Egyptians honor 3 Muslim police-women who died defending Christians

Egyptians honor 3 Muslim police-women who died defending Christians

This is what I like to see on the news. Instead of trying to down play what Islamic terrorist do, show some news of Muslims who are decent in character, and actions. I have no doubt this will benefit Muslims and society as a whole.

And I have no doubt that tomorrow we'll be right back to hating Muslims like they're nineteenth century Irish-Catholics.

Hate sucks and runs in cycles; as a society we should be past this by now.

There are countless Muslims everyday who are doing incredible work in their communities. The media just doesn't give a damn.

Ah yes, Muslims are running over each other to kill all the dirty Christians. /s

My family are Christian Palestinians, and for centuries my family had lived in the region which has been controlled by Muslims since forever. Most problems are from deluded and uneducated radicals.

Something the last 9 months has shown me- we are no different than we have ever been. I always thought we were more advanced, you know? That humanity had progressed. But all those historical atrocities are not historical. There's not a single one of them that couldn't happen today. Witch burning, Pogroms, genocide, holy war. It's all still in us. I always thought that medieval superstitions had fuelled medieval atrocities, yet I come across supposed secularists calling for holy war. All this time, I thought it was god. But it was just us.

The argument of atheism is that man invented God and that all the things done in the name of God were just things people wanted to do anyway, with God as a convenient justification. But I mean it's not hard to find another justification.

You really shouldn't drop words like "genocide" so flippantly. Are there instances of Christians being persecuted? Yes, of course. Is it a genocide? No, not even remotely close.

You basically just said you don't like positive stories about Muslims because you're worried that people might stop stereotyping them all as bad people.

Maybe not every continent on the planet, no, but I also remember The Baltic Exchange, London Bridge, Manchester, Warrington, and Bishopsgate and those are just IRA bombings that I can think of off the top of my head.

Also this is why "you never hear Muslims speaking out" - they are, they just don't have a camera in their face.

Being praised by whom? They don't even bother quoting anyone.

One day, you'll come to understand the VAST majority of attacks by radical Muslims are against OTHER MUSLIMS. But it seems today will not be that day.

Yeah, it should be far worse right? Egypt is under a secular military government that cracks down on free speech and Palestine is divided between a radical Islamic group that has sworn to kill all Jews and a secular government that doesn't give a shit.

Cut your bullshit, the entire Middle East is a mess. Muslims are being killed by Muslims. Christians are being killed by Muslims. Sometimes Christians are the ones killing Muslims. The one thing they all have in common? There is no stability.

For decades we've had to deal with Western powers knocking over our governments as soon as we do something that goes against their wants. Nationalize a canal? Whoops, the British have invaded. Elect someone they didn't like? Look out a coup! You have oil? Let me invade you under the pretense of nonexistent weapons!

Making a whole debacle over Christians in the Middle East is absolutely shitting on what problems Middle Eastern countries have gone through in the last century.

by the critically acclaimed news paper MUSLIMVILLAGE.COM

The problem with these types of stories is that they are often used by people to gloss over the fact that their is a Christian genocide going on in the Middle East. Instead of discussing how Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, the article tries to paint their oppressors as "not all bad." This is the equivalent of trying to brush over the struggles blacks in the US face by saying "not all white people." It completely ignores the fact that modern Islam, especially in Arabic-speaking countries, have a diversity and tolerance problem, especially with regards to Christians. In the case of the Copts, this oppression has been happening for 1400 years, yet people still do not want to ask the tough questions.

You know what changes peoples minds? Getting to know them as individuals. When did shouting at someone their beliefs are wrong ever lead to anything but conflict? Which is what most Islamophobes and ISIS actually have in common, the thing they both want- an excuse to act on irrational hate, because our hatred doesn't need a god, apparently.

The practice of Islam is as varied as the practice of christianity. I work in a very muslim area of a very mixed town, and have never felt unsafe around muslims, I'll tell you that much. But we had an EDL march last month, and that shit was scary.

Reality says otherwise:

The Fatimid rulers employed Copts in the government and participated in Coptic and local Egyptian feasts. Major renovation and reconstruction of churches and monasteries were also undertaken. Coptic arts flourished, reaching new heights in Middle and Upper Egypt.[5] source

There is also the little fact that Mohamed himself married a Copt source

At the moment it feels like people have realised they don't need a justification- I'm sure 90% of the shit they talk, they know it's not true and internally inconsistent. They just don't care. All their arguments are a smokescreen to obscure that fact, when in reality they are quite happy to hate for no reason at all.

Nobody cares about it until it affects them personally.

Yeah I'm tired of pretending that Islamic terrorism is about spreading Islam worldwide and not about the intense hatred of Europeans and Americans by Arabs over their support of Israel and past imperialism. And even that reason is stupid and arbitrary. In fact the idea that suicide attacks is something uniquely Islamic in nature is a myth also. Its good for recruitment and the 72 virgin thing can be used as a comforting thing for hardliners, but no one wants to blow themselves up, so often times they use lies or drugs as motivation (not haram). South Park was so right with that Nintendo Wii episode. If religion went poof and disappeared we'd be fighting the French-Chinese over the rights to Hawaii because we're people. We just look for excuses

Show me a source for this then.

Any and all of it. The history especially, because you seem to be reading from the "Alternative facts" edition.

The overwhelming majority of them do absolutely nothing to apostates. I'm an Iranian-American atheist with many Muslim relatives. They don't give a shit.

The US is more at risk for becoming a Christian theocracy than a Muslim one. Sharia law isn't a threat here.

We literally have a 300000 strong subreddit of radicalised fascists shouting Deus Vult at every mention of a muslim. The capacity is there.

They put women there to search other women entering the church. Since churches have been primary terrorists targets for a while in Egypt, everyone entering the church must be searched (frisked) and/or pass through metal detector. And women have to be frisked by women

Very noble, however let's not ignore why they were killed.

where they have been oppressed by Sunni Muslims for 1,400 years.

I mean, coptic christianity actually saw a renaissance after the Muslim takeover - with muslim rulers financing the renovation of many churches - but don't let that get in the way of your narritive.

May they rest in peace, heroes.

You are a liar and trying to promote hate! Muslims have never killed anyone on Antartica!!!!

Seriously? Conservatives are obsessed with the religion (or race) of people involved in crimes. Apparently only on one side of the crime, though. So who has a narrative?

I've lived in Egypt for 12 years and only recently has there been attacks targeted on christians. I can tell you the general muslim population in Egypt have no problem with christians for a fact.

Do you also try to tell Jews that don't stick to the laws in Leviticus that they're not true Jews if they don't stone homosexuals, too?

My friend Hasan hasn't done anything except be a fucking super cool dude, so I don't see your point.

Protecting people from other Muslims, who wanted to kill them for not being Muslims.

Okay I'll just go tell my muslim friend that some weeaboo on the internet said he wasn't a muslim. Sounds good thanks

also the bible straight up says that it should be treated as the word of god. So make that 2 major world religions you know nothing about

But I've never once seen a western muslim, and I know many, ever try and convert anyone. So you're talking about something that actually isnt' fucking happening like it's a fact.

Like, of course I want everyone's freedoms protected- I want theirs protected too, if they aren't actually guilty. A muslim isn't a terrorist until proved otherwise, god damn it.

That is literally not the point of my post. This is about the Coptic situation in Egypt, where they have been oppressed by Sunni Muslims for 1,400 years. That is the fundamental issue in Egypt. Egyptian society views the default nature of the country as "Muslim" which is leads to non-Muslims automatically being seen as the other or outsiders. This is why Copts are second-class citizens at best in Egypt. So when attacks like this happen, the first instinct is usually to defend Islam or Muslims in some way rather than address the issue at hand: Islamic bigotry towards non-Islamic minorities in countries they refer to as "Muslim" countries.

People just circulate these stories because they do not want to acknowledge the elephant in the room: Sunni Muslim society always has a problem with non-Sunni minority groups. In this case, Copts have been oppressed by Muslims for 1,400 years. But people are to scared to even think about this.

Nevertheless, if we care about secularism, then we should defend it against the machinations of ANY religion, no matter how small.

Well no shit. Compare the size of the Irish population VS the amount of Muslims in the word. Theres hundreds of muslems for every Irish citizen so of course there will be less total incidence. Also Irish people aren't as widespread as Muslims are.

The combined death toll for those bombings doesn't exceed 10 people (well over 400 "non-fatally" injured, however) and all except the Baltic Exchange (deadliest, with 3 dead) seem to have had the IRA call in with a warning.

Comparing The Troubles with most modern islamist violence feels a bit absurd when the methods, targets, and goals differ so vastly.

you didn't send facts, you sent a shitty propoganda vid by ben shapiro (lol)

you're, by definition, a weeaboo. No matter how much it upsets you

that's not what ad hominem means you dolt

my muslim friend laughed when I told him he wasn't a muslim because a random guy on the internet said so

I don't recall the Irish murdering random innocent people on a weekly basis on every continent in the planet.

You think that the ubiquity of the prejudice is like, a good thing? It's the scariest thing going.

Everyone can say that. It's only worth something when you start to acknowledge them and do exactly what you want them to do. It's fucking baseless. People are so goddamn easy to rile up against statistically insignificant shit.

Meanwhile no one gives a fuck about the actual danger that is climate chance and still eats stuff packaged in kilos of plastic and wastes insane amounts of water on burgers and shit. Yet are frightened by faceless statistically irrelevant threats from a few dudes in the dessert

But do you think a society should be able to persecute people and prevent them from following their faith peacefully? Because that's the situation we're heading for, so you at some point are going to have to come down off your high horse and decide which is more important- scolding muslims, or protecting them from injustice.

Ffs. Even when it's something positive you try to spin it.

Most of them? Probably nothing.

I agree, but like I said, we're more at risk for Y'All Qaeda than Al Qaeda turning us into a theocracy.

And it's a bit absurd to focus on the death count when we have the ability to kill people little bit easier these days.

You've not been listening, have you. The rhetoric of Le Pen, UKIP, the Golden Dawn in Greece. It can happen, if we aren't careful.

You are comically unlikely to be the victim of a terrorist attack, but everyone freaks out about it instead of paying attention to far more present dangers. That's his point.

They didn't die "defending Christians". They just happened to be stationed at the churches that got blown up. Kinda misleading title there Cotton.

They are truly heroes.