Eric Andre Interviews a Grizzly Bear

Eric Andre Interviews a Grizzly Bear

only time I've seen eric in a state of regret....

You can see the bear's head cut through at 0:44

Its fake. The bears snout cuts through the desk around 43 seconds, as it begins investigating the desk. Its just combines takes and green screen work. Had they not screwed up those few frames, it would have been believable.

If only it was real.

He did one bit where he tried to hold as many strangers' kids as possible. He was really not feeling that one after awhile.

The grizzly bear, although unaware of the show's premise was certainly able to riff off the moment and mesh with the show's absurdist humor. The bear's literal deconstruction of the furniture on the set is symbolical of Andre's theme of deconstructing humor. That bear is a true artist.

You're right, that's fucking lame. I thought Eric was a man.

How many desks is that now?

Here's another time

This was the least awkward interview i've seen Eric host! He's certainly improving.

I also love how Hannibal just straight up refused to do it

Eric's are

it's nice to see a limit exists.

What episode was this?

Edit: Nevermind, found it

Oh at least 3

I didn't catch that part but what made it seem fake to me was the way the camera shook for no reason (a desk crumbling wouldn't cause the camera to shake), plus they jumped out of the way right when the desk starts to crumble without any time to react to it.

It was just super uncomfortable.

This guy ruined comedy for me, after seeing his show idk if I can find regular comedy funny again. Too many funny interviews and skits.


While interviewing Haley Joel Osment,

"Now you tweeted out: Not only am I not a Scientologist, but I challenge their shit bag legal team to come at me GUNS BLAZING!!!"

His are, he destroys them constantly in his show.

That's probably my favorite bit, he gets so sad. I know part of it was just being played up to the camera, but I also think Eric really messed himself up a little.

That little girl saying no made me feel so uncomfortable aha

good eye.

What?! LOL! That's so zany! Grizzly bears can't talk! This interview was doomed from the start!