Donald Trump is doing Russia's bidding by repeatedly pushing GCHQ wiretap claims, says former UK ambassador to US: 'Does he believe this stuff, or does he just trot it out because he’s seen it on Fox News?' Sir Peter asked.

Donald Trump is doing Russia's bidding by repeatedly pushing GCHQ wiretap claims, says former UK ambassador to US: 'Does he believe this stuff, or does he just trot it out because he’s seen it on Fox News?' Sir Peter asked.
Donald Trump is doing Russia's bidding by repeatedly pushing GCHQ wiretap claims, says former UK ...

Trump calls the media the enemy of the American people, then when he's pressed to back up his lies with facts he says he's just repeating what he heard the media report. He's a liar and a hypocrite.

He's a personification of all the stereotypical-americanisms that we Americans are often mocked american caricature of greed, envy, sloth, entitlement, privilege...

I've said many times he virtually embodies the Seven Deadly Sins of Christianity, and yet so many christianists still support him. I cannot fathom it.

We know the wiretapping claim is false. It has been revealed that one of the three intelligence sources Judge Napolitano of Fox News used to claim Obama wiretapped Trump is Larry C. Johnson, known for spreading a 2008 hoax about Michelle Obama using a racist slur against Whites. Source. Just to clarify, the hoaxer, Larry C. Johnson, called the NYT himself and admitted he was one of the three intelligence sources Napolitano spoke to when claiming Obama wiretapped Trump. It's also been revealed that the hoaxer went on RT a week before and made the same claim in an interview. Read this excellent analysis by MediaMatters.

It was recently said that "Trump is compromising the vital UK-US security relationship to try to cover his own embarrassment." In a recent press conference, Spicer claimed that Judge Napolitano heard from some anonymous intelligence officials that Obama used Britain's GCHQ to spy on Trump and his associates. The GCHQ issued a rare statement, claiming this was "utter rubbish." Later on, it was revealed by the Telegraph and CNN that the U.S. national security advisor formally apologized to Great Britain, promising to not repeat the allegations, revealing that the matter had been brought up by PM Theresa May herself. Source 1. Source 2. Spicer denied an apology ever took place, but the GCHQ later said in a public statement that this had indeed been done. Furthermore, Spicer claimed that the White House was not accusing Britain of anything, "just passing on reports." Trump, in an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson, claimed he got the news from the NYT and Fox News. The NYT did use the word "wiretap" but it never said Obama ordered a wiretap on Trump during the election, as Trump claimed in his tweet. The author even said "It is not clear whether the intercepted communications had anything to do with Mr. Trump’s campaign, or Mr. Trump himself." Trump could easily find out whether a court ever issued such a warrant. Trump also mentioned a Fox News segment with host Bret Baier as a source. However, that segment — and a few more news articles the White House mentioned — contain zero evidence to backup the claims. For one, it begs the question as to why the White House, with direct access to the intelligence community, would rely on a cable TV show to hear, by anonymous proxy, the opinions of the intelligence community on this claim? Regardless, blaming your closest ally for colluding with the former President to spy on the current President is a major accusation. This could easily have blown out of proportion. It was a bad idea to drag Great Britain into this domestic political squabble, thus requiring a formal apology.

Then, Trump arrogantly embarrassed Merkel by saying Obama wiretapping them "is something we have in common." First, Merkel was being wiretapped since 2002, far before Obama even became President. Secondly, he also dragged Germany into this domestic political squabble, for no good reason.

Who benefits from all this chaos amongst America's two greatest European allies, the U.K. and Germany?

EDIT: The House intelligence panel chairman just confirmed there was no wiretap on Trump Tower, simultaneously with Comey saying there's no evidence of Trump's wiretapping claim.

These are two recent developments, over the past few hours, that utterly obliterate Trump's claims.

Because religions exist to pacify people, not lead them.

"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people".  - Karl Marx

This quote has been paraphrased so mostly we hear,

" Religion is the opiate of the masses."

this administration = senile baby boomers who get tired from traveling + their semi-homoerotic millennial aides

He just parrots whatever fox news says

With the Congressional Hearing continuing it is becoming clear (almost 2hrs in now) that the Republicans didn't show up to look into Obama wire tapping Trump. It appears they knew it was false and this hearing is actually about Flynn and protecting him from being charged. With more information coming out it looks like Flynn lied on his application to be part of the government about taking money from a Foreign Government, specifically the Russian Government.

They are throwing so much mud at the FBI (Comey) to try to protect what looks like a law that Flynn had broken. The Repubs seem content to just talk about Flynn not doing anything wrong, and the Media Leaks needing to see someone charged.

So the guy who possible broke the law, they feel should be left alone, but the guy who reported on said guy breaking the law, should be fully charged to the extent of the law. This is how fucked up the Trump Administration has to act to protect their links to the Russians, and attack the only source people have letting them know what exactly is going on. This is such a mess.

Well Fox have admitted they've got no evidence to support the allegation

"The German reporter asked President Trump about his Press Secretary's Sean Spicer's citing of the Fox news senior judicial analyst. Judge Adrian Neopolitano commented on the morning show 'Fox & Friends' that he has sources that say British intelligence was involved in surveilance at Trump Tower. Our White House team will have much more on that in just a moment. Fox News can not confirm Judge Neopolitano's commentary. Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now President of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way, full stop." - Shepard Smith

I'm beginning to get my first glimpse of what it must be like for these countries who come into focus of America's cross-hairs without any substantive evidence

An irresponsible news organisation broadcasts an opinion from someone who doesn't work in the field concerned. A reckless public official then repeats that opinion without any evidence. Within a few hours an ill-informed President desperate to find any explanation for his poor management of the issue to date has taken ownership of it, and it becomes quasi factual because 40% of a poorly informed electorate have swallowed it.

He believes this stuff because he's seen it on Fox News. Their sources and facts are way better than anything the government's intelligence apparatus can come up with, just ask your crazy uncle.

What is, Russia?

He's claiming it because he knows that he's followers will just echo it even if it is proven to be a false claim.

He is so fucking dumb he falls for his own propaganda.


Why won't the White House access the intelligence community? Because they're not loyalists. Bannon has specifically said he wants to dismantle (or deconstruct) our goverment. Trump only wants suck-ups around him. He only wants to "look good" and receive praise. That's why he's also doing rallies now, and (just my opinion) why he has official "meetings" in Florida - "look how rich and important I am. Now do what I want you to or you can't golf here."

Avoiding the intelligence agencies and feeding your own narrative with the one "news" organization that lauds everything you do is a great way to try and wrestle control from a system that's been built to keep potential despots in check. His followers are providing the biggest example of "telling a lie enough times and loudly enough will eventually make it true." Most of them have the gigantically unfortunate disease called "cognitive dissonance." They refuse to accept reality. So does Trump. He will continue to make his own, and attempt to trick everyone that he ain't lying.

Exactly, Obama just pulled America out of the shitter Bush left it in and now Trump is on a vendetta to undo everything Obama did. All out of spite because he got roasted at a dinner one time.

Let the good times roll!

more Breitbart than Fox sadly. He started the wiretap claim just hours after Breitbart ran a story that Obama had him wiretapped.

Interestingly we not only have religion here, but also literal opium.

And breitbart.

Because we as a nation elected a man who personifies these values?

Yeah. "Against" abortion.

The guy was a millionaire bachelor in Manhattan in the Studio 54 1970's and 80's and banged hundreds of chicks and was known to snort mountains of coke.

Ever wonder how many abortions he paid for?

And what did you wager?

They support him simply because of his anti-abortion stance. These people are simple minded, single issue voters.

He created them in His image and didn't like what He saw? Blasphemy!

That's because religion isn't truly the basis of anyone's morality. You have to pick and choose what you want to believe, whether or not you believe in the Bible. Hell, if I believed in a literal interpretation of the Bible I'd probably be all in favor of Trump. He's almost as big of an asshole as God.

"Come to america, we have it all!"

Not just Fox News, even random white supremacists on Twitter. Whenever he makes a wrong claim and is pressed on it, he never takes responsibility and deflects by saying that it's something he read or saw somewhere else.

goes well for his staff

Shit, he's taking credit for the Obama economy.

That was almost subtle product placement, then it really wasn't.

Trump is an embarrassment. He is a repulsive individual who has played and continues to play on the emotions of all Americans and make a mockery of our institutions and constitution... How so many Americans voted for someone so despicable is unfathomable.

Unfortunately for Trump, AMERICA IS DOING BETTER THAN EVER. RECORD unemployment numbers, legalized gay marriage, 5% growth, best year for jobs since 1999, consumer confidence up, deficit down 60% in 2014, gas prices low, health insurance cheaper than ever ($85/month), car insurance cheaper than ever ($25 per month from Insurance Panda), the 1% starting to be taxed more!

I weep for our country.

Its a symbiotic relationship

make Claim = media rejects claim = claim media is fake making claim true = repeat claim

That's the thing with Trump, he use real problem basis as fake reasons to wrongly accuse things. GCHQ wiretapping is a real thing to worry about, but not in his "Obama spied on me" scenario. Fake news is a real problem to worry about, but he's applying it to the wrong outlets and use Fox news (the most fake of them all) as his primary source. Aggressive extremist Islamist is a real thing to worry about, but he's using it to completely cover whole groups who aren't linked to it.

Trump's followers are incredible gymnasts in the mental arena. This is President Pretzel, master mental contortionist and top-notch delusional bigot.

Hes not a leader. He passes on the buck. But takes credit when anything goes well for his staff.

Same administration that was fine with leaks last year. Weird how that works out.

It's an amazing coincidence that every religious human alive has found a God who agrees with them on every issue! We are truly blessed as a species.

Not just fine, actively encouraging foreign entities to hack and leak information that would be beneficial to them.

Not to mention, God wanted to keep us as ignorant play things, without knowledge, living in ignorant bliss. It was that pesky devil snake that gave us intelligence. And so from the christian myth of the origin of man, we find knowledge and facts to be blasphemy and sin.

It's all planned smoke-screens. Conservatives have been doing this for a while: accuse others of doing what they are doing (before they can be accused of it) so it muddies the waters.

And he got all pissy when we unified our language and culture. Ruined our cool tower to the heavens.

I'm pretty sure those who voted for Trump are to blame for Trump being elected.

Pretty sure Trump is a firm supporter of "If it is on TV, then it must be true".

No puppet, no puppet, no puppet.


/sub/t_d collectively jizzes its pants at such a devastating burn.

He said that when opium-derived products were hard to obtain for average people.

Today, opioids are the opiates of the masses.

Trump asked the Russians to hack Hillary's email, now he is fabricating accusations that Obama did it to him. It's astonishing that anyone will even talk to him anymore.

It is difficult to know where Trump's incompetence ends and his corruption begins. It is rather difficult to develop a rational understanding of something so inherently irrational.

Furthermore, Spicer claimed that the White House was not accusing Britain of anything, "just passing on reports."

This is the bit that I've never fully grasped. What exactly is Spicer's job? Is he there to communicate white house policy? or is he a news summary mash up service? Are America's journalists so bloody useless that they have to rely on Sean Spicer to tell them what's been broadcast in the last 24 hours? This is where the UK thing breaks down really.

Last week the British Minister for Culture, Media and Sport issued a European Intervention Order against Rupert Murdoch's attempt to gain 100% of BSkyB broadcasting which he's seeking to buy using Fox News. She cited "pluraity" (Murdoch) and "broadcasting standards" (Fox) for her reasons. The Fox & Friends report couldn't have been made at a worse time for Murdoch.

Anyway, we kind of know that Fox falls below the acceptable threshold standard, and we can live with that. Fox kind of serves as a useful dystopian reminder to some extent of what deregulation without responsibility and standards looks like. Had it stayed there, everyone would have just shrugged their shoulders and said 'this is Fox, whaddya expect'.

This whole fiasco goes straight to Sean Spicer

Any place that you can get insurance for 25 bucks is not a place im going. It just sounds like your going to get fucked over when you go to claim


He's senile.


It is very sad that so many Americans don't see how crude, uneducated, and simply ignorant he is. Nothing to be proud of.

Opiates were sold OTC then. He literally meant smoking opium, as it was very taboo but kept users content no matter what was happening to them (that's why it's so great as a "painkiller", you don't care that your arm is missing).

Yes, we have much better opiate products today, and are in an epidemic, but our electric screens would be the best analog for modern times, as opiate abuse isn't socially acceptable or as widely consumed.

And now Pence is off in this rhetoric of small business... But most small businesses are trust-fund baby projects and they have family wealth to take risks with. The poor and working, like me cant take those risks unless we work years to save, and even then we won't have a safety net. Uggg

Isn't Judge Andrew Napolitano also the guy who said that the 9/11 attacks “couldn’t possibly have been done the way the government told us.”?

Help -- to the rest of world -- we have been taken over top to bottom by right wing morons - this IS NOT AMERICA

But according to him, Fox News is on the approved list.

And now the US government is spending millions of dollars and wasting precious time just to hold a press conference to say "Of course this didn't fucking happen". This is definitely the darkest timeline lol.

An irresponsible news organisation broadcasts an opinion from someone who doesn't work in the field concerned. A reckless public official then repeats that opinion without any evidence. Within a few hours an ill-informed President desperate to find any explanation for his poor management of the issue to date has taken ownership of it, and it becomes quasi factual because 40% of a poorly informed electorate have swallowed it.

This is exactly what Chenney, et al. did with Judith Miller at the NYT with Iraq's WMD.

I lack the empathy to only value a single issue, but I see your point. I still feel that voting on only a single issue is simple minded and you do have to have a certain level of cognitive dissonance to look past all of the other things Trump has said/done to only vote on this one issue.

No people voted for him because he made false grand promises to people he could never deliver on

The kinds of people who voted for Trump aren't overtly greedy assholes, but I've been noticing a trend here. You can't call out their cognitive dissonance without them getting offended and considering it a personal attack. Trump does this same thing when responding to tough questions.

Nobody is to blame for this Trump mess other than the apathy of voters who never actually voted

The people who voted for Trump are definitely the most to blame.

I don't know man, God literally killed off everyone except a man and his family + animals because he didn't like the way they were acting

It doesn't matter, unless you have proof you can't make these claims. Thats the game.

God did 9/11

That's exactly why my mom supports him, though she would prefer Pence or Cruz if possible. She'll forgive anything he does as long as he fights against abortion. Talking big about stopping terrorism (especially Muslims) is a plus too.

My parents are religious and really like him, they simply do not see any of his negative traits and judge him solely on his ability to deliver the religious reform he promised.

These are old people. My dad asked me what lol meant the other day.

You're crediting him with a greater degree of impulse control and clarity of thought than he has ever exhibited.

If subs like this one

This is a diplomatic dispute between the President of the United States and the intelligence agency of one of America's longest standing allies. I believe you'll find that people from both governments are taking the President's unsupported allegations quite seriously.

Well he certainly didn't do anything to stop it

Watching the Congressional Hearing, and watching Gowdy take the Trump cause to Comey. He is doing every last thing he can do to keep the conversation off of Russia, the election, or voter fraud, and has his targets on the Media and the "Media Leaks," that cost Flynn his job in the administration.

Watching this prick tear the States apart on behalf of some back room dealing is a pretty low moment for the United States of America. The Free Press is such a threat to this administration already, and the way they (Trump) are targeting it, scares me, and I'm not even a local.

Acting like its still a question if Russia tried to influence the election shows how crooked Gowdy is, considering hes light on Russia, but passionate, agitated, and fired up when hes after the Media. The Media is a bigger threat then Russia to this administration.

This comment is excellent...

and shellfish

"Finally! A president that is just like us!"

I'm not saying he's being genuine, but he pandered to the right demographic on that one.

Nah, I think he and his supporters actually believe it.

What about adultery and not paying your taxes and debts? I remember the Bible saying those things are bad

And mixing fabrics.

True. He's a pandering machine. Pretty much all he does.

White Christians are the greatest recipients of identity politics.

Thanks to Obama, not Trump. Trump is a dumpster fire and it's just getting started.

Which is definitely not the average person.

A lot of his supporters know he is all those things and like him because of it.

That's not fair. He has a wide spectrum of sources he parrots. Fox News, Breitbart and Infowars!

It's funny/sad that their mental gymnastics are so extreme that they think we're the ones doing mental gymnastics.

You have to remember that Trump eating KFC was big news to these people.

From an international perspective, I don't think anybody thought it was big news.

It was just pathetic and emblematic of what's gone wrong with America. An obese 70 year-old demented man with makeup, a spray tan and some kind of rat's nest on-top of his head chowing down on fried can't-legally-call-it-chicken. That's America now.

While Trump is talking out of his ass, are they seriously trying to pretend GCHQ wouldn't have spied on Trump, or any presidential candidate for that matter?

Despite her reputation among hardcore conservatives, I seriously doubt that she would be spouting off so much patently untrue nonsense as Trump, and she certainly would not be working so hard to pointlessly offend every other country in the world.

"I never expected there to be so much immaturity," from someone who posts in the_donald. You can't paint yourself as some kind of rational centrist and at the same time participate in a mud-slinging cult that believes in pizzagate.

Just a classic narcissist. You can't be more narcissistic than him. I mean have you ever seen more narcissistic person?

The people calling themselves "Christians" who support Trump's policies aren't Christians. They are fascists who have wrapped themselves in the flag and are carrying the cross just like we were warned they would be.

The future of the free world.

He's also the perfect depiction of the principles of bad Karma in Budhist terms as well. He runs around raggin on the people, the media, and says ridiculous unfounded things. However, when everyone hurls shit back at him and his words hit the fan, he complains that everyone is just out to get him and continues to call them liars and stupid. He doesnt see that he's doing it to himself. Like someone who shits in the living room and complains that the house smells.

Budhist dont support him though. We mostly laugh at him as if he was a cartoon person. Like Cartman from South Park.

how'd that go?

All Americans? No. All Baby Boomer Americans...Yes.

The Seven Deadly sins isn't Christian, though, only a branch of christianity has them: Catholicism.

There is no mention of the Seven Deadly Sins in the Bible.

Yep, they're small. Doesn't mean they aren't owned by a 1%er.

This is exactly why the Republicans can never make any actual progress fighting abortion. They don't want to lose their most reliable simpleton bait

And he also decided that it is wrong to be able to communicate with everybody so he chose to give em all different languages. That'll teach them not to talk to each other and be friends

Are America's journalists so bloody useless that they have to rely on Sean Spicer to tell them what's been broadcast in the last 24 hours?

In a word "yes". Ever since the Reagan administration the press has been the lap dogs of the administration. I like to think they are afraid being kicked off the DC cocktail circuit, but reality is far more insidious. The US media has been consolidating under a few corporate persons, and those entities don't want the kind of turmoil Watergate brought about repeated. It's bad for business.

"it’s hard for me to believe that it came down by itself...I am gratified to see that people across the board are interested. I think twenty years from now, people will look at 9-11 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today. It couldn’t possibly have been done the way the government told us."

Sounds like he's trying to say that 1000 C heat isn't enough to significantly weaken structural steel.

Lol what? War with Russia? Seriously?

Why is Hillary a crook? Like give me a solid, source backed reason she's a crook.

Because there's a lot of evidence to support the idea that Trump is just retarded

I used to laugh at him, but the damage he's done and is doing will take years to undo. Whom the gods would destroy they first make proud. And America had grown very proud.

What's their purpose, then? Just to cause chaos and laugh about it?

Yes. They want to exasperate liberals by constantly shifting directions and opening new lines of ridiculous attacks. The whole movement against "Political Correctness" and "The Establishment" is also a movement against normative forms of civil discourse. It's extremely frustrating for conservatives to have to play by the rules of the political process or abide by traditional norms of media messaging. They feel that it's a burden and want to smash it.

Steve Bannon is on the record saying they want to dismantle the administrative state. This is one way to do it; through a combination of intentional neglect and escalated partisan action.

People need to drop the "Trump fooled Republican voters" line of analysis. He didn't. Republicans generally love him because he represents their views and priorities and personalities best.

The rationale of Trump supporters makes sense only if you see it as a proto-fascist movement. There's no other reason for them to be trying so hard to discredit accurate reporting in favor of false conspiracy theories, or be so obsessed with ethno-nationalism and disrespecting foreign allies.

I dont think he even knew what the GCHQ was 3 days ago.

I appreciate your conviction but it is unfortunately misplaced. As long as our voting system is first past the post and single member districts we will never have effective third parties. They will never get a sizable presence on the national stage, they will always split a major candidate's voting base, and they will always hand the election over to the major candidate that they are opposed to. Voting third party might make sense from a personal moral/ethical standpoint but it is callously selfish and unproductive in reality.

Americans in general are pretty much known for hating to pay taxes. Taxes make your society a better place by providing services for everyone.

So by saying "Fuck the government for making me pay taxes" you're basically saying, "fuck everyone who isn't me, i won't pay for you".

To me that is the epitome of greed, entitlement, privilege.

Of course a lot of Americans have no problems with this whatsoever, but those are not the Americans we see in the media abroad.

You're kidding, right? If Clinton had taken office, it would have resulted in nothing changing from prior to the election. Same shit, different day. Instead, we got a moron who wastes millions of tax payer dollars just so he can golf every freaking weekend, works to strip regulatory agencies of their budget, power, and usefulness, issues executive orders which are immediately smacked down by the courts, and catagorically fails to act like a President should when meeting foreign heads of state.

Clinton wouldn't have changed shit. But Trump has made things so much worse.


'Does he believe this stuff, or does he just trot it out because he’s seen it on Fox News?'

I don't think that "or" belongs in there. Those two statements are not mutually exclusive in this case. It's pretty obvious that he does believe it because he's seen it on Fox News.

Where were all you Obama lovers during the entire 2016 election?

Not voting for Obama. Apparently she wasn't running.

It doesn't matter who actually won

It really kind of does. Like way more than you being happy with how you voted.

You don't insure a lambo with cheap insurance. You insure a 1000 dollar civic with cheap insurance. Why pay 50 dollars a month instead of 25 when the plan isn't covering anything but near death anyway?

the majority of voters did not vote for him.

Exactly. Majority of voters. That means that people who did not vote, at least a third of the country, did not care if he won or not.

Of the people who voted, Hillary won by 4.4% compared to Trump with the popular vote, but the US has gone by Electoral College for quite a while, which people have had no issue representing them if they were on the winning side every election.

So what this says to the outside world is that ~33% of the US population supports the guy, 33% of the US population did not care if he won or not, and 37% of the population doesn't support him. So as far as it is concerned with voting, 66% of the nation was okay with him being a leader, at least 33% of them not caring enough to try and prevent him from winning.

The light at the end of the tunnel, this presidency will spark change. People will understand they have to not be fucking lazy and get their asses out, and vote. They will understand that you can't just have a candidate forced on a party and think "eh, she'll win, the other guy's a clown", hopefully outing the bullshit before it comes down to who leads the country. Hopefully this will get rid of the electoral college, so that you don't have things like a corrupt DNC that uses the electoral college to ignore the votes of people because they think they know better than their fellow citizen.

TL;DR As a nation, he was elected fair and square according to the rules established. Bitching about it as "we didn't elect him" because one party didn't elect him is the moot point. The country decided on what they wanted, regardless of how stupid and blind of a decision that was.

"They just want to make Trump look bad"... He's making that job pretty fucking easy, no? Deflect and bring up Hillary bullshit all you want, the rest of us are living in the real world.

The election is over and our actual president is a complete embarrassment, wake up.