Ever wonder how strong a bull is?

Ever wonder how strong a bull is?

Damn, they're gonna have to get new headlight fluid

Not really, no. I just assumed they were immensely strong and could fuck my shit up.

Good thing that guy with the flag was there!

That one made me laugh. Thank you.

Moo bitch!

Get out the way.

It appears you were correct.

duck tape


That would be about my total commitment to getting that critter out of there.

I just keep waiting for Johnny Knoxville to run out from somewhere, dressed only in an American flag.

"I'm a bull, and I'm angry as hell. One minute I'm grazing on a grass field, and the next I'm corralled into some weird moving box and here I am, and here you are. So get All-State, and protect yourself from Mayhem, like me."

Headlight fluid is a way older joke then that

Nah just duck tape a mag light to the side and turn it on at night.

No, just no.

Headlight fluid goes back long before when I was a kid. I'm 47.

It used to be an insult comment.

Even through into the 80's, headlights were a whole unit. Not just a plastic/glass lamp, with a small replaceable bulb inside.

And those headlights were two pieces clamped together. And the seal would break. Then you would get moisture inside. Usually just coating the front glass.

But sometimes full on liquid sloshing around.

Heck, my 1995 Nissan Maxima's front left fog light does this. It's crack, but still. I think last time I dumped out half a cup of brackish water.

He Taurus apart.

There's a Ford Taurus joke in here somewhere. I just know it...


video version:

it was duck before duct

That's the most popular brand of duct tape.

People need to stop fucking with bulls. 0% of people who don't go near bulls get killed by bulls. Bullfighting, running of the bulls, or anything that puts an unrestrained bull near people for entertainment should be considered genetic cleansing because you have to be dumb as fuck to ever do that.


Fuck yo tire

Fuck yo engine

Fuck yo shit

Nah. The truck just pissed itself.

Dude doesn't let up, even after the flag.. How unsportsmanlike can you be?

Go back about 50 more years, and then you may be around the original origin. It's far older than the internet.

Lol yeah I first heard of it from Red vs Blue season 1 and that was in 2003. Supposedly it came from a radio DJ's prank call in 2001.

Heck, my 1995 Nissan Maxima's front left fog light does this. It's crack, but still. I think last time I dumped out half a cup of brackish water.

You should just get some viscous clear fluid and fill that housing right up to keep the brackish water from getting in.

Huh. That's actually marketable. I'm going to call it light housing juice.

Wiper fluid

The problem with it being genetic cleansing is that it only eliminates the ones who are dumb enough to fuck with bulls but slow enough to die. The ones who are dumb enough to fuck with bulls but fast or strong enough to survive go on to reproduce. So you're just selecting for fast, strong idiots.

So when a matador takes a horn up the ass this is what he is experiencing.

And it's not used for duct work. Foil tape is.

To say the least

For people didn't get the joke.

That would be Party Boy.


The world needs fast strong idiots to entertain us in the NFL and go on to commit public scandals that give us all something to talk about at work.

This is a stage bull. That's how it knows to hit the wiper fluid blood pack on a CRV.

Correct, turn signal fluid is usually green.

I can already picture what I could do with such neck strength

Imma throw a flag at it

Headlight fluid is what you should call it.

Thanks. Certainly explains why all of the other cars were empty.

untz untz untz untz

And a tire, too.

Duck is thin fabric. They don't use duct tape on ducts either, they use foil tape. It was called duck tape first

Jesus Christ


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