Ethan in the background of this Post Malone photo in GQ?

Ethan in the background of this Post Malone photo in GQ?

He has been popping up everywhere lately!

WHO ARE YOU, ETHAN? YouTube seems like a front for something else. I know you're up to something.

That is without a doubt Ethan.

He's looking pretty buff.


Zionist Reptiles. Hot Zionist Reptiles. Looking at you Hila.

Lmao Post looks ridiculous

Do you really mean it dude?

Guest #4 on h3 podcast?


I would go as far to say he's looking slamming.

You can tell by the "republican presidential candidate sweaters" that Ethan's been wearing that it really is him.

You can tell by the that Ethan's been wearing that it really is him.

Does anyone else see how Ethan hass his neck fupa shaved? He has a straight line so as to make the bulk of the fupa without whiskers...So it's unshaded and stands out more

The answer we needed.


I would imagine that H3H3 is the side-hustle, like when they moved to NYC, they were there to work with JonTron, I'm sure there's a bunch of work for them coming up over in LA.

He looks like he's on his way to Rabbi school in the middle of New Mexico or something

No. This is actually a photo where Post Makone snuck into the foreground of Ethans GQ photoshoot.

Nah. They left New York and Jontron because their channel blew up and they didn't need the extra work anymore.

What's really going on is YouTube is mainstream enough for H3H3 to have famous fans that want to meet him.

But did you noticed how buff ethan boy is, damn son.

Fuck you

You know this ones real


That would be Idubbbz

You know this one's real.

Hey fuck you dude, he's looking sexy

I'm pretty sure it is, he posted a picture on Instagram with him

He looks like George Lucas

ehh thats a quarter or 1/3rd zip the republicans are sporting ethan has a full zip.

Dude, you admitted to being on meth in one of your posts. Get help're losing your sanity

lol is that really him? First I thought the whole picture was some kind of joke I didn't get! :D

I've never seen an attractive person who smokes meth.

Every rime I see or hear Malone, I like him. Ive not listened to his music so I guess I should.

No, not at all. I can respect what this guy does, but god he's ugly. So ugly.


The edge is strong with this one.

Western traplord



I'd suck his dick. Bro to bro of course.

You obviously don't know shit about dick.




Fair enough, it sounded like LA was more of a lifestyle choice (both mentioned that they didn't really like NYC on more than one occasion). I'm sure they are doing plenty of other things in LA too, Youtube just being one of their jobs (albeit substantial).

It's him for sure. In Post's first we feast interview he drops the goofs and gaffs references.

yeah power to him, but he's ugly af

Clearly hunting the infamous Homogeneous Maloneous.

To be serious for a moment, while Ethan is overweight, he doesn't really look it and could be much worse off in terms of looks. Chubby is about all I can really call him, and he could fix it pretty easily at this point. Pretty good for comedic effect though, I love the fupa jokes.

huge money to neck fat ratio

They both liked a tweet suggesting this, so maybe.

Not surprised since Malone tweeted:


His new album is pretty good.

Chub and tuck conceled by the jacket



Why is Post Malone blowing up so recently? He looks like a rejected Hasidic Jewish person in this pic. By the way, Ethan's looking pretty buff. Proof

i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about ethan. u wouldnt say this shit to him irl, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol

He says it here

It's just a prank

Big if true

Self hate is never good my son

Post Malone isn't someone who just found out about H3H3, he's been into internet culture for a while. IIRC he used to live with the Minecraft YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft and was in some content with him.


What... the fuck is that style

She's a good person, and she isn't just "a youtuber's wife", she's part of the channel. It wouldn't exist without her. We are here because we like h3h3, which Hila is a part of. Why are you here?

Of all drugs, it's the worst. It will change you

I don't mean that they're just finding out about him. I mean that YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, whatever aren't some secret internet club like people think. They're massive. The top content creators are watched by millions of people. It's going to include some bigger names and some of them are going to contact Ethan and Hila and ask if they want to hang out because, well, they can.

I don't know who Post Malone is, just Ethan.

They're making videos consistently enough that there's no reason to think they're doing anything else.

I know this is a meme on here, but he looks fat(ter than normal) in that picture.

You KNOW this one is real

Yes, but he's actually ugly.

My mom buys me so many of these I don't wash them anymore.


That bolo tie tho

Do you need a hug?

Who cares, looks like he likes what he's wearing and has fun lol

True. I can see E&H transitioning into television some day. Filthy Frank strikes me as someone who will eventually move away from comedy and more towards only focusing on music.

yup, but they also both strike me as people who love to work (see the podcast, collabs, etc). Nothing wrong with working on multiple projects, look at their peers, FF for example, dude is always on the hustle.

Wagyu? Damn they're living the high life now

Ethan is a member of the nation of thizzlam

Broken Sodie Pop Glass

You're hardcore bro

I could definitely see franku doing that. He seemed super excited to drop pink season on us.

Pretty sure it's gonna be Bert Kreischer. He mentioned it in his own podcast, they pretaped it and Bert wondered if his podcast with H3 was going up, but it was Michael's that went up.

He looks like a fucking weirdo.

If we're being honest, it's basically Saint Laurent or things that look like it (kind of slim rocker/rockabilly) but with that haircut and that goofy smile he looks more like a Jewish acid dealer on the way to a square dance. So basically 10/10 confirmed fashun god

it's in my Top 10 of 2016

You're either 63 or 14.

Ethan is living the best fucking life right now.

Stop making the model feel bad with your bounteous fupa, Ethan.

No it's not.

No homo

I found the video

I hadn't heard of him before the First We Feast video. I could give a shit about him opening for Beiber, and I listened to a few seconds of a few of his songs and I'm not crazy about his music. BUT THEN, I heard Bill Burr talk about seeing "this guy" performing Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine at this event Dave Navarro hosts and KILLING IT! He eventually recounts the guys name, Post Malone, and he is a really great performer