of the show. She is presumably ruling over his lands in his stead.

The worst part of the confrontation is when Mel actually admits what she did, you see Davos break even more. He knew what happened but he still hoped that it wasn't true.

Damnit, I did it too.

Well he is a hound...

I clicked on Shireen's sacrifice in the related videos section, I'm now severely regretting that decision because that is the single most upsetting scene in the entire show. I'm crying right now.

Random question. Is he saying he doesn't believe she'll kill him, or that he doesn't believe she's pregnant?

I intetpreted it as the nod meaning "ill do it..i will have him kill you..." and jamie calling her bluff.

As far as I know, he only has one child in the show, and that one is definitely dead.

Don't know where his wife is at though, seems like something that they should address at some point, but they probably wont.

Personally, this is what made his performance more impressive to me when he captured Winterfell. He was out of place as a Greyjoy but was trying so hard to keep it together. He was good at pretending to be someone who is pretending to be someone else.

Since he became Reek though I thought he was just an average performer

I love Davos, and how fatherly he is towards every orphaned/unloved youth he comes across. Shireen was the first and best, but also with Jon and Gendry and even Lyanna Mormont and Missandei in their brief interactions. Also the actor is adorable and named "my baby girl Shireen" as the character he'd most want back from the dead at SDCC 2017. Shireen was a great character, her clapbacks when Melissandre was spewing bullshit were amazing.

When Davos confronts Mel about her death, with Jon there, I cry every time, the acting is phenomenal, the emotion is completely palpable, and you can absolutely hear and feel his pain over it... literally the most heart breaking.

The purpose of her character is to show the danger of believing in your righteousness. Few atrocities are committed by people who know they're doing something bad. Atrocities are perpetrated by people who believe their cause is just, or their actions justified. Shireen burning at the stake was one of the most powerful moments on TV, made possible because Stannis and Mel blindly followed their ambition, believing it to be faith.

IIRC, in the books the heat is making him incredibly light-headed and woozy.

But yes that was weird.

Season 1 Jaime Lannister = Shrek's Prince Charming

Edit: proof.

Season 1 Jaime Lannister = Shrek's Prince Charming


Tywin/Charles Dance takes #1 for me

I'm right there with you, he just looks like a chihuahua shaking and nervous all the time, not exactly a multi-dimensional character/acting there.

Oh, that's fucked.

Edit: Oh my goodness, my upvote is fire! Dis tew much.

Rewatching the show and not an Alfie Allen fan, was surprised at how great that scene was.

He has a right to be resentful. His entire life was basically the Westerosi equivalent of Bad Luck Brian.

Literally everything that ever happened to him either made his life worse, or was in some way broken/inadequate.

Can you imagine what it was like for the rest of the cast and crew to stand there and watch that performance of his?

This shot got me

This is how I'll always remember her - from 4x02.

She didn't say oops your fleet is destroyed. She told him that it happened because he refused to take her into battle with him. She said he would have succeeded if he had listened to her as he had been. But this one time he decided not to and it led to defeat. This only reinforced his faith in her.

I thought it was him saying, "I don't believe you," in the sense that he can't believe she has fallen so far into insanity. He is all she has left, but she is still willing to even threaten to execute him in front of her.

He's not swearing allegiance to anyone, he's a lone wol- err, hound.

He only had one son in the show, Mathos. They mention his wife once, and she's never heard from again.

I thought she said "Help for the Kingslayer!"

Fuck me, I can hear him screaming that line, every. single. fucking. time. Gives me goosebumps every time.

Hard to argue with Davos and shireen, but tywin and arya was great

I mean, I didn't get the impression she was kept locked up, only that she spent most of her time in her room because her mother didn't like her. When they took her to Castle Black she was allowed to wander around wherever she liked, which seems unlikely if they'd previously been keeping her locked up.

It helped they used real fire.

Me too. Charles is a consummate professional and his manner perfectly describes Tywin. Great casting choice there.

What a fucking soldier though... he went ahead and kept his mouth shut and just fought the battle the next day, and only confronted Melisandre after it was finished.

I can say that in the books his appearance to rescue the Night's Watch at the wall is a pretty surprising and satisfying moment and his lines about how he owes a duty to the realm rather than the realm being owed to him as King is heroic by GoT standards. Similar to how Jon has become the full on hero saint of Westeros for his selflessness.

Also it comes at the end of SoS after we've already lost Robb so we're pinning our hopes on at least one of the Kings.

I liked him but I also think his arc in the show fits his character well... His tragic flaw is being consumed with duty and ambition and it causes him to sacrifice EVERYTHING in pursuit of his goal to gain the throne owed to him.

Who told you that?

From our perspective. From his perspective, she's got flaming swords and shadow babies. With her help, they took out Renley without a bloodbath. Who knows how her or Lord of Light may have changed the battle from his point of view.

That moment made me hate Melisandre forever. She is irredeemable in my eyes, even if she kills the Night King and Cersei single-handedly.

yea, read both these comments that obviously foreshadow something terrible yet i still clicked the link.

Another great one was Oberyn Martell and Tyrion's scene near the end of season 4 when Oberyn said he would be Tyrion's champion. The way they both had tears in their eyes by the end was some incredible acting.

Davos asking a young girl to write an important message to the Iron Bank is still one of the funniest moments in the show to me ; )

I also loved their relationship. He was more of a father to her than Stannis, and him finding her burnt stag was heartbreaking.

Didn't stop me and the wife from naming one of our themed dishes "Roast Shireen" for the premiere party, though.

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