Don't send your passed out friend home alone in an uber

Don't send your passed out friend home alone in an uber

I'm am uber driver and tonight i had a girl get dropped off by her friend in my car, I wasn't paying much attention and the trip was far so after i got a mumbled conformation of the destination i took off. The girl in the back was asleep the entire ride (~40min) but at 2 in the morning it wasn't anything i hadn't seen before. But when we finally got to her house she was completely out of it and snoring. Nothing i could do could wake her up as much as i tried and she obviously didn't have alcohol poisoning or anything, just knocked out. Luckily her phone didn't have a lock and after trying to get ahold of the people she'd been out with for almost 30 minutes i was able to get through to someone who's couch she could crash on. The fact that she: 1) didn't get a shitty driver 2) had her phone unlocked 3) had a friend who answered his phone (last person she texted, turned out to be in New Jersey) 4) that friend knew someone who lived close by 5) that guy answered his phone Is incredible and she's lucky. I've been in similar situations and been left on the side of the road when i became an inconvenience to a driver. Tl:dr If you are out with friends and they need to go home, don't just drop them off in an uber because you're literally putting their life in that driver's hands.

You did good OP BUT you were also incredibly lucky - It was many moons ago now that I used to drive Taxis but I've seen drivers in your situation have things go pear shaped and end very poorly for them.

If you'd like here are a few tips (you probably know this anyway)

Get yourself an in car camera - I cannot stress how many times I've seen these save drivers from getting into serious shit

Don't take unconscious or almost unconscious fares - there'll always be another passenger and they just aren't worth the risk. Tell their friends to come with them to make sure they get home safely

NEVER let a passenger (especially a drunk one) fall asleep. Open windows, loud music, water for them to drink, talk about bullshit - whatever it takes to keep them awake.

If they do fall asleep do not try to wake them when you are still alone - go to the nearest hospital, police station or major shops and make sure you have plenty of witnesses (and hopefully help) around.

I know you just want to get people home safely and make a bit of money but you need to make sure it doesn't blow up in your face. Unconscious drunks are dangerous for many reasons.

Really good tips, haven't been driving too long so i appreciate the advice

Uber driver here. This happened to me about a month ago. I picked up a couple who seemed a bit off. After about 5 minutes they both pass out. Their destination address ended up being invalid.

I spent the next 10 minutes attempting wake them in every way possible. Their vital signs seem good. Breathing normally, rosy-colored. Trying not to panic, I pulled into a brightly-lit gas station and assessed my options. Police is of course the rational and safe option. I'm out in the country at this point. (About 15 min from ER)

I pulled out dudes wallet and checked his ID. (Wish I would've thought of cellphone in retrospect but wallet was facing me and I didn't want to forcefully handle them)

The address on his ID is half a mile away so I drove over. It's a fancy house so I'm not entirely scared to knock at 4a.m. His mother comes out in robe (rightfully) freaked out, but when her son is mentioned she immediately knows what's up.

She spends the next 10 minutes screaming at him, saying the "po-lice" are gonna get him, and he finally comes to. We manage to wrangle his girlfriend out and my night ends on a peaceful note. They were giggling about it too. Neither of them smelled like booze so I can only wonder what they took.

It turns out a mom's nagging voice can wake up a near-overdosed son.

The Uber rule is don't touch the person or their belongings and call the police if you cannot get them to wake up

Last year in January I went to my friend's birthday party. After few beers and lot of jaggermeister shots I kinda blackout but not completely. My friend's father called a taxi for me and put me in it. I don't remember anything about that. I think I blackout in the taxi and the driver dropped me in front of my apartment but I was too drunk to move and stood there in the snow at - 10°C. Someone called for an ambulance and saved me. PLEASE for the love of God don't let a drunk friend alone


Probably just say "You have reached your destination, please exit the vehicle." In a soft, synthetic voice for a few hours until they wake up.

Bad day for the rider is better than the liability shits storm that's starts from trying to handle what could be viewed in court as an "emergency situation" on your own.

I had friends drop me home after a Super Bowl party. I slipped on the ice getting out and smashed my head. I crawled to my feet, said goodnight and headed for the house as they pulled away. Apparently once I reached my porch the alcohol and concussion teamed up to make me pass out. Luckily my wife wondered what was taking me so long to come inside and got me up and inside. January in upstate NY is a bad time to black out. I'm pretty sure she saved my life.

Now im curious about the illegal ways to wake up a person. Ive been suspecting my alarm clock of waking me up illegally for a long time, but i am not 100% sure.

Yep, and the whole time you don't exit the vehicle, the bill increases.

But you're safe inside a locked vehicle, so all's good.

My cousins an uber driver and whenever this happens he either refuses to put them in his car takes them straight to the police.

Don't try to put that kind of responsibility on a driver

Well your friends are dicks for not waiting to make sure you make it inside.

Safely inhaling your own vomit, locked away from the public banging on the window trying to save you.

Someone trying to help you is presumably protected by you not being an asshole. Also, by Good Samaritan laws.

She was very lucky. Thank you for being a decent human being

I wonder what the future self-driving Ubers are going to do in these situations?

I know a guy who did this, he got dumped on the sidewalk ten blocks from his place.

I always wait until they get inside, whether drinking or not, night or day. You never know what could happen, something very bad or just not having their keys. It's best to make sure they make it safely inside before leaving when dropping anyone off.

In the old days the cabby would just drive you around with the meter running all night until you woke up to a huge fare

Yeah... standard protocol should be that you watch them until they make it inside the house.

i can hear the xannies calling

Doing the right thing is still deserving of praise, even if you find it unremarkable.

Does this include basic first aid? I'm not a driver, but I'm epileptic and would hate to put someone in a shitty situation just for helping me.

A friend of mine from high school literally just died a few weeks ago in this situation. Absolutely heart breaking.

Maybe it's just my area, but my co-workers and I have called the police just to wake up a passenger. Expressly detailing to the PD we don't want the person in trouble, we just can't wake them up in any good and legal ways.

As a fellow uber driver I would agree with all of the above. In particular the first two. Get a dashcam with interior and exterior facing cameras, a good sized sd card that will store a full day's worth of footage, and really do your best to avoid picking people in that condition up in the first place. Late night if approaching a crowd of people leaving bars I keep doors locked and talk to my pax with the passenger window open until I confirm who they are (also important at this time of night!) and that I am OK with them riding in my vehicle. I don't accept anyone who is incoherent or isn't able to walk to my car without help. There will always be another passenger, especially during peak times.

I'm not really looking for praise. Could have worded the post way differently if i was doing that. It's more a PSA not to put your incapacitated friend in the position that they have to rely on someone else being a decent human being.

My 21st bday, my friends took me home and I tried to pass out in my yard. They couldn't move me.

My mom finally comes out after them pounding on the door. "Random louise Silliness get your ass in the house right now"

I'm suddenly awake and walking into the house all on my own. So scary.

This kind of service deserves at least a $20 tip. You went above and beyond for this woman so she could be safe.

Two scenarios:

Girl goes to the police with a bruise and says she woke up in the morning hurting, her cell phone says she took an Uber home. She thinks the driver hurt her. Drivers says "I just tried to wake her up" or "I just touched her to wake her up"


Girl goes to the police with a bruise and says she woke up in the morning hurting, her cell phone says she took an Uber home. She thinks the driver hurt her. Drivers says "I never touched her"

Gosh, it's like black mirror! Do you think the car would have the sense to take you to the hospital/ police if you were in need?

Nope. You didn't unlock your door and walk in. They should have waited.

Could you maybe use a poking stick of some kind?

If they're sleeping, they're not puking

This isn't true and you think that's the case you might end up with someone dead in your back seat some day.

What do you do with a passed out person in your vehicle? Take them into their home with their keys? Someone who sees you will think you're taking advantage of them, or going to rob their house. Then, when you leave them unattended, you maybe have liability if that person has alcohol poisoning, chokes on their own vomit, etc. Or if they were mixing drugs with alcohol, all sorts of things could cause the situation to spiral.

He's not trying to fuck em over he's trying to protect himself.

Only if they're cannibals.

Car keep summer safe.....

The way I understood it is that it puts the driver in a risky situation. If someone came-to from a blackout in the back of a stranger's car with that someone they don't know physically rousing them to consciousness, that's a scary situation I'd imagine. Here in the U.S. people will file lawsuits over far, far less. Better to cover your own ass and call somebody.

Have to say, as a woman living in London I only take Black Cabs, if only because in 20+ years I've never ever had one not wait for me to be safely in my door before driving off.

Same rule if you're dropping someone off at their car, especially at night. Wait til they get inside and start their car and pull away.

My function is to keep Summer safe, not keep Summer, like, totally stoked about the general vibe and stuff.

If they passenger doesnt respond after a programmed amount of time, or the sensors dont show them moving, they will notify police and the police will come. Obviously.

Seriously, I feel like people treat alcohol far too casually.

Its like here's this thing that will make you behave differently, impair judgement, black out, or fall into sleeps you can't be roused from. And we use it recreationally.

Lets drive across town, go to a room full of strangers, and consume large qualities of it with no plan to safely return home. What could possibly go wrong?

There's people in this thread talking about nearly freezing to death because they passed out drunk on their front porch. Inches from home, and they nearly died. Not even through the malice of somebody taking advantage of them, just the booze.

That's fucking terrifying.

i have a friend who was a heroin addict for quite some time. he would fall asleep in public all the time, normal breathing, full of color. It wasn't an OD, you just get really tired and nod off.

Well he could have just dumped her outside; instead he made active efforts to help her.

Legal to film in your private property with no sign. Illegal to record voice in some states without a notice.

As an uber driver for 2 years with over 1,500 rides, 90% of them between 12-3am downtown. I strongly agree with #1. Get a camera. Just the presence of one deters bad behavior. It is also a big CYA device. 2: solely driving Friday/Saturday nights particular during bar closing hours, I would leave about 1 in 4 of these people on the curb if I followed that, if every driver followed that, people wouldn't use Uber as an option and might get on the road drunk. We're like their insurance policy. "I can get drunk, not have to worry about how much and as long as I click request and have my home destination set, I'll get home safe." 3: Same point as #2. And honestly if they pass the fuck out, that's better. If they're sleeping, they're not puking. If they won't wake up to the dome light on, and me telling them we're here then I kick it up. Window down for cold air, louder voice. After that, call their phone through the dialer. After that shake their knee. 4: umm no. Wake them up, get them out of the car, make sure they walk up and get inside their home. If they can't, go offer to help get them in (fumbling with keys or such) after that, call the cops and have them deal with it. If you followed rule#1, you dont have any issues with waking them up.

Not overly, after I seize I'm unconscious for up to a half hour and wake up not knowing what the hell happened or where I am. The more violent the seizure, the more time your brain spends rebooting properly.

Edit: Violent as in the seizure's effect on the brain, not necessarily what it looks like from an outside perspective. Sometimes mine are just slight twitches in my fingers/arms but then I pass out still, so a taxi driver may not notice in the dark what just happened.

Sadly many states in the US have very complicated and differing "good samaritan" laws, varying from total protection of any helper's actions, down to only protecting those with "resonable" medical training. Terrible that It can discourage people to help in a real emergency, however people have been sued over injuries cause while attempting to help in good faith.(welcome to the United States, be sure to pick up some of these lawyer adverts on you're way out of the baggage claim )

Edit: of course as you've said, people should hopefully be protected by the person with an emergency not being an ass.

That's just common decency regardless of the sex of both people. Women should wait for men to be safe as well as vice versa.

I know in the San Francisco area and a few others, Uber has made a rule for their drivers never to accept people who are that inebriated, unless they have a more sober person riding with them. I am surprised more cities aren't following the same guidelines, it is very dangerous for the passengers and drivers.

I learned this from chatting with an Uber driver in my last trip to San Fran....apparently there was an incident where a similar situation as OP's occurred. Girls night out, one girl gets too wasted too early, friends throw her in an Uber and she passes out. Uber driver doesn't know what to do so he drags her out of the car and leaves her on the steps leading up to her apartment. I can't remember if anything happened to her or not, but you can imagine all of the things that could have.

Thus, Uber no longer taking single passengers who are so drunk they are on the brink of passing out without an escort.

If they passed out had to be some kind of downer, did they seem strung out? Thats sad, I feel for his mother. I hope those kids got help. :(

An unconscious person automatically consents to emergency medical attention. And the person administering the medical attention is protected by Good Samaritan laws.

Now this is assuming they're in need of emergency medical attention

We have a "blink the porch light rule". I've used it since high school.

You give her a bad review?

I actually cancelled on them twice because they didn't show up where they said they would. It was 3a.m., bars closing, freezing cold. That should've been my warning sign.

They seemed completely normal otherwise. Well-dressed and clean junkies. Definitely not junkies

The conversation consisted of "it's fucking cold, this heater feels great". I'm guessing they popped something, headed out to the bars and stayed out in the cold too long.

In retrospect, the police would have been a better wakeup call, but I know his mother will never let him live that down.

the passenger could make unfounded accusations

maybe not even malicious. just scared and making assumptions: you don't where you are. you don't know who this strange man is trying to wake you up and touching you. some people will immediately go to rape and yell that or accuse that, even after they sober up, since when you're drunk you're not thinking clearly or remembering clearly, and fears can become "certainties"

"no good deed goes unpunished"

They may not remember what happened and panic, for one.

Never let a drunk person fall asleep? Yea good luck

I love how you put your middle name in between your username. Really made me smile!

Yeah if a hospital is close by, take them there. It's their headache and then you'll have a clean conscience. Probably the. Eat place for them.

Mistakes happen man. I don't think most people intend to black out. It can just be 1 extra drink that sends you over and with a delayed effect of alcohol you might not know until it's too late that you went over.

I don't drink or party at all, pretty responsible and boring person, but I went to a wedding and drank too much wine. I was with it for awhile, bar service closed, reception wound down, and a couple of us hopped in a sober friends car for Chinese food and that's when it finally hit me. I blacked out in the toilet. That's the last thing I remember. My friends took my apparently very upset and belligerent ass back to my hotel room and put me in bed. In my mind I had no intention to drink that much and had no idea I would be blacking out later that night.

Or said passed out person wakes up, gets freaked out, and assaults said driver.

I don't think they're looking for praise. They're saying "don't let a hugely drunk person take a long cab ride home on their own". An Uber driver or a cab driver is not a caretaker or a friend and its unfair to impose those responsibilities on a driver because you didn't look after your friend yourself.

"Thats you. That's what you sound like."

The drunk person......that way it's harder for them to claim the driver raped/robbed them while they were passed out.

Also, if the person needs medical attention(they are cab drivers, not doctors)....they are more apt to receive that at a police station where they are monitored vs passed out in the back of a cab.

That isn't true. You only need consent if there's a reasonable expectation of privacy.

i.e. no cameras in the bathroom but in a taxi is fine.

The first text on there was to a guy that said "Love you, baby. Can't wait to see you tomorrow" thought it was a good enough shot. Turned out he was out of town atm but he arranged the other friend to get her

Because they should've called the police instead of dumping an unconscious person on the street to freeze to death. Or at the very least, called the police after dumping them on the side of the road so an ambulance can go pick up the unconscious person. It's common sense that leaving an unconscious person in freezing temperatures is extremely dangerous.

I agree but this one should actually go in /sub/lifeprotips - it's not strictly a woman's issue. In fact I feel like drivers would be more likely to just dump a drunk guy on the side of the road instead of helping him out.

Alcohol poisoning signs and symptoms include:




Slow breathing (less than eight breaths a minute)

Irregular breathing (a gap of more than 10 seconds between breaths)

Blue-tinged skin or pale skin

Low body temperature (hypothermia)

Passing out (unconsciousness) and can't be awakened

When to see a doctor:

It's not necessary to have all the above signs or symptoms before you seek medical help.

A person with alcohol poisoning who is unconscious or can't be awakened is at risk of dying.

Breathing normally, rosy-colored

Yeah don't thank him. Don't be polite. Don't be thankful for good people being in the right place at the right time. Jeez...

I think a better example is

Person passes out drunk and wakes up, probably still kinda drunk, to a stranger (uber driver) shaking/touching/being extremely close alone in the back of a strange car


Person passes out drunk and wakes up, probably still kinda drunk, to multiple people who can all assure as witnesses that they're trying to help - ideally including professionals like EMT or police

The idea is that if the person wakes up they're going to be very confused and disoriented already, and being alone with a stranger touching you makes that really scary since you don't know what happened or don't know what already happened. If there's multiple people (again, professionals are ideal) then they can all explain or their professions can give some kinda clue what's going on

Robot cars might be a little less paranoid about avoiding hypothetical rape charges than some commenters here, for one.

Just imagine you are a drunken mess and passed out. You wake up to a person reaching behind or through the back seat door and your drunken mind doesn't remember getting in the back seat of a car. In today's scare tactic world your immediate thought is oh no they are going to rape me. Or murder me. Or Rob me. Or all three. Not in any particular order.

Unconscious and seizing are different things.

He was an adult. He made a choice. Its sad, but not the drivers fault.

Actually they will probably have cameras in the interior, and will be monitored in exceptional circumstances by a center somewhere. Car says "No one will exit the vehicle, please advise" to the center. Someone pops up the video and says, uh oh, the person is passed out. Car, take the person to the hospital. Then it would tell the hospital the car was incoming.

Then there was this tragic death here in Madison, WI last fall. Uber driver dropped kid off on the highway, he walks into traffic, gets hit by a couple of vehicles. His parents were killed in an Iowa criminal case years ago as well, so sad.

You have no expectation of privacy in a taxi or basically anywhere else out in public.

Heroin. :(

LPT (I'm only familiar with the iOS version, but I'm sure Android has something similar): In the Health app on your phone, fill out the medical ID that includes medical conditions, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts. Aside from valuable medical info for someone who might be treating you while you're unconscious, it allows emergency calls to your emergency contacts through the lock screen. If you lose your phone (or end up passed out in the back of an Uber), someone can use those contacts to remedy the situation.

Explains why the driver was taking extremely hard abrupt turns whenever I nodded off. I assumed he didn't want me passing out and then waking up puking in his car.

50% chance he'll get 0 star rating from the retaliating customer that now has a giant fare for all the time they wasted. Even when your uber isn't moving it's charging you by the minute.

Maybe after ten minutes of "please exit the car" it just drives to the nearest hospital

New account, no karma, first comment, and that's the garbage you spew into the world?

Because the rest are GREAT tips! Lol idk

The right thing to do was to ensure that the passenger was safe, that ranges anywhere from dumping her ass at the police station and her waking up in the drunk tank to spending 30 minutes trying to find someone to take care of her so she doesn't face the repercussions of her actions while risking basically every false accusation in the book.

Doing the bare minimum isn't commendable, going above and beyond is.

Hey everyone, former EMT of 5 years here. If you're an Uber driver and you're ever placed in a situation like this, you can absolutely feel free to drive to the nearest emergency department OR pull over to the side of the road and call for an ambulance.

Other EMTs are going to kill me for saying the latter, and RNs and docs will probably hate me for the former, so allow me to clarify. I'm not suggesting you bring someone to a hospital under the slightest suspicion that they may be drunk, but the situation that OP just described is medical in nature; that person was unresponsive. I don't know if OP tried shaking this person awake, or tried to pinch this person, but an unresponsive, unconscious person technically presents a danger to their own airway. You might get some nasty looks from a healthcare professional depending on how big of an asshole they are, but you are absolutely not in the wrong requesting medical assistance.

Police officers call for us ALL the time when they arrest intoxicated people. We do details at NFL stadiums where we literally drive drunk people to the nearest hospital all night long. OP was thinking on their feet, and I wasn't there to see the actual level of this person's responsiveness, nor do I know how close the nearest hospital was, but asking for medical help is 100% okay to do in this situation, and is totally in the passenger's best interest!

Edit: Repetitive phrasing.

Red green blue

My daughter's seizures, due to a brain tumor, were fainting spells. I don't think all seizures look the same.

You're a pretty shitty friend if you just put your incoherently drunk friend in a car by themselves.

Autonomous vehicles are more likely to take a passed-out person to the hospital out of an abundance of caution prevent lawsuits.

I've worked as a bartender, in a ski resort. In comes some young drunk people making fun of their almost passed out friend. They continue to try and buy alcohol for him, to poor down his mouth. We told them, we wouldn't be serving them anymore. Apparently not being able to poor drinks in your very drunk friend, is no longer fun. And they got bored of dragging him around, so they left him... it was a busy night for us, we didn't realise until closing time that the guy was passed out on the sofa. We called an ambulance, and didn't serve that group of "friends" for the rest of their holiday.

The guy was alright, after spending a few days in hospital. He brought us back a whole lot of chocolate, as a thank you.

Lol a little fucked that was the first thing that came to your head, of all the things that could have implied.

Probably something like: If the fare doesn't immediate exit the vehicle, a "wake-up" alarm will sound to prompt them to wake up and exit. If the fare hasn't exited after 3 increasingly loud alarms, either the paramedics will be called, or it'll drive to the closest hospital (probably the former). They'll also probably have cameras and microphones in the car so an Uber CS can monitor the situation, and escalate it if needed.

Separate but related experience. As a bouncer for a locals bar in a small ski town I can say that legal approaches from our perspective are totally the opposite. If anything happens that requires police assistance, you have to really fuck up to be considered making a risky or questionable decision with a drunk/out of it patron. Cops are virtually always on our side, not yours. That doesn't mean they're out to get you, just that we're working and under certain protections, as are they, but most importantly we're sober too.

That being said cops generally hate dealing with drunk idiots who can't get home, but it's better than me doing it when I couldn't care less once you step out the door.

Tl;dr. Learn to handle your alcohol. Everyone else working around you hates you when you stop being entertainment for us and you start being a liability.

What if he had sex with her

*raped her

Whaaaaaat? That's crazy. Hey everyone, this guy's crazy!

I had a cab take me home when I was feeling nauseous (not from alcohol) and was getting The Fear™ (you know, the fear you get when you know you're not getting to a bathroom in time for whatever bodily expulsions). So I asked me driver to pull over since I was 0.2s away from throwing up.

The guy had that shit down to a science. In what seemed like a single motion he safely pulled over, undid my seatbelt, handed me a few tissues and opened my door. I leaned out and hurled, felt better immediately, and we were good to go.

That clearly was not his first rodeo, and I wonder how many failed attempts it took to perfect that manoeuvre.

When you are shaking the unconscious person to wake them up and they think you raped them. My buddy had this exact thing happen on his 3rd drive for uber and it cost him a good bit in lawyer fees.

Yes! My friend from college did this once for me and low and behold my car didn't start! I now make waiting until they crank their car my SOP when taking someone back to their car.

To be fair, I did get right back up and was only 20' from my door. No way for them to know I would black out. Just shit luck.

Why should the driver be held responsible?

I don't understand 4. Why would it be a problem to wake them up alone?

Yea, obviously!

Next time just call the cops and let them deal with her. It protects you from a rape accusation and gets her an ambulance to the hospital.

I would honestly be worried that if you called through people's cell phone contacts to find someone to drop them with that you'd get through to some creepy pseudo friend they know from the gym or something who ends up raping them when they're passed out. Better to take them to a hospital and claim you thought they might have alcohol poisoning.

In university this same situation happened with a taxi and he was NOT a good person to have driving her...She was raped. Please don't send your too drunk or potentially roofied friends home alone.

Fucking rape charges

Doing the right thing deserves praise.

It doesn't fuck the drunk person over. They aren't left somewhere alone, they're taken care of so they can sleep it off, and in case they need medical help if they drank too much someone is there. If the drunk passenger just fell asleep on the side of the road they would be picked up by police and taken to the ER anyway so you're just ensuring they make it all the way there.

Eh yes and no. I work in the ER and the police are pretty reasonable. Both of us would prefer blacked out and therefore vulnerable people be taken care of instead of left on a sidewalk. Worse things than a public intox charge can happen.

Edit: it also depends on your state. In my state merely being drunk in public is not a chargeable offence. Being drunk and disorderly is.

You might not think it, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who would think something was sketchy waking up in the back of some strange car with some random guy you've never met shaking you. It's sad but true and I hate how it inconveniences doing the right thing.

Why just #1?

I know you aren't looking for praises but yes doing the right to is always praise worthy.

"I was almost raped by an Uber driver last night"

Text to her friends this morning

This needs to go to the front page.

Just curious as to liability in situations like this. You basically turned her over to someone you didn't know. What is he had sex with her after you left? Just curious. I think you're a great guy, but like others have said this could have gone terribly wrong in so many ways.

Should have dropped her off at the cops- like a safe harbor deal. Let them deal with, and hopefully they do a public intox charge to make her think through her decisions to drink until unconscious in the future.

You got REAL lucky there dude. Could have went a VERY different way

Keep the meter running

What an incredibly dumb thing to say. Praising someone for being a good citizen sanctions and justifies bad behaviour? Give me a break buddy.

I sleep like the dead when completely sober. Good luck waking my ass up before I've gotten my 8 hours. Comes from my time in the military, especially that year in Iraq where I had Black Hawks buzzing my CHU every 45 minutes on their final approach. Had to learn to sleep through anything, up to and including mortar attacks.

It's not always a medical emergency. Sometimes people are just deep sleepers. But yeah, if they've been drinking you definitely need to keep a close eye on them.

Thank you for being good person