Everyday Camus waits patiently for his friend Peter to get home and then runs as fast as he can to greet him.

why did the chicken cross the street?

Peter is home <3

Oh shit, Peter's home

bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok

Hey man

Seriously thought Camus was a small fluffy dog until I saw the close-up at the end!

In Croatian, that chicken just said

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

I seriously thought Peter was going to be a teen boy until I saw the camera pan at the end!

Never knew I wanted this until now.

Chickens are highly emotional and loving animals. They love hugs!

Edit: It depends how one chooses to take care of them. If you raise them with love they'll love you back.

That guy clucks.

TIL chickens speak Croatian

I experienced both things at the same time. I need to take a seat for a while.

Huh. Well that's accurate, then. Probably.

You are a chick

Edit: I would like to thank Reddit users for 1.7k upvotes and going

I run like this when they announce we can eat the scraps from the higher ups meeting and breakfast.

And apparently, this Croatian guy speaks chicken.


It's 600% accurate.

Source: I'm a Croatian chicken who doesn't understand percentages on account of being a chicken.

Back when I was a young tike (maybe 5) I had chickens. One in particular was my pal and would let me hold him and would romp around with me. One day I go to pick him up and the fucker pecks me right in the nose one side of the beak on the inside the other on the outside and would not let go, I was running around screaming bloody murder with a fucking chicken hanging from my nose. Come to find out I picked up the wrong damn chicken. Left me with a perfect V scar on my nose for many years.

Trickle-down snackonomics

Used to have chickens here and they did the same thing. Once they got used to being held they would run at you and try to get you to pick them up. They also had a habit of flying onto your shoulder if you weren't paying attention.

Camus is a pet right? Like, they aren't going to eat him one day?

Edit: thanks for all of the assurances that this little guy isn't destined for the dinner table. I breath a little easier now.

I'm a girl. But thanks

"At least I have chicken."

Well I mean the other comment did say chickens are highly emotional. Maybe your grandfather just pissed them off a lot!

As a twin with a very different personality than my brother I bet this is what other people feel like.

I picture the chicken with every waddle-step saying, "PeterPeterPeterPeterPeter....PETERR!!!"

So it went from a boy and his dog, to a man and his cock...

My grandfather had chickens when I was little and those little assholes were MEAN. Is there different kinds of chickens and some are nice? I'm literally terrified of them to this day.

Shoulder? From my personal experience, they pick the head 50% of the time.

What kinda adults you offering

Trickle treat, smell my feet, Reaganomics can't be beat!

They might have Camus around for breeding with the hens, or he might he a pet. That is defintiely a bond, so unlikely a meat bird :( You don't need to keep a rooster around to have the hens lay, so that's not likely what his purpose is.

Yes! I keep three ex-battery hens are their personalities are so distinctive. Jill is the mother hen (she's broody at the moment too) and very bossy. She always takes the nest in the coop and the other two follow her around. Constantly clucking. Easy to pick up and likes cuddles. She flies at the door when she hears us unlocking it.

Gretchen is second in command and constantly trying to overthrow Jill. Constantly jumps up the plant pots to look through our window. Always gives the other hen a good peck if she's in her way. Not fond of cuddles. Before bed every night she shouts her head off like she's trying to let off steam!

Spinelli is at the bottom but very sweet. Quite shy, doesn't like being picked up. Very good at finding tasty grubs and pecking flies out of the air. Usually waits patiently for the other two to eat before she eats. Loves dust baths.

I wish people cared about chickens more... they're so wonderful and bring such joy to me. I feel like people don't "meet" chickens. I didn't think much of them until I met a friend's chickens and spent a day talking to them and cuddling. I'm so glad I did, they're so wonderful to care for!

They played Monopoly on Sundays.

Dammit, Leeroy

Or the far more specific /sub/petermemes

Stop biting people's noses, you savage.

Do you require an adult?

In Japanese that chicken just said

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


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"Is that a real animal?"

-Ali G


Chickens also have distinct personalities and exhibit Machiavellian tendencies!! Chickens are dope!!


Trickle Treat!

Wow that kid with the haircut grew up fast.

Shit shit shit shit shit! I'm late, Peter is waiting!

They did go for head or shoulder. Usually shoulder because it was more stable. Getting them off of you was always the hard part. They would almost always fly up then manage to land right back on you.

My second cousin had a chicken she raised from an egg. Princess was the sweetest chicken. You could walk to go her and pet her and pick her up with out her flailing. She loved cuddling and would lay her hair on your chest and just kind of fall asleep. It was a dad say when a fox got her.

Edit: head not hair Edit 2: sad day. Auto correct does not like me

and in Chicken, the chicken just said bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok

Expected a dog or a cat, got a chicken instead. Still very cute.

My neighbor has a bad ass rooster to chase away things that might bully the hens like cats or smaller predatory birds. So perhaps?

Edit: So he says it's mostly against wild martens that steal eggs and sometimes try to murder a hen.

The little dude sprinted!

Am now vegetarian.

Albird Camus?

Teen man handles happy cock

They are so sweet and curious. I love them.

You're right, because it's actually 1100% accurate.

Bok means shit in turkish hahahah

In Turkish, that chicken just said shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

Happy Father's Day?

And... now I'm going vegetarian... thanks Reddit

This sub is probably going to be linked in some completely unrelated post in a few years time and it'll confuse the hell out of people

I guess you can say that all it took was


( •_•)>⌐■-■


a Peter pan

Raise them nicely and feed them well and they will love you.

That was fast

Might depend how they're kept. Rabbits that are kept outside in huts and mostly left to themselves are usually cranky and antisocial. Rabbits that are kept inside and get a lot of social interaction are some of the sweetest pets you'll find. The same might be true for chickens.

This made even my black heart swell.

So they're slightly less likely to be assholes than humans are. Nice!

Uhhh abdul can you give me a number crunch here? What are our chances of survival?

Ducks make great pets too. Just don't get more than one and it will never figure out that it's not a dog or cat. I swear ours was trying to bark. My mom loved gardening with Sam next to her, she would eat all the bugs as they were revealed. They are incredibly stupid creatures, but very companionable if raised kindly.

I'm coming up with 32.33 repeating, of course, percentage of survival.

Well, maybe they should stop picking him up!

Why is him wearing that?

There's not much of a difference between a dog and a chickrn when it comes to the bonds they can form.

Lol I know right, thought he was like 14-18 from the back, camera pans around and nope, full adult.

Can confirm. Have pet chickens.

When you're sitting down they will absolutely perch on your knees and even cuddle up in your lap.

If your toenails are painted red, they will be totally transfixed, but they'll assume it's some kind of food and mostly try to eat them.

Oh shit man waddup

Might as well go vegan. You do not want to know what happens to the male baby chicks at egg factories... 😢

...Did you name them after the characters from Recess or is that just a coincidence? That's awesome if so. Spinelli was such a badass.

How much for a couple of hopelessly mediocre adults

There's a 14,000% chance we're wrong about this. BOK BOK

They absolutely can. They can be quite soppy when they get to know you. I once spoonfed a rooster who'd been hurt by a fox and he would always run over to say hello and let me stroke his head when he got better

If so, then we must imagine Camus happy.

Install a rooster.

Im dead.

Haha yes I absolutely did. Spinelli (the chicken) was actually top of the flock at the beginning and a bit of a diva which is why I called her Spinelli! :-)

Reasonably Badass ones.

Fuck this game.

Thank a lot, I can't eat chicken anymore.

I had a chicken that I raise since child, She would always come when I said her name like a dog, play football with us, and even defend us from strangers (even from my poor grandpa that hated the chicken because he couldn't be close to us)

Head or shoulders, ayy? Knees and toes?

What does that chicken do all day, and how can the man wait for him all day.

Are roosters effective at keeping away cats? Do they get into fights and get both hurt? Would "installing" a rooster in my garden prevent all the neighbours cats from getting in my garden and even fighting in it and shitting on my plants?

kokodak kokodak

worst cameraman of 2017

Somehow these mobile autocorrect errors make the story that much more endearing.

Oh bok 🐔

It's four in the morning Grandma, YOU WIN!!!

Bullshit. We have 10 chickens. 8 are assholes.

breaks my heart seeing them in inhumane conditions :\

No that might just be because you're sick.

I thought Camus was a french philosopher until I saw this video!