english bastards

english bastards

"This song starts vaguely intelligible then descends into Gaelic gibberish"


Irish songs are a lot like that, but add "Me Mammy Is Doing A Chore With Me Sister" and "I Don't Have A Lot But At Least I'm Not English"


Ah yes how could I forget "I Left My Home Behind And Only Brought This Fiddle" and "Cuttin Turf Is A Bollocks So I Joined The Ra"


Reminds me of the Irish Eurovision entries on Father Ted

Reminds me of the Irish Eurovision entries on

those sheep must be some hot property ay

"Oh the misty blue hills of tiree"

Have you ever seen tiree? It's a fucking billiards table!

Add in something about emigration and the IRA and you're good to go.

scotland man, not wales

Read your history lad.

Is that the collective noun?

That's the beauty of symbolism. They were actually referring to the large pendulous breasts of the local women.

Julie Fowlis

For those who might be curious about some Scottish folk music, I recommend .

I believe in the extremities of the British Isles the 'Tories' is implied and the collective form is "Pile of Wankers". Sometimes a 'Posh' or 'Toff' is added in for emphasis.

Can we not do this on everything vaguely Scottish-related on Reddit?

That's just the booze sinking into effect over time.

"There's no pubs in Kirkintilloch" by the Corries.

Personal favourite of mine;

No, it's sheep. How are ye gonna fuck a whale?

The Protestant Reformation grew out from Scotland in the UK. It caused tensions with the dominant Church of England faith as well as Catholics. Traditional folk songs were often written in, or reference important events of the past.


My partner tried to write an Irish folk song once. It began:

They come over here and they cut off our heads

They cut off our legs and they boil us in oil

O'Brien is dead and O'Murphy is dead

O'Connell is dead and O'Donnell is dead...

and continued in much the same vein until he ran out of Irish-sounding names.

Because you aren't aware the same split has happened in the rest of the UK in the past?

It's just the Irish are tedious enough to carry it out beyond football clubs.

"A woman betrayed me" "I work on the railway and it's shite"

Aren't there a few "the girl I like won't ditch her whole family for my useless, penniless self"?

Tedious? It's an issue in Ireland because of a war that went on, not just because people randomly don't care for protestants.



A murder of Tories would fit quite nicely I think

The one I'm going to write tomorrow isn't.

Besides, the key part of that sentence was important events of the past. Some songs were just written about bootay.

You could at least read it for him and condense it down to three sentences.

Tory is literally Gaelic for outlaw, níl aon bamboozle

I want to shower you in sugar lumps...

I think we got a pretty good overview already from OP

The Scotland equivalent of "ludicrous display last night" every time football comes up on /sub/all

I think he means like a murder of crows or a gaggle of geese

this song

I don't know, I think captures Scotland's culture and heritage pretty well.

Protestants stealing sheep? Why do I feel he's getting Ireland and Scotland mixed up here?

You missed the solo female lament 'Donnie's off shagging another woman overseas and I'm here cutting tatties'.

I see you've never had your sheep rustled then.

GK Chesterton has your back on this :-

“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad, For all their wars are merry, and all their songs are sad.”

Pretty true for the highlands & Islands of Scotland too

"Damn scots, they ruined Scotland" HAHAHAHA

The Protestant Reformation grew out from Scotland in the UK, it was a fairly big deal culturally.

Brings a tear to me eye.

Traditional folk songs were often written in, or reference important events of the past.

all songs were written in the past.

The reformation triggered an army to march through Britain mate, plenty of sheep stealing going on. The CoE didn't consider themselves protestants at the time, and I don't believe they do now.

It's a Billy conelly joke about Scottish folk music.

Jacob Rees-Mogg dates back to about 1600.

TIL the lassies from Tiree have blue boobs

Aaaaah she sings the music in Brave! So this is what I'll be listening to today.

You've just made an enemy for life!!

The war went on because it was an issue, not because people randomly woke up one morning and decided to blow up all the Catholics.

That's more Northumberland folk.

I don't want to talk about it.

Nah, Tories are the conservative party members in UK.



Bhaimhbúseall cover is in your plan, yes.

So? It's a dirge mourning the lack of hills.

Cunts fae edinbrah

This is all well documented history, and it's a complicated one at that. Read the wikipedia entry on the CoE, while technically a form of Protestantism the CoE specifically did not call themselves Protestants as the advocates of the Protestant reformation did.

What are you asking for proof of? That someone specifically stole a sheep in a fictional account, in a fictional song, or that there were tensions between Protestants and non-Protestants in Scotland?

Lets just thank our lucky stars nobody's tried to turn it into a discussion about something American as happens in every other fukkin thread on reddit regardless of the header

It's the same one still. Think the politicians are the same too.

Does my bamboozle insurance cover Gaelic bamboozles?

The Corries were the best. La Di Dum was my favourite growing up, and spent many a drunken night singing Sunday Driver.

fight me cunt

A tosser of Tories

I Love You A Lot But You've Left Me And It's Raining.

That's from the first Arab Strap album isn't it?

I'm busy then, can only check on Wednesday

The IRA was started originally as in offshoot of the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) which dates back to 1858 or so, initially called Oglaig na hÉireann or the Irish Volunteers. Before that you still have the fenians who fought for home rule as well. However what confuses me most about your post is your reference to the Irish Government. Before 1919 the Irish were ruled by parlaiment, in London, not Ireland. A home rule bill had been passed but suspended until after the Great War. There was no Irish government to request British troops.