Doom Fist

So many Overwatch fans baited


All fun stuff aside, the soundtrack to this game. HOLY SHIT it was on point.

Every fight that started came with metal! perfect for punching demons in their bitch faces!


These Overwatch codes get trickier and trickier to decipher


Think I'll give Doom a try

I've hired a live band to follow me around and play it when I get angry!

I let myself get excited, and now I must live with that disappointment.

Yep and he only did it to the doomguy figurine.

I think it is the only game sound track that I've ever bought. I have it in my car :)

Most fun I had in a shooter campaign in years.

Was this actually in the game?


Wow that's amazing. Games should do more of these little easter egg sequences



Quien es Sombra?

Insanely good. Best FPS in years.

The final beat as he reloads his shotgun, that alone made me like metal

He does the same animation for all of them except the one in the gif.


The story is exactly what it needed to be. Demons need to be killed, kill them.

Those are 5 seconds we'll never get back.

Doom was so good That music was THE best

Most of the new Overwatch hero releases were rumoured to be a character called Doomfist, so people thought this post was about OW.


The fade away is really what makes this.

He did different animations for each one. You'd have to find this specific one. Unless I'm mistaken cuz I've only seen him do it once.

In the game's opening scene? Yeah there was a documentary interview with the creative director and he mentioned they spent an inordinate amount of time making sure the beat there was 100% perfect.

Think wolfenstein...on CRACK.

Dude I reinstalled this game just so I could enjoy more perfectly demon fight-synced metal music. Doom definitely has some sort of music AI that monitors your fight progress and amps up/down along with the danger. Every track ends juuust about the time you kill the last demon in the room and that synchronicity is just such a great feeling. As soon as the sound cuts you just wanna yell "FUCK YEAH".

It actually only happens with the specific one that unlocks the Doom Marine in the model viewer, I think.

Let me know when you see it again please.

I bought it on vinyl and play it anytime I'm playing any video game

Woogity woogity woogity

I agree. Total blast.

How's the game? Been debating to get it ever since it came out. Decided to get it when it's on sale next time, but might get it sooner.

But it's Doom. Do you not like DOOM?

I am satisfied with this comment.

You got bamboozled. You only need one guy with an electric guitar and an amp strapped to his back.

I haven't it's new to me.

It's hectic as shit and fun as hell, you can care less about the multiplayer though

Shit, both of these id revamps were amazing in their own way. And Doom and Wolfenstein's developers' commitment to release campaign only DLC just shows you that you don't need multiplayer to have a blast in FPS's every single game.

Yes, it happens on the 2nd or 3rd hidden action figure you find. I absolutely lost my shit when it happened.

I've replayed the game 4 times now...I specifically look forward to this every single play through.

Also, great music.

He has 3 or four different animations I believe, this one is a special animation because it is the original Doom Marine model, so it was a throw back to classic ID.

How do you get this to happen? With every one I've come across he has only adjusted the arm and hand. He's never fist-bumped.

Killer instinct has a similar effect. Also by Mick Gordon

Also also mother fucker took time to hide music Easter eggs in the songs. Mostly a rendition of the main theme and characters KI, 2 or ki gold themes. Just great!

Also also also! He traveled the world to learn how to Himalayan throat sing, got native American help to authenticate native American Characters and one song (spinals theme) had like a lot of people in the chorus. Lol I'm not too sure the exact fun fact about his theme but the people or number of people involved are significant.

I think the OST is as much as a part of a gameplay as the gameplay. There's a reason why I loved JSR(f) (sorry /sub/gonewild) Sonic, donkey Kong country, DJ hero and the og crazy taxi soundtrack.

I'm curious as to what you mean.

The story is kind of decent imo, but honestly, you don't play this game for the story. You never worried about story with the original DOOM either.

who needs 'nam when you can have the sombra arg


For those of you wanting to hear the part of the game they're talking about, here it is:

Just downvote and move on.

Fuck you, don't speak for me. I haven't seen it

It did quite a few somethings most FPS games haven't been able to capture in over a decade. It's hella replayable, you get pulled into the action by the music, it's entire mechanic pushes you to MOVE and KILL (enemies aren't pushovers and you need to kill to restore health and ammo) and so much more goodness.

There's a lot to explore in every level and finding all the secrets, all the classic doom levels, etc isn't a snoozefest or "the game is pushing me to go there, so I'll check this corridor here first", the maps are huge and there's things to be found in places you wouldn't even consider trying to reach.'s already funny to see the Doomslayer fist bump a doll version of himself, but after slaughtering thousands of demons from the worst of hell, and, you know, *THE DOOMSLAYER, RIP AND TEAR, RIP AND TEAR, he still gives his doll a little flava at the end.

Oh, it'll be a while before I don't at least get a little smile from watching thing many many times on loop.

Would have worked on me had this not been reposted a million times

With those 5 seconds, I could have been data mining for proof of Doomfist...

Pretty much sums up my feelings on the entire game. I will never again find enjoyment in killing demons unless it has an accompanying metal soundtrack.

It's the Noclip series

Here's part one. The whole series is worth the watch though.

Doom has a $55 season pass with 3 map packs that include 9 maps in total a few weapons and some demons afaik not exactly the shining example for dlc practices. Although they did add arcade mode and some snapmap stuff for free which is nice.

Ahhh thanks! I hate having to ask such silly-seeming questions but a lot of subs assume what they know is common knowledge. Not bashing them of course, it's an easy thing to fall into even in professional life.

Glad folks like you come around to clear things up!

I agree. I suck at most shooters, but the new doom makes me feel like a badass.

Step back everyone, /u/Oneomeus needs to tell us how we should use Reddit! Can't let this sage advice go to waste!

And I smiled every time.

This is from big hero six. Fah lah lah lah lahlah

This is from big hero six. Fah lah lah lah lahlah

That is correct!

I cared as a kid. I remember specifically, thinking it was very important that I got all the demons dead before earth sent more people up there

Doom: Behind the Music Part 1

Mick Gordon is the legend you're looking for.

Doom: Behind the Music Part 2

It's a horror game for the demons.

I was playing it just now. It's fantastic. Some of the finest shooter gameplay in a long time, if you were a fan of the original and of arena shooters back in the day. Fast, frantic, gory, no reloads, double jump, great weapon variety, and some of the levels have really good verticality, you can go through a teleporter, on a jump pad, launch some rockets that lock on to a guy behind you, shotgun another guy in the face, do a finishing move on another guy, all in a few seconds, and with an incredible soundtrack.

It does have a story, and I'll spend a lot of time reading everything and finding all the secrets. But then I'll go back to try and unlock something, and blaze through it in a fraction of the time it took me, and it's better when replaying it because I already have all the shit so it's just pure, adrenaline-fuelled demon fighting.

It happens only with the action figure that matches your suit. The order in which you find them does not effect anything.

Stop being a pussy, this bullshit argument has been raging on since Reddit gained popularity years ago. Nothing will change that people will repost shut either because it's new to them or they want whore themselves out for karma. Don't like it? Leave.

You should.

The storyline is meh, but the gameplay is fantastic. It's fun from beginning to end.

Ita pretty great. Multiplayer isnt good though.

Never really played Doom or Doom II as a kid. Always scared the crap out of me. Picked up Doom for Xbox One. One of the best single player campaigns I've played in years. It was a blast and has pretty decent replay value.

You're right. I don't know why I included Doom in that praise. I think I meant that Doom catered to a really good campaign first and put multiplayer second.

The story IMO was great because it's there if you want it, and if you don't you can easily ignore it and just shoot at the demons until they die, and DoomGuy's portrayal arguably encourages this given how little of a shit he gives about anything that isn't ripping demons in half.


Mick talks about this in his Youtube series on the soundtrack, there aren't really defined songs, but segments that loop into each other, and themselves, the game actively tracks the action and the soundtrack responds. There are also stings that can be overlaid to punch out singular moments.

I suspect this is why we had to wait a little bit for the OST, as he needed to create a linear mix.

[or maybe just drive him around...] (

Don't know if you've played Killing Floor 2 yet, but that game has a great soundtrack. It reminds me a lot of the soundtrack for this game.

Sense of originality? We're not in a fucking art gallery.

See for yourself